Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sherlock Extended Trailer, John Wick 2 & Misc News

Common, on the left, has been cast as the main villain for John Wick 2 which will see the same director return. As well as Reeves returning, it's being said that Ian McShane is also returning. 
I am sorry: we have had a death in the family, and there has been lots to do. If you will, please pray for the repose of the soul of Peggy Bass, and the consolation of her family. I am working on getting The Last Witch Hunter up, and then I am getting up Bridge Of Spies. An extended trailer for the Victorian Christmas special of Sherlock has been released and there is some interesting new footage:
The two films opening this weekend are Our Brand Is Crisis, with Sandra Bullock, and Scouts Guide To the Zombie Apocalypse, which looks okay. At my theater, Burnt, with Bradley Cooper is opening--it opened nationwide last week, but my theater showed that Steve Jobs film instead, so, since it did so bad, they are canning it and opening Burnt--so I am going to see that. For my dear readers in the UK, you get to see Spectre this weekend, and aren't you lucky? This gives the rest of us one more week to re-watch Skyfall; why would we want to do that? Well, the conversation Q and Bond have in the British museum is important, and I think it will jog our memory about a few things. Also, in Spectre, is the scene when Bond has tracked down Mr. White (who could re-define the term "grungy" with his appearance) and Bond wants to know, "Where is he?" and White says, "He's everywhere!" echoing, in a strange, twisted way, what happened in Quantum Of Solace: Bond and M (Judi Dench) interrogated White and White said, "To begin with, we have people everywhere. Isn't that right, Mitchell?" and M's bodyguard fires a shot at her and helps White escape. Now, I have read one review of Spectre, so if you would like to know what I think of it, WHICH CONTAINS SPOILERS, keep reading below the poster; if you don't, then stop now.
Elizabeth Banks is back to direct Pitch Perfect 3; Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have all ready signed their contracts and will be back as well. 
IF you are still reading, it must be because you are wanting to know what has been said in reviews and you don't mind a spoiler. The reviewer I read, was most likely liberal, because you can tell he has no value on the traditional morality of personal privacy or governments spying on their citizens. This reviewer said it was a bad film, which is like me saying a socialist film is bad because it doesn't reflect my moral standing as a conservative. I have read the plot of Spectre and it seems perfectly conservative and traditional, which  I obviously appreciate. In the film, SPECTRE is after control over all the information on everyone in the world, "It's the future," one might say, and people like myself who don't believe in the government controlling people like animals on a farm "are the past." The reviewer I read said that, to believe that your information is secure after Wikileaks and Facebook, etc., is to be naive, therefore, he dissed the entire film as being ridiculous. Well, maybe, but that doesn't mean the government is, or has the right, to create a massive database of all the information pertaining to every single person, as one of the most corrupt members of Congress, Representative Maxine Waters described Barack Obama creating in the US Federal government. I am confident the film will be SPECTACULAR and one of the best Bond films ever made.
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