Thursday, April 7, 2016

John Wick 2 Is Happening

The makers of the unexpectedly successful John Wick have slowly gotten into gear for the sequel, but definite news has been released that everyone is now properly on board. John Wick: Chapter Two sees Keanu Reeves' assassin character once more coming out of retirement, this time, he's bound by a blood oath to help a fellow assassin take on the guild in Rome. The director is back and will open opposite Fifty Shades Darker in February of next year.
Production has begun on Universal's The Mummy (NOT the Brandon Fraser film, rather, a re-boot of the original Boris Karloff film; you can read my interpretation of the original 1932 film as a commentary on the Great Depression here, The Curse and The Mummy) starring Tom Cruise in the lead role with  Annabelle Wallis (The Tudors, Annabelle) as  a scientist/archaeologist. Synopsis details are still sketchy, however, the follow-up film to Dracula Untold finds Cruise as as special ops soldier (Navy Seals or the likes) who accidentally stumbles upon the tomb of a cursed mummy and picks up those powers. This is the second in Universal's planned resurrection of its legendary monster films. Johnny Depp has been cast as the villainous Invisible Man. Sofia Boutella, whom you may remember from The Kingsman: Secret Service, has been cast as The Mummy. Now, normally, I would be concerned about this "gender-bending": given that scribes from Fast and Furious 7 and Star Trek Into Darkness are working on these films, I'm not concerned (but I know this will be a mammoth commentary on our current situation) and I can't wait for June 2017 when the film comes out.
Tickets have gone on sale for Captain America: Civil War, opening May 5, and I have all ready purchased mine. Rumor has it there may be as many as three mid and post credits scenes. This isn't really a "new trailer," the final trailer has supposedly all ready dropped, however, they CA3 has released this teaser with the background footage showing how long this "civil war" has been building between Rogers and Stark:
One of the anticipated trailers attached to the film is possibly Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch, to be released in November. According to Captain America himself, Chris Evans (who plays Steve Rogers), his favorite part of CA3 is Ant Man, so if you haven't seen Ant Man yet, this is your cue to do so. I PROMISE I will get that post up before CA3 comes out, I promise!
Speaking of Benedict Cumberbatch, Season 4 of Sherlock has begun filming; while there is not yet a release date announced for the three-series season of the BBC television program, Mark Gatiss, who is a writer for the series and portrays Mycroft Holmes, tweeted this strange picture with the caption: "I spy Season 4 of Sherlock." I am posting on the Christmas special which aired in January, The Abominable Bride, and will have that up asap.
Fast and Furious 8 has announced that Charlize Theron will be cast as the film's main villain (which Helen Mirren has said she wanted to play,... interesting). May 27 will see the release of X-Men: Apocalypse, and I cannot wait for this film; this is really going to be amazing. Here is a brief,... not featurette, but not trailer either.
Now, The Jungle Book opens April 15 and the next week, April 22, The Huntsman: Winter's War opens and here is a recent clip from that one:
You know I am a big fan of the Showtime series Penny Dreadful, and here is the latest,... uh, not featurette but not trailer either that they have released featuring each of the principal actors:
Now, this IS a true trailer, released just a few minutes before this post, and the addition of Dr. Jeckyll to the cast is going to have massive (and fun!) consequences!
SALEM has also been renewed for a third season, and the first teaser for the Halloween week debut has been released (I know my foreign audience probably isn't excited about this one, as it is more difficult to access, but it is one that I would like for us to study because it's loaded with some incredible encoding devices and they have consistently employed a variety of useful interpretative strategies for their narrative):
In case you are wondering:... yes, I am still working on Spectre. My mom finally watched it and loved it and asked all kinds of questions that I hadn't thought to put into my post,... so,.. I had to go back. You know, the film was just so amazing,....
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The first image for the sequel to The Kingsman: the Secret Service is titled, The Golden Circle, and the release of their first image for the film suggests that Colin Firth's character will, indeed, be back for the sequel.