Tuesday, October 20, 2015

JJ Abrams, Star Wars VII, Socialism, Communism & Anti-White Propaganda

Tickets have gone on sale and have crashed every site carrying them, including many theater sites that will be showing the film; that seems so '90s, doesn't it? Anyway, after all the showings for the first day and midnight screenings are sold out for the IMAX 3D (which I have every intention of taking advantage of) I'm going to be seeing it Friday, at the noon showing. Here is the last trailer that has been released and it's nearly all new footage:
This is a good time to discuss something which greatly upset my mom, who is a big JJ Abrams fan, and that is, he hosted a fundraising dinner for Obama and Obama gave a passionate speech against guns and got like $700,000 during the dinner before racing off to get handouts from some other celebrities. To begin with, anyone who knows anything about how Hollywood works knows that in order to work, you have to belong to the guild: the Directors' guild, the Screenwriters' Guild, the Actors' Guild, the Prop Buyer's Guild, the Coffee Cup Runners' Guild, etc., and each of these guilds are a union; if you don't belong to the union in Hollywood, you don't work, and if you don't do what the guild tells you to do, when they tell you to do it, they kick you out and no one will take you in. For years, Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland dictated who could belong and who couldn't belong, as well as who would be eligible to get work and who wouldn't, and things haven't changed much. To summarize: I have a difficult time driving down the road and seeing someone with a Bernie Sanders 2016 sticker on their car and not pulling out a bazooka and blowing them to bits before proceeding on with my day; I can't imagine what it must be like to be a conservative in Hollywood and have to be around so many willfully ignorant liberals who can basically destroy your entire career just because you weren't as enthusiastic about Obamacare as they thought you should be (which, you may recall, is something that happens in 1984). Given the ridiculous atmosphere of Hollywood, JJ Abrams' incredible success as a producer, director and writer, and that his films obviously tend to NOT be liberal, he was probably "made an offer he couldn't refuse," in true Godfather terms, and I don't blame him one bit; I'm sure he suffered tremendously having that free-loading socialist at his house, knowing how much I suffer when I have to listen to Obama say even three words. I have two pieces of substantiating evidence for this.
So, I saw Bridge Of Spies yesterday; as you may recall, I had serious hopes for this film, but, alas, they were dashed in the opening scene. This is every bit as Constitutionally subversive as Lincoln was, because Bridge of Spies isn't about history or the Cold War, it's about illegal immigrants and today. I can't believe what a terrible film it was. I'm getting this up asap.
First of all, Abrams has done nothing but consistently and thoroughly conservative films and TV shows; that speaks volumes. Secondly, Obama only raised between seven and eight hundred thousand dollars; usually, a president wouldn't even bother to go to a fundraiser like that without being guaranteed of an easy five million for the night, so this is a paltry, pitiful amount, which means that what people donated, they were forced to, and did not give willingly. As the host of the party, Abrams would have been expected to have made at least a one million dollar contribution to kick start the night, and the total sum didn't come close to that, so, along with both these pieces of evidence, and the fact that Abrams has based the First Order on the Nazis who escaped into South America, no, I do not buy one iota that Abrams supports Obama in any way, shape or form. Now, what about the "anti-white propaganda" that some anonymous person on Twitter has started spewing?
You may recall that, when the first trailer came out, and audiences saw John Boyega take off the Storm Trooper helmet, the black community was screaming the film was racist because there was a black man serving the First Order. Well, we know the First Order is a metaphor of the Nazis, because Abrams told us so, and there are plenty of blacks serving the Nazis today, if you don't believe me, check out news coverage for Ferguson and Baltimore. 
Are white people going to start acting like the criminal rappers in Straight Otta Compton who claim NWA (No Whites Allowed)? No, we aren't, because we know what real racism is, we know that while it does exist, such as in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained when Leonardo DiCaprio's character calls for blacks to kill all the whites, there is also a president and administration working to fuel flames that aren't really there, and it's all meant to destroy this country. No, there is no anti-white agenda in this film; it's the exact opposite, it's about how well people can get along, join a cause and fight for collective freedom.
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