Friday, October 23, 2015

Random Thoughts Round-Up: The Last Witch Hunter, Spectre Clips, JJ Abrams & Kylo Ren

I have got to tell you, this was a well-conceived film and we all ready know they are making a sequel (there is, however, no post-credits scene). 
I was expecting Vin Diesel's newest film The Last Witch Hunter would be good with about a "B" rating; after seeing it today,... I would give it an "A-": it's not The Avengers, or Skyfall, or like an "A+" film, but it had good solid pacing, well-placed special effects that were great and good characters. Diesel and Michael Caine worked well off one another and the story line didn't try to be something that it wasn't: it's an action film and that's what we got, with some good characters to boot. Here is the last trailer for it (I haven't had much chance to talk about it) with Ciara's rendition of Paint It, Black by the Rolling Stones:
Even though I don't particularly like Elijah Wood, when you see the film, it's obvious that he was well-cast for the role. Rose Leslie's character makes an important feminist statement against feminism and false femininity that was rather a challenge for liberal women in today's world. Yea, there is quite a bit for us to discuss with this, but, there are a few odds and ends that I just want to throw out. So, Regarding the discussion we had on JJ Abrams being or not being a socialist, there is an important point to consider for that,...
Annabelle 2 is being made and, fortunately, it will be the same writer who did the first film.
It might not seem like a big deal for someone to "not get to make movies anymore": some people may find it's more important for someone like Abrams to take a stand and sacrifice his career so as not to be seen as a liberal stooge; I understand this position thoroughly. However, there is something more serious to consider, and that is warfare. When a enemy seeks to take over a people, it will destroy its art, in all forms, because that is the people's identity and collective conscious, it's what brings them together and unites them (consider how the English treated the Scots, Irish and Welsh in forging the UK). Liberals are doing this in Hollywood: icons like The Lone Ranger and Peter Pan have been turned into symbols of meaning they have not always had, and that's brainwashing and indoctrination. When someone like Abrams directs Star Wars and Star Trek, he's not just preserving those films and the history which gave birth to them, but reminding us of who we are and why. Without these, ties to bind us, we don't have a voice, a rally point, an ideal against which to measure ourselves, our actions or our values. Abrams is in an important position and he needs to stay there. On another note,...
The first clip of Spectre that has been released: I didn't finish my thoughts. We know that M (Ralph Fiennes) gets mad at Bond for acting without authority in Mexico City and supposedly fires him; I think this is a farce to protect Bond. M knows what kind of man Bond is, and knows that Bond was chasing something important; if he keeps Bond close to the office, he knows Bond won't be able to do what he needs to do, so he's letting Bond loose intentionally so Bond can do what needs to be done. Here is another clip which has been released (is it just my computer? I'm having a hard time understanding what they are saying):
She's not up against a rock and a hard spot, she's up against a mirror, so she's reflecting, and so is Bond. Each of them knows exactly what they are doing in this moment and by the way her hair is styled--all of it on her left side--she is thinking one way and one way only; her hair is also down, as opposed to up and in a bun as it was at the funeral, so even though Bond mentions her "instincts," it's really more of pre-meditated and calculated risk BOTH have decided to take in this scene. Because Bond says his name in this scene, that means he is also "living up to" his name, this is WHO James Bond is, this is WHAT he does and this is HOW he does it.
Now, I think it would be a good idea for us to watch Skyfall again before November 6 (next weekend for you lucky Brits!) because I think--especially between Bond and Q--there are going to be references made and it will be fresh in our mind. For example, the gun Q gives Bond in the art museum which can only be activated with his palm print so the killing becomes a "personal statement." If you have the time, I think it would be time well-invested.
"It was this or the priesthood," and, if you will recall from Skyfall, we know that, following the death of his parents, Bond spent several days in a priest hole before coming out. I think it's safe to assume that this clip below follows the dinner conversation the two above have:
Oh! Ah!
No! Oh, that's going to hurt tomorrow! Bond doesn't get it kicked out of him very often, but this looks rather brutal. I think this brutal fight scene is going to be about whatever was brought up during that conversation: Dave Bautista's character isn't a villain, neither is Obermann (Christoph Waltz), but both are a part of Bond which he has to overcome within himself in order to go onto the next adventure, so there is something that will be "fighting" within Bond during the dinner conversation he has with Swann and Bautista's character is the materialization of that inner-conflict. Speaking of inner-conflict, there is a bit of Star Wars news: if you like spoilers and knowing what will happen, or thinking you know what will happen, then keep reading; if you don't like knowing what will happen, just stop reading now, there is nothing else in this post that you need info on; I am working on The Last Witch Hunter and will get it up asap (I also wanted to see Burnt this weekend with Bradley Cooper, but it's not opening in my city this weekend; pooh).
This is the main poster for the film, and fans have pointed out that neither Driver nor Mark Hamill appear anywhere on the poster,... unless they do. Hamill is listed second in the credits, and what he's not appearing on the poster for the most important film of the decade? The hooded figure in the upper-left corner with the shiny silver face is being rumored to be Hamill as Kylo Ren ("Ren" is an order of Knights, and a title, "Kylo" is the singular name of the character) but there is also the metallic figure in the lower-center, between the "T" and "R" of  "STAR" and flanked by two storm troopers. That could be Driver as Kylo Ren, and the larger hooded figure in the corner could be Hamill as Luke Skywalker gone rogue. On a different note, with the anti-white propaganda boycott someone dumb is trying to launch, remember, to who are socialists trying to appeal? Women and minorities, specifically, black minorities, so with Rey and Finn having such large images, and basically being the main characters, this is an appeal to them to fight against socialism rather than get sucked into it for their own good as well as that of the world.  
Okay, if you are still reading, then you want to hear this theory, so here it is: many are speculating, and I think there is legitimate cause to, that Kylo Ren, who has been identified as THE villain of the Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens film, is actually Luke Skywalker. For one, fans have pointed out, we haven't seen Luke in any of the trailers (we think we have seen his hand, but it's a mechanical hand, as in, Darth Vader mechanical, unlike the hand he received that looked human and normal; did he upgrade or what, if that is Luke in that part of the trailer); we also haven't seen any images of Luke in spite of seeing images of the other humans; besides like one image, we haven't seen Adam Driver as Kylo Ren,... or have we? Now, there are two theories about the film: first, that Luke went into self-exile to keep himself from unduly influencing events in the universe and he comes back when he's needed, and he's needed because Han's and Leia's son, played by Driver, has resurrected the Nazis, uh, I mean, First Order, and has to be stopped; this new theory would be something like, Luke has overestimated his ability to control the Force and has decided he knows what is best for the universe and has set about, with the help of his nephew, in establishing the First Order that will govern the universe. I actually think it's highly plausible. It's also perfectly plausible that Luke is in exile, kind of like Yoda, and just meditating and doing internal battle, gathering his strength and, I don't know, listening for a disturbance in the Force? There it is. I have my ticket for the Friday, December 18 show in IMAX 3D and I can't wait!!
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