Thursday, July 23, 2015

James Bond 2015: First "Official" Spectre Trailer

The saddest news EVER: Sam Mendes, who directed Skyfall and is helming Spectre, has said he will not be returning for the next Bond film. I AM SO SAD.
No, no, those weren't trailers, those were teasers: THIS is the first Spectre official trailer, and I am in love:
How would you feel, dear reader, if you met someone and they told you, "It was me, the author of all your pain," the death of your parents at the age of 12 (or thereabouts), the author of the death of the woman you loved (Vespers), the author of the death of M (Judy Dench),... how would that make you feel that there had been someone following you around inflicting pain and death on all you loved and cared for? In Christianity, we say "loved." That, dear reader, is the role of the devil, to "destroy" us over and over, until God is pleased that we have been perfected. I don't think, however, even with the numerous Catholic symbols included in the film (such as the Catholic funeral taking place in Rome, or the celebration of the Day Of the Dead in Mexico City) that God and the devil is what is meant here,...
When M (Ralph Fiennes) asks Bond what he was doing in Mexico City, and he responds, taking an overdue holiday, that "holiday" is, literally, the "day of the dead." In Skyfall, Bond told M that he had been "enjoying death," so that, when Madeline Swann (Lea Seydoux) asks Bond about being hunted and getting lonely, and he replies he never thinks about it, it's practically true, because if he's not "in the game" and catching crooks, he's dead. We saw this in Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows, when Holmes is only alive when he's on the hunt and solving a case. Now, on a different note, Monica Belluci's character and Seydoux's character are two totally different women: the woman of light (Seydoux) and darkness (Belluci) based on their hair, eyes and skin tones. This is a typical device within the Bond canon, so we can expect that in these two women as well. By the way, at 2:14, that is Andrew Scott who portrays Moriarty in Sherlock (Cumberbatch and Freeman). 
It's not a coincidence that major films right now are all circling around international organizations spreading crime and sophisticated mayhem: the Marvel franchises (The Avengers 2, Ant-Man and Captain America 2 with HYDRA), The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Mission Impossible 5 with The Syndicate, just to name a few in addition to Spectre. Whether you believe there is some international organization attempting a new world order or not, a faction of Hollywood certainly does. This is where un-originality is more important than originality, because in tracing the patterns, and following the links (just like Bond in realizing that all the people that have been mentioned have him in common in the trailer above) so we are seeing the patterns that reveal the larger context of dialogue taking place publicly between films that, otherwise, would not seem related.
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