Monday, April 25, 2016

'We Had a Little Help': X-Men Apocalypse Final Trailer

As you watch the trailer below, please notice the background noise that is like a dull, constant alarm going off. The film takes place in 1983, and it was a year full of nuclear scares for the world as the Soviets' system nearly mistook exercises from the US and the UN as actual first strikes; the dull noise in the background of the trailer from 0:12 to 0:30 could be either the sound of a DeathCon 4 alarm going off, or of a nuclear plant having a meltdown, as rods failing to cool was fairly common place in this year as well. Why mention this? Note the massive destruction of everything taking place in the trailer; that's what it was like to live during the Cold War: fear that everything was going to be utterly destroyed in the blink of an eye. It's possible--though not definite--that the Cold War nuclear threat will be the primary or secondary thesis of the film, i.e., don't go socialist (again) because it's only going to create a divided world always on the brink of war. I don't think that will be the thesis because this time, in reality, the UN is in charge of implementing the New World Order, not Hitler, so the entire world will be under the same rule, but I could be wrong about what the film is going to do. What about Charles? The first clip we see of him is what we are rather used to: him being philosophical and balanced about things. We know that hair symbolizes thoughts, and the baldness of Charles in this image above suggests that this is the time (the fight against Apocalypse) that Charles realizes we can't be philosophical all the time, there is a time for action.
I knew this was going to be good, but now, a surprise mutant has joined the story after everyone was told he wouldn't be in it. He's in the very last clip:
Besides Wolverine appearing out of nowhere--yea, they were pretty definite about him NOT being in this film, which was rather shocking, but he's been busy filming Wolverine 3, Hugh Jackman's last stint as Wolverine before passing the claws to someone else--Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) becoming a "teacher" is rather intriguing (it doesn't look like she's making for a very good one, however, an important point is being made in that). Have you noticed her odd hair-do? It's like it's down, but then pulled back at an odd position,... that's a statement. What statement? She's part in, she's part out. Part of her (the part pulled back) is disciplined and realizes that Charles is right and the world has to stand against this new mutant; another part of her (the part of her hair closest to her head that is not pulled back like the bottom half) would like to be a part of Apocalypse because she has thought that humans aren't needed. It will be interesting to see the trigger that determines why she fights with the younger, untrained mutants. So, this leads us to Apocalypse himself,...
Magneto is going to have a real problem in this film because he tells Charles, "Whatever it was you thought you saw in me, it died with my family." I believe the death of his family he mentions here is the wife who left him after their daughter died from a mob attacking Magneto because he unleashed his powers but couldn't save their daughter, Anya. After the wife left Erik, his wife gave birth to twins, who would become Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, although they weren't known to him. Quicksilver will be now, as he reveals to Mystique in the trailer, and that "new family" Magneto discovers may be the crucial key Magneto needs to turning against Apocalypse and saving humanity from total destruction.
"Together, we will cleanse the earth. Everything they've built, will fall, and from the ashes of their world, we'll build a better one." If that doesn't terrify you and immediately give you cause to think of the New World Order (yea, like the one in Spectre) then you've had your head buried in the sand. So, now that Wolverine is in the film, we can't really speculate on anything else (although we know that, between X-Men Days Of Future Past and X-Men Apocalypse, Logan has gotten his adamantium claws from the Weapon X program and he is virtually indestructible now whereas he wasn't as indestructible in Days Of Future Past). There is, however, something significant we can speculate upon: everyone else in the film.
In the trailer, Mystique says, "If I'm going to teach these kids something, I'm going to teach them how to fight," and that's fine, but then we hear her telling the kids to forget everything they know. This is the reason why Mystique is such a conflicted character herself: she has no discipline. "Not all of us can control our powers," "Then don't," she replies, but if you can't control your power, you can't control yourself. Mystique only barely survived Days Of Future Past, and humanity as well. She isn't going to be able to lead because she hasn't allowed anyone to lead her. This is an important lesson all of us need to face in our own lives: being able to control the power we have, with kind words, patience, love and, when necessary, long suffering.
Did you notice how young everyone is? They are not Millennials (the film takes place in 1983) but they are meant to be identified with Millennials (the young population the Left claims is giving them so much support for socialism in America) so the Millennials can learn the lessons that Generation Jones and Generation X did in living through the Cold War. "Just because there's not a war doesn't mean there's peace," Mystique tells Charles in a rare moment of wisdom for her character. What she's saying, she's really saying about the world here and now: just because all of the American cities are burning and torn down, doesn't mean there isn't a civil war raging.
"He was some kind of god. For thousands of years he has been amassing mutants to take their powers." Well, if the New World Order reference didn't seal the deal for you, that line from the trailer should. He gathers people to himself, in the name of change and doing something better, but only to take the powers of those dumb enough to follow him. 
What about Charles?
The film is part rescue mission (to get Charles back from Apocalypse) and part saving the world. When we see Charles, he wears a suit jacket and a lavender T-shirt underneath. This is rather an odd combination. It suggests his professional and class distinction with the jacket, but his down-to-earth sensibility with the T-shirt. When Charles pleads with Magneto not to join Apocalypse, his jacket is no where to be seen, he's just in the T-shirt (lavender is a pastel of purple, and purple we know is a symbol for suffering, not just his physical suffering from what Magneto accidentally did to him, but the mental burdens he puts upon himself in running the school and his mutant mind-reading powers). Pysch-locke (Olivia Munn) also has purple has part or her costume, and that's because she uses her suffering as a justification for joining Apocalypse, so she won't have to suffer anymore, whereas Charles, in understanding that suffering can be redemptive and help us to become better people, fights against Apocalypse because in spite of the problems this world has, it's infinitely better than any world Apocalypse could possibly create.
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