Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trailers: 13 Hours, The Witch, Hail Caesar, Penny Dreadful Season 3

Michael Bay is no stranger to sophisticated narrative devices, and given the massive risk he's taking in making this film--directly contradicting both (then) Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton's denial and the White House's denial that there was any stand-down order--he's going to use every resource he has to make an impact on the audience. Sadly, 13 Hours has some rather serious competition this weekend: Ride Along 2. When Ride Along opened, it had sold out showings and an impressive opening weekend. I don't want to begrudge Ride Along 2, however, I worry for my fellow Americans that, rather than get eyewitness accounts of what happened at this horrific act of war and terrorism, and see the revelations of who is lying and how, people going to the theater this weekend will rather get laughs and entertainment than examine what has happened. I don't think it's ANY coincidence that Bay choose to open it the same week as Obama's State of the Union Address, which will definitely be his most difficult one after seven years of destroying this country. Anyway, I am feeling better and am going to see the film Friday at an early showing. As always, I will be tweeting my initial reactions and working as hard as possible to get up the review, even if it's not as in-depth as I would like.
Yea, I'm still alive.
I can say that I am finally getting better and feel like I have come through the worst of it. I am so terribly sorry, thank you for your incredible patience. Several new trailers have dropped, so let's just run through them real quick. First, the last trailer for 13 Hours which opens this weekend:
Remember Zero Dark Thirty? I think Bay has been influenced by that--excellent choice--and we will be graced with seeing quite a bit of "noise" as well as erasure. What's even more difficult about a film like this is, it appears that the story is going to be straight forward, but that's when symbols and sub-texts come into play even more, because of what can't be said but only implied. This is going to be a great film, and I really can't wait to see it. You might remember a film called The Witch that we looked at several months ago, they have released a second trailer:
Again, a "witch hunt" in America is a not-so-secretive way of saying "communist hunt," because of the "witch hunts" led by Senator Joe McCarthy during the 1950s (and, obviously, he was right). I have no idea how The Witch is going to play out, but I'm quite confident there is going to be a massive political subtext at work. Now, maybe you need a good laugh?
Being the smart viewer you are, you know they are talking about the film, right? The film isn't going to be simple, but I am confident that the Coen Brothers, just as they are juxtaposing the Western accent and English accent (a Western accent simply can't say what an English can, much the same way that a Western country simply can't become socialist the way England is doing). Anyway, this has certainly made my day: the first trailer for Season 3 of Penny Dreadful has been released, with a premiere date of May 1:
Okay, I will be posting this weekend. Thank you for your incredible patience with me while I recover!
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