Friday, May 20, 2016

Fast & Furious 8, Sherlock Holmes 3 & Sherlock Season 4

Following her role as Furiosa is Mad Max, Charlize Theron has landed the role of villain in the newest F8 film named Cypher. Sometimes I'm ready to make deductions based on costume and presentation (the long, long hair pulled back, and the Metallica T-shirt, torn across the chest, the black jacket and necklace in all that open flesh area around her heart, as well as a general "natural" look about her [compared to the make up and glamour of her role as Ravenna in The Huntsman Winter's War]) but I'm not quite ready to say anything right now. With her butch-haircut she sported in Mad Max, and the black covering the entire top half of her head in that film, she's looking the opposite of that role, but is that what she is bringing? She's a villain, and she obviously has access to some major guns.
Fast and Furious 8 has been filming in Cuba,... it's possible to look at this as a liberal move, but I think it's FAR from that, for a couple of reasons. First, the embargo was going to be lifted by Obama anyway (I'm surprised he didn't do it his first week in office) so why not take advantage of someone's bad move to make it your own victory? People are now seeing for themselves how impoverished Cuba is and that the reality of socialism hasn't even begun to live up to the fairy tales told to them by their liberal professors in college. F8 will show the real poverty of Cuba and not just that, which leads us to our second point,...
And there off! Well, not quite, but they are gearing up. There is a script, Guy Ritchie is ready, RDJ is ready and Jude Law is ready, so filming on Sherlock Holmes 3 could (and probably should) happen this fall (if it's going to happen at all within the next year). There are any number of things which could come up, however, it appears that everyone is ready to go and, they don't think they will stop with a third film, but could possibly just keep going as long as fans continue to ask for more.
The F8 team will be racing old cars in Cuba. Yes, old cars. Now I like a classic as well as any red-blooded American, but the point is, when we are used to seeing them race the fastest, most beautiful, technologically advanced and expensive cars right off the production lines, and then we see them racing old cars, the power of the free market and what it does will have an important effect on everyone. How would Millennials like it if there were no cell phones, only the old wall models that some of us grew up with? What about one TV per family, and that in mostly bad-reception black and white? There is also a third reason the F8 family went to Cuba.
Sherlock Season 4 is well into production; the team began filming on Episode 2 this past Monday, At this point, the three episode-season is expected to air winter 2017,... I am hoping that is January or February of 2017, rather than December 2017.
The F8 production team being in Cuba will bring a ton of tourism dollars to the devastated country and seeing all the technology and advancements they have, that will make Cubans realize all they have been missing. I'm not saying the F8 team has gone down there to start a revolution, but that doesn't mean a kind of revolution isn't going to be started. One last note, I am still working on Spectre, but promise, that is the next post up (don't think too much on these Daniel Craig rumors going around: remember, Christian Bale debunked the rumors that he had been offered $60 million to play Batman one more time, and he said that never even happened; it's possible it's all true, but it's also possible a game is being played). After Spectre is up, I will be getting up X-Men Days Of Future Past for next week's opening of X-Men Apocalypse, which should be quite impressive on every level (I will be going to see it Friday). I am also going to try and get in a Penny Dreadful post next week, hopefully on Ethan Chandler and Lupus Dei. Stay tuned: SPECTRE WILL BE UP THIS WEEKEND. PROMISE.
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