Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Captain America: Civil War First Trailer

This is an excellent question; is the film going to posit both Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, and Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, evenly? Are they, in other words, both holding legitimate and equally valid positions, Rogers as being against "registration," and Stark being for "registration"? No. Captain America is the hero of this film, which is why it is called, Captain America: Civil War; this is Rogers' story. If Civil War were taking place in an Iron Man film, then Stark would be the hero and his position of registration would be upheld and championed, but that is not what we will be getting. Further, due to the events we saw in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we know Stark makes mistakes (creating Ultron, for example) and is not a team player, willing to make decisions on his own which could endanger the lives of others, even millions of others, so Avengers 2 was setting the stage for Stark as a "pseudo-villain," not a villain like Ultron, but someone holding a viewpoint/belief that is not contingent with the rest of the heroes' views (which makes Black Widow, Black Panther, The Vision, etc., also "pseudo-villains in this film). "Sorry, Tony, I hate to do this, but he's my friend," "So was I." The polar oppositions between our emotions and our thoughts, the law and the human heart, as well as the easy way or the noble way will be the basis of this film and every single person in America is the intended audience.
Why would Captain America: Civil War release the first trailer for the highly anticipated film today? Because it wants to be the only thing you are talking about over the holiday!
"Your mom's name is Sarah. You used to wear newspapers in your shoes." Why would these two details be the ones which Bucky chooses to relate to Steve as proof of remembering him? The name "Sarah" invokes the wife of Abraham, the father of the people of Israel. "Sarah" means noble woman, or princess, because she was the mother of Isaac, the son born of the "free woman," whereas her slave woman, Hagar, was the mother of Ishmael, those born into slavery. So, Rogers' mother being the mother of those who are "free" and of "noble" birth, means that Rogers' is the leader of freedom and noble ideas. What about the newspapers in his shoes?
I imagine that Hawkeye, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) is going to have a much more important role in the Civil War; we have met his family and they are going to be a serious reason he doesn't want to be "registered." That's the point of us having met his family in The Avengers 2: so we know how personal his stakes are. But because we met them, and we know he's on Rogers' side, we also know that adds to Rogers being right about not registering. What about Ant Man (perched on the right shoulder of Hawkeye)? If you haven't seen it, you need to (it comes out on December 8)? Towards the end of the film, we see him having dinner with his ex-wife's new husband who happens to be a cop, so this might have been cause to have Ant Man be more "government friendly," however, he has a criminal record for theft, so we'll have to see exactly how Ant Man is introduced. There is also Scarlet Witch, described as a wild card, and the all new Spider Man straight out of high school. This film has been years in the planning, so I know they have come up with a phenomenal story that will be the basis of the rest of the Marvel universe for films to come. 
We know that shoes symbolize the will, because our feet, upon which shoes are worn, take us places the way our will directs where we want to go in life. If Rogers was wearing newspaper in his shoes, it was because the shoes were too big for his slender and smaller frame, but he had a "big will." The newspapers also indicates that he was "informed" about issues and not just wanting to be famous or popular, but genuinely wanted to make a difference and save people. In other words, when Rogers asks Bucky, "Do you remember me?" Bucky replies by not just demonstrating he remembers Rogers, but knows who Rogers is on a most intimate scale and being: the woman (the "motherland" of America Sarah represents) and his will to be an important, helping person in the world. This is how we, too, should be viewing. What is going to happen in Civil War?
This is the whole purpose of everything happening in the Marvel Universe (that Stan Lee has control over). Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet he's putting together is the ultimate power threatening the entire universe, and in order to meet with the threat, each of the heroes--from Captain America to whoever Chris Pratt plays in Guardians Of the Galaxy--must be at their very strongest and most pure so it will be easier for them to unite and put up a good front to ward off the absolute worst of the universe's incredible power going against them. The stakes just don't get any higher than this. 
"Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth," Stark tells Rogers, and those perfect teeth are indicators that, unlike Stark (please remember back to the first Iron Man and the playboy Stark was) Rogers has appetites that are only good appetites, not appetites that are destructive or can be manipulated (remember in Avengers 2, Scarlet Witch tries to use Peggy Carter against him, but Rogers overcomes the temptation to accept what has happened to him). When Stark, dressed in the Iron Man outfit, says to Rogers, "You seem a little on the defensive," and Rogers says, "It's been a long day," Stark has a black eye, which means that his ability to see and see properly has been "bruised" and wounded so the perspective which Stark has--that millions of Americans probably share without having properly thought through--is not valid, but false. The purpose, then, of Civil War is going to parallel the purpose of Thor: Ragnarok: every hero has to be mercilessly purged of even the slightest sin/fault so they will be as powerful as possible to unite and fight off Thanos.
A happy, blessed and joyous Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you!
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