Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road & Pitch Perfect 2 Opening This Weekend

This weekend is kind of a big deal: both Mad Max Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2 are opening; that's how most of the world sees it, but we see it as a big socialist propaganda fest against a film of pro-capitalist competition desperately taking on the big socialist proponents of dehumanization. Let's start with Mad Max.

Furiosa (Charlize Theron) was kidnapped by Rictus Erectus (the guy with the mouthpiece and red eyes) when she was a child and enslaved; to get back at him, she is taking his wives: the girls who are not sick--this is a toxic landscape where everyone is sick, except these couple of girls--and who he is desperate to have a healthy male heir with, because that is what matters the most to him. The girls and Furiosa meet Max and they are all trying to get to Furiosa's homeland in hopes that things will be better there.
So, the sub-text, "We are not things," is meant as a rally cry for socialists who think employers (hence Rictus Erectus, one who builds things, like buildings, and businesses, and roads, and computers, and Hollywood, etc.) treat people like things they own, and certainly there are individuals like that. Then, there is Pitch Perfect 2, and the Bellas who compete in acapella are using their talents to defeat the Nazis.
Now, if that didn't spell it out for you, and I understand, really I do, but this one will, I PROMISE:
You did catch that, didn't you?
At 1:20?
"Rock a book, John," because that's important. That is, in the trailers released, the second reference to World War II that we have all ready seen, and not to mention that Obama and Miley Cyrus (her Wrecking Ball song the Bellas sing to Obama, because he's the wrecking ball) are featured at the start of the film. So, Thursday night, both films are opening early; I will probably go and see Mad Max Thursday night, because I am not looking forward to it, then see Pitch Perfect 2 because I am looking forward to that.

By the way, they are making a pre-quel to Snow White and the Huntsman, and Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games Catching Fire) has signed on to return; it's also official that Kirsten Stewart is NOT returning.
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