Tuesday, May 26, 2015

TRAILERS: Jurassic World, Before I Wake, Insidious 3, Aquarius, Crimson Peak

I am so sorry I haven't gotten a post up: we had another death in the family and this was even closer to us than the last one; I apologize, grieving makes it difficult to focus so this probably won't be a very good post; I have tried several times to get it up and just couldn't; please remember me in your prayers as I am going through a tough time; thank you.
One of the many internet memes from Mad Max: Fury Road which takes aim at the blatant feminist agenda of the film, which you can read about here. It's actually worse than being a "feminist agenda," because it's propaganda about how women should want to become men, and men should become more feminized. Tom Hardy has all ready signed on to do two more Mad Max films, so it's important to establish what we are seeing now, so we will understand what else is going to take place in the future of the franchise. Beating out Mad Max: Fury Road was Pitch Perfect 2, which made a very impressive showing, and supported more traditional femininity and women's roles in capitalist society.  Why is this important? The box office returns are because it demonstrates that viewers are aware of what Hollywood is trying to pull (forced indoctrination) and that viewers are not going to stand for it. In a similar vein, George Clooney's Tomorrowland also did poorly at the box office with reviewers (even those saying it was a good film) claiming that it resembled a "TED talk" (because of its preachy platform) and "leaves a smug aftertaste." Imagine that. 
I did see Poltergeist, and it was a solid re-make, or, rather, sequel, definitely pro-capitalist with some interesting social commentary as well, specifically in terms of masculinity--which was very impressive and I am going to make serious efforts to finish that post and get it up, because I know I will be referencing it in the future. Before Poltergeist aired, there were some interesting trailers, so let's take a look at them:
This reminds me of that Joel Edgerton-Jennifer Garner film The Odd Life Of Timothy Green (or something like that, it was very socialist) but I don't want to make a statement about this one--I just don't know about it yet (and I am not really focused). Another trailer for Insidious 3 has been released, and the wonderful actress from Ouija is in it:
I want to say that this is going to be pro-capitalist, mainly because we are seeing several similarities to Poltergeist (again, I can't focus, I am sorry) but I'll need to see it; I think, however, that this will be worth seeing.
Normally, I wouldn't be interested in this film, but Ridley Scott (Prometheus and Exodus) is doing it, so I am very interested. The Martian, staring Matt Damon, is about an astronaut who gets lost in a storm on Mars and is presumed dead so he's left by the rest of his crew and he has to survive until they can come back to get him.  Why would this be a good film? With films such as Gravity wanting to get people out of space, The Martian, rather like Interstellar, will examine how, in spite of the difficulties, the space challenge brings out the best in us; we will most likely see that The Martian, is, in fact, a direct answer to Gravity.  Why cast a well-known liberal like Matt Damon in the role? Because when we see Damon, we think of liberalism and George Clooney (oh, and Brad Pitt's World War Z 2 is coming out in 2017), so just as we think of those "liberal rat pack" members when we see Damon, we also think of those issues they are supporting and how the events of the film will bring a clash of ideologies with what we know of the actor. 
On another note, the second trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak has been released (if you didn't know it, this is supposed to be the year of Tom Hiddleston, the way last year was the year of Benedict Cumberbatch). So far thus, I have liked everything that the great Del Toro has done, including Pacific Rim (he also did Pan's Labyrinth and screenplay work for all three of The Hobbit films, and Pacific Rim 2 has been announced) so I am looking forward to this:
When I heard they were doing a remake of Point Break, I thought, wasn't that a surfing film (I'm probably wrong about that)? The trailer for Point Break has just been released, as in like, 2 hours ago, and this is going to kick socialist butt:
Generally, I don't do a lot with TV, but I happened to see this trailer for a new series starting and I think it's going to be pretty good, at least, I'm interested to see where it goes:
We've seen at least two other films deal with Charles Manson and his "family," Annabelle and Martha Marcy May Marlene (the leader of their "commune" was a Manson figure). The riots are certainly something we have been seeing a lot of, as well as young women being suckered into a cult like situation to "change the world" (which is essentially what Mad Max is about) and "bring back my little girl" is perhaps a feeling many families have now with their children suckered into socialism and threatening the future of the kids themselves.  Here is a clip for Jurassic World (I know I have mentioned how much I am loathing this film) and there are three important things in it:
First, the "job opening," is meant to terrify everyone about jobs in general and depreciate the job market so that no one will want to work for a profit-hungry capitalist, and risk their lives for him, but will, instead, want to work for the peace-loving socialist government that has everyone's best interests in mind. Secondly, "everyone wants what is bigger" or something like that, is the next item: again, the huge dinosaur jumping out of the water to eat the Jaws like shark is us, the viewers, rising to "take the bait" of a big-summer blockbuster like Jurassic World so we can watch a really expensive TED talk and become passively indoctrinated into socialism. Thirdly, her expensive lotion is meant to shame women from wearing expensive products; why? The purchasing of those products is a big financial market, more than a billion dollars a year; you get women to start boycotting lotion and the market prices will fall (remember in the Point Break trailer, they are interested in manipulating the markets). The last trailer:
I've heard a rumor that Jude Law has signed a deal to play a pope in a film. Spy is going to be like Mad Max: role reversal. You may remember from another trailer that Melissa McCarthy's character said, "My mom used to write notes in my lunch box saying, 'Give up on your dreams," or something to that effect, and that is the "motherland," America, telling her daughter, the future generation of women that have grown up and entered the market place, that they can't do certain jobs, or that certain "appetites" (this is her lunch box, afterall) are wrong for women to have. This isn't just about giving positive appreciation for a woman, or even a large woman, but about tearing down white heterosexual men which, again, is what we see in Mad Max. This is the painting of white men as the enemies of progress so that people will not feel bad about killing them off, as we saw in Django Unchained.

Thank you for all the emails inquiring into how things are going; I am trying to get them answered. Again, please remember me in your prayers as this is an especially rough time. I am trying to get posts up and back to normality, but, as you know, that is sometimes easier said then done.
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