Monday, September 14, 2015

TRAILERS: Krampus, The Martian, Our Brand Is Crisis, The Intern

This is the new Spectre poster that has been released and there is a ton going on in this; so much so that I am still writing that post on it and can't seem to wrap it up, so see what you can pull from it before I get the post up and we'll compare notes!
I had three posts to get up this weekend and, sadly, I ended up binge watching Drunk History instead; these things happen. I am on my way to the theater to see The Visit; originally, I wasn't interested in the film, however, a plot detail has been revealed that makes the film,... more revealing. So, Fast and Furious 7 is available tomorrow to own; I will be picking up my copy and finishing that post that I didn't quite get done :(  that happens too often. Still no word when tickets are going on sale for Star Wars VII, but they will go quick, as in, world record time quick, and I am getting mine ASAP. But, here is a trailer:
"The shadow" of St. Nicholas.
For those who don't know, St. Nicholas is the patron of un-wed women, and assists people with difficult passages in the spiritual life (please see my post From Saint Nicholas To Santa Claus for more on this subject). I'm glad they made this film because there are so many difficult people, as we know, who do nothing but complain about Christmas and seeing what life would be like if the devil came into the world, instead of the Nativity of Jesus we celebrate, is a stupendous idea for an intellectual and moral exercise for us all. Ridley Scott's film The Martian has released a clip today that provides some excellent clues as to what the film will be like:
At least three important things are happening in this clip. First of all, in spite of the dire circumstances Mike Watney (Matt Damon) is in, stranded on Mars, there is still hope to get him back home. Secondly, as we saw in Interstellar with Cooper using the black hole for a "gravity assist," man is not settling for being a small, insignificant part of the universe, but is employing the universe to assist him in his needs (in this case, the gravity assist). Thirdly, the young man making the proposal in this clip, must be a math genius, and, as such, even if they don't end up using his plan, his gift for math is harnessed to his creativity on what can be done and how; he has grown up in an environment of excellence so he became good at math; he is now in an environment of an emergency (Watney being stranded) and he can and is responding appropriately, rising to the challenge, not the government, but individuals, which I am confident will be at least a part of Scott's message in this film (his next film is Prometheus 2, which I am hyped about, followed by a sequel to Blade Runner which the whole world is hyped about). And the newest Sandra Bullock film:
You know, I was so distracted by words like "George Clooney," and "Argo," "Sandra Bullock," that I totally missed the good they are trying to do with this film. Hmmmmmm..... Oh, yea, the Hillary Clinton advice, do an interview and try and have some tears,... make it look like you are a genuine human being,.... gotta love Democrats. HOWEVER, I think The Intern will make a large contribution to the "generational warfare" taking place in the States right now, and this does look good:
A young person in business,.... an older person helping with advice and their experience... team work to save a company... these are the kinds of issues that liberals don't like, so I love them. Here is the trailer for The Visit, which I am on my way to see now:
Originally, I thought this was going to be the opposite of The Intern (and it might still prove to be so) but there is a plot twist that makes me think it's smarter than that. I'll let you know how it goes!
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P.S.--Don't forget, you have homework! See what you can make the Spectre poster at the top of this post before I get my post up!