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Penny Dreadful: Season 3 FIRST EPISODE HERE The Day Tennyson Died

Patti Lupone, who portrayed the Cut-Wife during Season 2, is now back as Dr. Seward, a psychologist who sees Vanessa. There are two important things about this. First, Dr. Seward is likely a mental projection Vanessa is having onto her doctor. For example, recall in Season 1, Episode 5 (?) when Vanessa's parents take her to the asylum and the doctor interviews them and his name is Matthew. Vanessa says she remembers a Matthew who was a tax collector, going back to the Apostle Matthew, and projecting the Apostle's spiritual likeness onto this doctor (and it's important she looks out the window as she does so, because, as we know, windows symbolize reflection, so she's reflecting on who the Apostle Matthew is). In the image above, all the mirrors illustrate Vanessa trying to find herself, and one part of her "self" she may be wanting to re-connect with is the part of her self that she discovered when she stayed with the Cut-Wife (Vanessa felt safe then, she was getting answers and learning, she wasn't being attacked by demons, and her and the Cut-Wife developed a bond). But the Cut-Wife reappearing is a sign that Vanessa is torn: she might like to take the Cut-Wife's position in that village, but she knows her destiny would be just like Joan Clayton's: to burn in hell for eternity, and Vanessa doesn't want that. So Vanessa is working through these complex psyches and levels of psyches she has, but the important thing is, she is working through them. Now, please remember this all important note: in English, the name Vanessa means "literary invention," so, when we hear about a Satanic quest involving her, it means two things: first, that Satan wants to dominate the literary world and be honored in literature and art (think of all the literature and art devoted to glorifying God, of course Satan wants that for himself) and, secondly, just as Vanessa is the object of a Satanic quest,... so are you. The devil wants your soul every bit as much as we see him trying to get Vanessa's, and if you are not fighting him, then he doesn't have to go to any heroic efforts to obtain your soul, you are probably just handing it over to him. 
The first episode of Penny Dreadful Season 3 has been uploaded and is ready to watch here, now ahead of the Sunday premiere on Showtime! It's awesome that they do this!
I have only seen the first few seconds, but these are important--as always. The house, as we know, symbolizes the soul: the cobwebs and dust, then, reveal that there are parts of Vanessa's soul she hasn't been using (spiritual weapons and strengths she is neglecting in her battles). The mail we see that has been stacking up is an excellent example of God trying to communicate to a soul who has hardened their heart against Him and won't listen to His supplications to return to the Light. The plates we see piled up, the glasses, all symbolize what Vanessa has been "digesting" (food symbolizes the nourishment to the soul and mind) but also what she hasn't been digesting; flies buzzing around always symbolize Satan (Beelzebub, the "Lord of the Flies"), so she has been listening to thoughts the devil has been planting in her head, but not what God is trying to tell her.
This is the actor portraying Dr. Jeckyll this season,... yes, that Dr. Jeckyll. Why is this important? Just as Dr. Jeckyll is a dual natured character, so each character in this season will be dealing with their dual-natures to do good and evil. I suspect we will learn that Dorian Gray is the devil that fell to earth while his brother fell into hell. 
She wears all black, so she's interiorly dead; her hair is in total disarray, because her thoughts are in a total disarray. The shoulder strap hanging down reveals her shoulder. The shoulders symbolize the burdens we carry; we don't see anything on Vanessa's shoulder--such as a scar--so we can't see the burden she carries. Later, we will see Ethan in the desert, but Vanessa is all ready in the (spiritual) wilderness that is the same Wilderness the Hebrew children wandered for 40 years before God led them to the Promised Land. Why is Vanessa ignoring God? She thinks she is getting Him back for the trial He allowed Her to go through at the end of Season 2, in choosing between the life He has destined her for, or the life the devil would tempt her with. When Vanessa burned her Crucifix, she wasn't burning God, but she was showing Him how much the trial had hurt her (especially losing Ethan) by doing unto Him what He had done (or allowed to be done) to her. Don't blame Vanessa. That kind of torment is unbearable and few of us will ever know that kind of misery she has had to pass through, but, she did pass through, and--as the Creature told her--God is all ready waiting for her at the end of this trial. When she eats, what is it? Milk, i.e., "mother's milk" (drinking from the bottle resembles the act of breast-feeding) and she breaks the bread, i.e., the Eucharist, the Body of Christ. She isn't ready to come back fully to God--she's still terribly mad at Him--but she knows it's the only place to be. When she opens the door, the bells are tolling; that's important because bells drive away demons, and her opening the door is hearing that Christ is knocking (not Ferdinand Lyle, but God works through others) at the door of her heart, driving away the demons and ready to reclaim her as His for the next test she must face. Enjoy the first episode! I am nearly done with the post for The Huntsman Winter's War.
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Patti Lupone now portraying Dr. Seward. The other important note to consider about this is: Dr. Seward is an important character in the novel Dracula, and in the novel, was a student of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. This is going to have repercussions.