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A most blessed Holy Wednesday to you all!
As you may or may not recall, Fast and Furious 7 opens this weekend (Last Knights with Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman also open, but it's limited; if I could I would definitely go see that!); due to Holy Week events, specifically Mass for Maundy Thursday, I will be going to F & F 7 Friday, early in the day, Tweeting my initial response (which is going to definitely be positive!) and then getting that post up ASAP; which will probably be sometime Saturday, due to the ceremony Friday night, but I will be working on it anxiously.
The new edition of Poltergeist has released another poster (left) in anticipation of the May 22 release date. Why should we be concerned with this? Because whatever is in that closet (on the right) is in the closet of our culture. Whatever is trying to get out, or pull us in, is doing so on a national level, and we should be paying attention. The original 1982 film was a great horror story (it's the post that I get the most emails about: The Family Graveyard: Poltergeist) especially how it treats the passing of sin from one generation to the next and the early, unintended sex education kids are getting. Since the makers of The Evil Dead are doing the film, I am confident it will be a good one. 
Speaking of Fast and Furious 7, discussions for F & F 8 are all ready underway, and we shouldn't be surprised since the franchise has been locked into a total of 10 films. Dame Helen Mirren, of all people, has expressed that she would like to portray the villain in the next film, and I think that would be totally awesome!
Over the weekend, after the release of the first trailer, reporters were invited to join Sam Mendes and crew for the filming of the Day of the Dead parade sequence in Mexico for Spectre: some of the news and nuggets they were able to get includes that Spectre is one film, it will not be divided into two films (like Mockingjay Part One and Part Two). Now, as we know, Daniel Craig is signed officially to do 5 Bond films, Spectre is number four of the lot; reporters asked about Idris Elba rumors to replace Bond , to which producers responded that, after film number five, Craig has an open-ended contract, meaning, Craig gets to negotiate each film independently, so he's not automatically "no-longer Bond," he will just have different negotiations for the films. It's possible that Craig will decide he no longer wants to play Bond: he's aging, and he has experienced a couple of injuries on sets all ready, and they're not done with filming. It was also asked if the Mexican government had paid the film $20 million to make Mexico look better and re-write the script, to which they answered no, that the script had all ready been written. It's not such a far-fetched question, however: the film is astronomically over-budget, around $300 million (some even say closer to $350 million, but it's not clear if that includes the costs of purchasing the rights to SPECTRE that made this film possible); Skyfall brought in over $1 billion, so I'm sure they're not counting pennies to make this the best film they can. 
There gets to be a point where it ceases to be hype and, instead, becomes tiresome. Someone has leaked that the heads at Warner Brothers have decided it's not a good idea to show the trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice until later, because The Avengers: Age Of Ultron is going to be causing so much hype, they don't want their film to be overshadowed. There were respectable rumors that the film had moved up its release date, from March 2016 to December 2015 (which would put it with Star Wars VII which IS releasing their next trailer attached to The Avengers) but, it's still slotted for March next year. Part of this is the vicious publicity cycle of film companies releasing info for bloggers--like myself--to blog about, so not only do we have stuff to blog about, but they get the free publicity.
The truth is, I am in a wretchedly bad mood: three major Hollywood liberals, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman, have announced they are making a movie about the Apostle Paul,... yes, Paul who was a Jew and converted and wrote a large number of the books of what became the Bible. Don't be surprised if  Paul is gay and a vegetarian. Why are they doing this? Jackman is doing it because he's a liberal. Affleck is doing it because he is a liberal. Damon is doing it because he's desperate. Damon hasn't had a hit since his last Bourne Supremacy film, and thinks that making a Bible film will make him money, give him a hit and a platform for his liberal indoctrination. I'm in a bad mood. (Bourne 5 is being made and is slated to open July 2016, the date vacated by Planet of the Apes 3; this is not a "cross-over film" with Damon and The Bourne Legacy star Jeremy Renner; Renner's next Bourne film has been moved way back; it's still in the pipes, but they gave preferential treatment to Damon, and I think they are going to regret that, because Damon and director Paul Greengrass are both liberals, so they will make a liberal film and people are not going to go see that). 
Speaking of Mad Max, which comes out May 15, and will have--at this time--the first public trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the action film has finally released a second trailer. Heretofore, the clips they have released have been of sections of the previously released trailer, so no new material; this second trailer has quite a bit and definitely confirms thoughts about the first.
So, the story line goes, that Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is trying to cross the desert to get back to her childhood homeland where she believes everything will be better; she enlists the help of Max, who lost his wife and child in the events causing the apocalypse. In it's way, this will be pro-socialist, but they don't even so much have to focus on that, as much as they will direct the story line to being anti-capitalist, and here is how.
Rictus Erectus is the character in this poster, and the main baddie of the film; why? "Erectus" means the one who builds, and constructs, and we have all ready seen this character in Noah (Russell Crowe) and the sons of Cain who built things all over the earth as opposed to those who ate moss. Please notice the old-fashioned, Wild West style gun he carries prominently in the picture; where was the last place we saw a gun like that? The pro-socialist film The Lone Ranger. 
If you noticed, at the start of the trailer, Max is running and he has a gag around his mouth; why? For the exact opposite reason that Rictus Erectus above has the mask over his face and an enlarged mouth. Max is a man who "limits" his appetites, and people like Erectus have too many appetites. Where does this line of thinking come? Probably the 1987 film Wall Street, when Gekko (Michael Douglas) announces, "Greed is good" because of all the economic effects it has; even if this isn't it directly, it is it in a watered-down form because this is how Hollywood got its education, the movies.
The sequel to Bladerunner is happening with both Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott.
In the meantime, the Mad Max sequel is all ready being planned, along with a host of other sequels, including Zombieland 2, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 is being made, subtitled The Green Legend; Ride Along 2 is being made, Hugh Jackman is making Wolverine 3 now, and it's the last time forever that Jackman will wear the claws (he will likely be replaced by a younger actor for future Wolverine appearances in The X-Men films) and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has been delayed,... again. Johnny Depp has received a non-filming hand injury which was supposed to only keep him from filming for two weeks,... that has been extended to four weeks, with Depp leaving Australia for New York for hand surgery; crews assure fans the film will still be on schedule, as such time delays were built-in.
Once again, a most blessed Holy Week to you all!
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