Friday, September 25, 2015

News & Updates

So, Sam Smith has released the hotly anticipated Spectre theme song, Writing's On the Wall, and you can hear it at Spotify, iTunes, or wherever it is you go for digital music. I think it's one of the worst songs I have ever heard in my life. Not to mention a James Bond theme song. I guess there is a reason they always go with females singing the song; yea, they should go back to that. Adele's newest album, on the other hand, will be released October 30.
So, here is just a run-down of odds and ends that have been released: Star Wars VII tickets are being RUMORED to go on sale in November; its official release date is Friday, December 18, however, there are also plenty of speculations that there will be earlier shows opening, for example, perhaps Wednesday and Thursday night. There are also rumors, and I think this is more substantial though it won't apply to everyone's theater, that there will be numerous Star Wars Marathons with all 7 films being shown; it was also being rumored that the original, big 3 would start streaming on Netflix sometime before SW7 comes out. Other big news, this interesting short docu on Spectre's special effects scenes has been released, and it's rather impressive.
Thank goodness!
Henry Cavill has not been cast as Anastasia's boss in Fifty Shades of Grey something or other. Rumors had been circulating, however, it's been confirmed that the casting director hasn't even been hired yet and they are nowhere close to setting the cast. I think such a film would put a terrible cast over the Man of Steel's image,.... Ridley Scott has announced the title of his newest film, the follow up to Prometheus, but it's not Prometheus 2 even though it is the sequel to the film: Alien: Paradise Lost, will open in theaters in 2017 and does reference the title of John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost, but, according to Scott, that's where the similarities end. Michael Fassbinder has confirmed he is returning. Men In Black is re-booting the franchise without Will Smith: Men In Black 4 is being written without Smith who has been in all three previous films (no word on Tommy Lee Jones).
The big opener this weekend is Hotel Transylvania 2; I am going to try and see this because people think that, when a film is animated, it's automatically going to contain the values and morals and political positions they themselves hold, and as we saw in the first film, this is a blatantly "anti-capitalist franchise,"... hypocritical greed intended.
Last but not least, Fast and Furious 8 is having director problems,... as in, they can't get one....? James Wan, who did FF7 bowed out of the next installment to do The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist; when Justin Lin also bowed out to do Star Trek Beyond, Universal went back to Wan and offered him a "life changing sum of money" to direct the film; Wan replied, thanks, but no thanks. It appears that he is exhausted after the untimely death of actor Paul Walker, and the incredible stress that placed upon Wan and crew to finish the film without one of the main actors. F & F is slated for a total of 10 films, after which time, the franchise will end.
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