Sunday, February 21, 2016

TRAILERS: Gods Of Egypt, Sword Of Destiny & Keanu

Spectre and Crimson Peak have both been released on disc; if you haven't seen them, do. Opening this week is The Witch, and out of nowhere, my theater suddenly listed it so I am going to see that after I get the Spectre post up (since I have the disc now, it will be easier than having to remember it all; while the post for Crimson Peak is up, it isn't completed, but I hope to finish that one up next week). By the way, Guardians Of the Galaxy has begun production and the sequel to John Wick has been green-lighted. Also opening this weekend is Gods of Egypt, which I am particularly excited about:
Also "opening" this weekend is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Sword Of Destiny and they have released their second trailer. As we discussed, it was supposed to be released in IMAX theaters the same day it came out on Netflix, but theater owners said no (probably fearing the competition with Netflix) so it will be available for streaming Friday:
Yea, I'm thinking this is going to be pretty awesome. Okay, the next trailer for Keanu is a red-band trailer, so there is a lot of bad language in it, but I think the overall conflict in the black community which the narrative serves as a vehicle for is what is really important:
I have been able to answer a number of emails, requesting Mockingjay Part 2, Hail, Caesar! and  Man Of Steel (yea, I never got that one up, but I will before Batman vs Superman). Several people have asked, "If Hail Caesar! is so anti-communist, why would George Clooney make an anti-communist film?" and that question contains the answer. Clooney wouldn't make an anti-communist film, so he must not be a communist, rather like his World War II film, The Monument Men, which led (unknowing) audience members to believe that WWII wasn't about fighting socialists and communists, it was about getting back stolen art,... It's a deceptive trick meant to create a "straw man argument" (a "decoy," as we say in philosophy) and it mis-leads people from what the real issue is. Rather than making people think that Clooney must not be a socialist/communist, it just makes him look incredibly dis-honest and willing to lie about anything, just like Obama.
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