Friday, September 18, 2015

TRAILERS: Goodnight, Mommy; Point Break #2, Witch Hunter, Trumbo, Bridge Of Spies, Creed, The Young Messiah, The 5th Wave

Paramount has announced that next summer's blockbuster Star Trek Beyond has been moved a couple of weeks; while no explanation was given, it's most likely to a bit more time needed to properly finish the special effects. The film is being released in time for the 50th anniversary of the TV series and features the cast returning; there have also been rumors of a cameo of sorts by William Shatner, but nothing confirmed. Star Trek Beyond will be released on July 22, along with Ghostbusters and Bourne 5 with Matt Damon. 
Uh, wow.
I carved out two whole days to work on posts; due to the excessive wind, I wasn't able to get online for more than a few seconds at a time; literally. This is one of those times to meditate upon the nail wounds in the hands and feet of our Lord upon the Cross: His Will was nailed down to do the will of the Father, not His own, and in little circumstances like having your plans destroyed and not being able to get anything done, we are called to offer it up and unite it with the pierced hands and feet, to "Be still, and know that I am the Lord." Okay, so I wanted to let you know that, as well as post some new trailers and news that has been breaking which will have an effect on films coming out soon.
British actress Emily Blunt has been in the news this week, and not in a good way. Having just received her American citizenship, she claims that she watched the GOP debate and felt she had made a terrible mistake. Her film, Sicario, opens this week and will likely be boycotted by conservative Americans upset with her comments. Disney, however, not concerned by the backlash, has announced they are making a sequel to Mary Poppins and Ms. Blunt is at the top of a short list to play the British nanny set about 20 years after the events of the original film during the Great Depression. It would be directed by Rob Marshall who also directed her in Into the Woods, so we all ready know it will be a pro-socialist film. 
Woody Harrelson is slated to portray the villain in the next installment of Planet of the Apes; Elizabeth Banks, who just had a huge success with directing and starring in Pitch Perfect 2 is being courted to direct a new version of Charlie's Angels. Michael Bay confirms that he is in talks to direct Transformers 5 and X-Men director Brian Singer confirms his next project is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (based on the Jules Verne story). Crimson Peak director Guillermo del Toro has stated that, even though it's likely going to be delayed, Pacific Rim 2 is not dead and will still be made. Opening this week is Maze Runner: the Scorch Trial, Everest and Johnny Depp's desperate attempt at redemption, Black Mass; all of these are pro-socialist, and I think that after I get up the post for The Visit, which was very anti-Obama and takes a hard look at the role of feminists in politics for the last seven years, I'm going to work on getting some other posts up, like Fast and Furious 7. So, onto the trailers for good films that are still coming out.
Kong: Skull Island has now been revealed to be more of a mashup because King Kong has a impressive co-star: Godzilla. The script has a group of explorers going onto Skull Island and encountering the ape and Godzilla shows up,... somehow. The film has Tom Hiddleston starring, along with John C Reilly, Samuel L Jackson and Tom Wilkinson, among others. 
 I meant to introduce you to this trailer much earlier and didn't get the chance, but please pay special attention to it as this is a theme I am discussing in The Visit. In Goodnight, Mommy, nine-year-old twin brothers Lukas and Elias have moved to a new home and wait for their mother to return after she has had extensive plastic surgery; they soon realize she is not their mother.
So, impostors has been a theme the last couple of years: "What if the president, isn't the president?" Lady Jaye asks in GI Joe: Retaliation. With Mystique in X-Men Days Of Future Past shifting her identity all the time, we can argue she, too, is an impostor as well as the "doctors" in Stoneheasrt Asylum and, of course, this is the theme in The Visit. We can also argue that Johnny Utah in the newest Point Break trailer is also an impostor, or, is Brodie and his group of would-be "Robin Hoods" the impostors?
If you had any doubts about the "Robin Hoods" being socialists in not-so-discreet disguises, I hope sentences such as, "We have to give more than what we keep" and "We're going to give it back" signaled the real history lesson. These are the Utopian catch phrases employed, but those deciding what they are going to keep, have a tendency to decide they need to keep more and more,... then more and still more, and when they take to "give back," they have not just stalled the boundaries of sustainable economies, but the law as well. Okay, enough of that. Next trailer, Vin Diesel's Witch Hunter which looks pretty good:
Of all the things to have Vin Diesel go hunting down, why witches? Well, our next trailer, Trumbo, should answer that; by the way, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters (Gemma Arterton, Jeremy Renner) is finally having the sequel in the works but with a new director; the sequel is rumored to be based on voodoo this time around:
In resurrecting their "saints," Hollywood has boldly confessed, and publicly, that Senator Joseph McCarthy was actually correct in his persecution of communists in Hollywood, often referred to as "Witch Hunts" and which celebrities, up until the last two or three years, habitually mocked as being grossly inaccurate that there were any communists in Hollywood (although it would be validated by individuals occasionally). This film is such a massive dose of indoctrination and twisting of what "Freedom" is, I can't even bear to watch it. Moving on, we have what may also be what is a pro-socialist film, but I have hope for it:
Again, as I have mentioned, Steven Spielberg has produced nothing but pro-socialist films since 2008; the script for Bridge Of Spies, however, was written by the Coen Brothers, who have done nothing but pro-capitalist films, so I am deeply hoping that this film will mark a change in Spielberg's direction; for example, watching a family trying to escape over the Berlin Wall and being gunned down for it. We'll just have to wait and see. This film, is going to be pretty awesome, and I hope it's a direct answer to self-sabotage films like Straight Otta Compton:
I hope the film will be as good as the trailer for this one looks:
Okay, be looking for my post on The Visit, it's coming next!
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P.S.--I'm tacking these two trailers on because I wasn't aware they had come out. Sony appears to be making a "Hail Mary" campaign push for The 5th Wave coming out in January with dropping two trailers just a couple of weeks apart from each other and this looks good:
And if you would like to watch the second trailer, which is also good, please click here because it's not yet available for download on general sites.