Thursday, December 3, 2015

TRAILER: Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice

Do I have a blog?
You don't want to know, and I don't want to have to go into it. Here is the latest,... okay, part of the problem is, when it's a really, really, really, good film, there is just too much material and I go after eating the whole elephant at a time, rather than just picking out the most delectable morsels,.... then, I get overwhelmed and sick of eating elephant. I'm not, however, sick of Mockingjay Part 2 nor, especially, Spectre; however, it's SO DEEP I am still sorting out puzzles and I allow myself to do that instead of exercising discipline and getting the thing up. So, here is the latest trailer that has dropped for Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice: (by the way, this starts out,... weird, it doesn't even seem like it's a real trailer):
Obviously, last week, we heard "vigilante" being used about Captain America in the first trailer for Civil War. Why? You know I hate Obama, but I will say this about the schmuck: he's responsible for some of the greatest films ever being made in response to his horrific attitude to the Constitution, and that, dear reader, is why two of the biggest films--not just of 2016--but of cinematic history, are both revolving around "vigilante," and examining what is a vigilante and what is not a vigilante, because a certain person who took an oath of office to protect the Constitution and is occupying the White House, has failed miserably and thereby impeached himself in not protecting the very law which grants him power. This is important. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) makes this point to Captain America (Chris Evans): if we don't have limits, we are no better than the bad guys. That's not an easy argument, is it? Especially when the law is being used to destroy the very people who love, honor, cherish and defend it the most (like Captain America, and, I think we will see, Superman as well; as he said at the end of Man Of Steel: I'm from Kansas: how much more American can you get?).

On another note, when we see Lex Luthor Jr. (yes, Junior, Jesse Eisenberg), he has slightly longish hair, that is slightly wavy. It's not long though. It's not short, either. That might suggest that he hasn't thought through all that he is thinking about. What would he not think through? That there might be more Supermans and Batmans (as in Wonder Woman and Aqua Man) to take him on. Now, there is a potentially important character played by Ralph Lister; why? Because the credits say that his part will be announced upon the film's release. Well, if that isn't suspicious,... I'm guessing The Joker will be making an appearance, and they didn't announce it because everyone would be so hyper-critical of the casting, like we have been over Ben Affleck.

The reason this film is important is because of this: ultimately, we have two heroes, Batman and Superman, and they have been turned against each other; why? So a truly evil presence can gain power and use them to destroy each other so he doesn't have to. This is rather what is happening in America today: the blacks and the whites, the rich and the poor, we have all been turned against each other by a "Lex Luthor" who hopes that he will be the last man standing. That's why this film is important.
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