Wednesday, June 17, 2015

News Update Penny Dreadful Season 3 & New Streaming Showtime Options

The cast of Penny Dreadful Season 2. Season 3 will begin production later this year with the new season premiering 2016. All the original makers and stars are expected to return (provided they live through the current episodes) 
It's nice to get good news for a change.
Penny Dreadful has not only been renewed for a third season, which will begin production this year and debut its first of nine episodes in 2016, but Showtime is now making all its programs available through instant streaming beginning in July; in other words, Showtime will become like a Netflix instant streaming film provider and all you need is a computer and fast speed internet. They are providing bypassing the cable companies (who screwed me over so I wasn't able to get it this season like I had hoped) and providing customers with a free, 30 day trial, after which subscription to the service is $10.99 per month, which includes all of Showtime (movies and their original TV shows). You can find out more, and receive email updates, at this link here. HOORAY!