Friday, April 22, 2016

The Huntsman: Winter's War Is Excellent!

Just saw The Huntsman: Winter's War and it was excellent! Everything there was to love about Snow White and the Huntsman is still there--like the amazing special effects, incredible costumes and great villains--and everything lacking in the film has vanished--Kristen Stewart, for example, and an overall lack of dialogue. These are four great actors (including Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth) and even better special effects and artistic design than the first. Now, this is a bit confusing: the first, say, 1/4 of the film is a pre-quel, we are getting the back-story for Freya and Ravenna, but the last 3/4 take place after Snow White and the Huntsman, and it fits seamlessly. This film is excellent. There is incredible conflict and an excellent central theme. Now, I will warn you: this reviewer at CinemaBlend didn't like it at all, as usual. It's like film critics are giving away their soul if they admit they actually like a movie. On the other hand, you probably think I like everything. Regardless, this is a perfect film where interpretation is essential to understanding why decisions are made that are made. For example, BOTH Ravenna and Freya are symbols of socialism, and if you aren't willing to look into the film's mirror and see that, you are bound to be lost. I also saw Gods Of Egypt this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I could have seen that one in IMAX and 3D, because it looked like it was made for it, but even on (only a) big screen it was a beautiful cinematic experience; there is something from the film that is really important for us to discuss, so I will really try and get that up asap. In the meantime, I am working on The Huntsman. 
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner