Friday, December 11, 2015

TRAILERS: X-Men Apocalypse, The Brothers Grimsby, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Tarzan, 2oolander

Sometimes the Lord works in strange and mysterious ways; sometimes, not so strange, and not so mysterious. I had intended to see Spectre today to double-check some of my analysis (in the post that is almost ready to post, I promise and am so terribly sorry for the delay!), however, I mixed up my times and ended up seeing The Letters with Rutger Hauer and Max von Sydow instead: it was very good. Regrettably, as we have discussed before, Christian films lack a certain quality to them: it might be the writing, or the acting, the cinematography or the plot; usually what is missing, however, is a deep understanding of the Faith. You cannot give what you have not received, and some Christians in the film making industry--while their heart is in the right place and they want to make faith based films--have not had very deep conversions from which they can draw their own experience of the Mysteries of Christ and the Word. This is not the case with The Letters: William Riead, who wrote and directs the film, thoroughly understands the Faith, as well as the phases of the spiritual life and he is able to communicate what is happening. It's definitely worth your time.
Today is Friday; next Friday, Star Wars debuts (well, technical it debuts on Friday) and I have my ticket and will be going to see it; before Friday, I am going to make a small, but important post (we all know what happens to my promises, right? Sorry about that) about what we need to know going into the film; one video I found, however, seems rather important, and I have included it at the end of this post for you to watch, but I will be going over in more detail some things which we need to be prepared for and, ultimately, why this is such an important film. Several character posters were released today and we will discuss these in-depth next week.
Several important trailers have been released--and I expect more are still coming--but I have a throbbing headache so we are just going to list the trailers and save explanations for later. First, let's look at the first trailer for the next installment of X-Men: Apocalypse. This does NOT disappoint:
There is a ton to say about this trailer, but let's move on. In a similar vein, the first trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 has arrived, and I think this is going to be good:
"We're just four brothers who hate bullies and love this city." Yea, that rocks. Remember, the turtle is a long-standing symbol for meditation; a "ninja" does not come into being without meditation and the self-understanding which arises from the interior life (a turtle in his shell represents). The idea of a "mutant" is that each and everyone of us is different and unique, and endowed with gifts which we must learn to use, not only for our own good, but the greater good of humanity as well. The fact they are teenagers is also important, because it signals that we should all begin with the interior life as early as possible; there shouldn't be any postponing of our vocation and self-development. More on this trailer later; for the moment, let's turn to,... The Brothers Grimsby:
Now, please recall, and with the next trailer, too, that there is a certain segment of the population that does not want to be educated: they want to escape. These are exactly the types of films they go to see and these films are attempting to educate them regardless of their escapist tendencies. In The Brothers Grimsby, something important is happening: the dumb brother (Coen), is a loser, but he's getting the chance to do something important because of his brother, not in spite of his brother; if you will recall in the Melissa McCarthy film Spy, she got to be a spy in spite of Jude Law and Jason Statham, not because of them, so The Brothers Grimsby is taking a very different approach. Now, let's take a look at 2oolander, i.e., Zoolander 2 (I normally wouldn't care about this, however, there is an interesting point being made): this is the first trailer:
No, really, trust me on this, it's working up to something important, trust me, just one more of these:
No, no, I did not gratuitously make you watch two Ben Stiller trailers to torment you. Really. There are two important points in these trailers: first, someone is killing the world's most beautiful people (regardless of what you think of Justin Bieber). What's so special about the world's most beautiful people? First, they are beautiful, and beauty IS a gift; secondly, that beauty opens other doors for them to do good (or bad as the case may be). We have discussed this before: you and I probably wouldn't make a Top 20 Most Beautiful People list, so what is a way to get lots of people to support an anti-capitalist agenda? You pick on people like those who are "most beautiful," those who are in an ultra select group that we could never possibly be a part of, and you attack them because no one wants someone to be most beautiful when they can't be themselves,.... then you just keep attacking people from there,.. the 20 most wealthy people in the world, the 20 most athletic people in the world, the 20 smartest people in the world, the 20 most religious people in the world, etc. The second point the trailers are making are the shifts in the human body from normal (Penelope Cruz showing her large breasts, which are a natural part of a woman, and Stiller's character calling them "gross," in spite of them being natural) and then All (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his unnatural androgyny. The polarized opposites of "male" and "female" are coming closer and closer each day to the point that differences are being eradicated so that everyone becomes the same. Enough of that for now. Moving onto The Legend Of Tarzan:
Tarzan is going to be pro-socialist, and it's the exact opposite of The Jungle Book also being released next year, so just to refresh our memories, here it is again:
Tarzan will find civilization to be evil and leave it to go back to Mother Nature; Mowgli will go and stay with other humans and find peace and happiness there. Why are these two films being made? Because, as we have discussed, Progressives aren't "progressive" at all, they are "digressives" and want to abandon civilization and return to life as it was in medieval times with no technology and no free market. Okay, now, there is a new, Japanese trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens which has some new footage in it; then there is a video about an important theory I think is pretty legitimate that we need to know about going into the film next week:
 If you have time, please watch this, I will probably post it again next week when we go over some issues, like the new character posters which have been released and Luke Skywalker:
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