Monday, April 13, 2015

TRAILERS: Age Of Ultron, Terminator Genisys, Ant-Man

I have been so sick.
My brain is full of medicine, so I am sorry, this is mostly just to send out a smoke signal that I am still alive. I can't even type, so I don't know how I am going to write anything thought-provoking, however, these three trailers are so cool, so amazing, maybe it's best that I don't say anything. Tonight, anyway. First up is the latest and last trailer for The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron:
Okay, I am going to say one thing: when Smoulders calls Stark "Boss," and Stark points to Rogers and says, "He's the boss," that's an imperative point that is setting up Captain America 3: Civil War. In spite of Tony designing everything, paying for everything and making everyone look cooler, he acknowledges that Captain America is the boss; why? It's a morality issue, first and foremost, but it's also a founding issue, remember, Steve Rogers is the First Avenger. Captain America is the best of the best, which is why he's the only one who can budge Thor's hammer in the opening scene. When the civil war starts (over those with super-powers registering or not) and Cap is on the "no-registration" side, and Stark is on the other side, we all ready know that Stark is the "villain," that the side with no registration is the superior side because Captain America is the superior Avenger, and Stark is the one capable of creating our own destruction (in the robot of Ultron).There is a lot more to write, but not tonight. Terminator Genisys just got really real:
What has happened to Sarah Connor's little boy? He was a Millennial who joined "the dark side" (which is exactly what we will be seeing in Star Wars VII). They were supposed to continue and win the fight, and instead, (like what we see in the other Arnold film, Maggie) they have given in and joined the enemy. "We are humanity's last hope," for freedom in every dimension of the word. Now, here is the awesome Ant-Man trailer we have been waiting for:
There is so much to write about this, I am overwhelmed, but two things. First, "You're just a thief!" is a reference to the little hobbit, Bilbo Baggins who, in spite of his size, accomplishes great things. Secondly, the choo-choo train at the end, is a reference to The Conjuring, Annabelle and the upcoming Poltergeist; how? Why? Because it's the issue of children being turned to socialism because they don't have any property to lose. If kids aren't allowed toys when they are little, then they won't grow up to the (insert animated voice) horrible, ugly, evil capitalists (end animated voice). The choo-choo, that has a name, I know, I just can't think of it, is a toy that teaches kids lessons, and lessons that specifically are the kind who will destroy whatever it is yellow-jacket (the villain) stands for. I wish I could do more tonight, I am sorry, but I am getting better and will post asap.
Eat Your Art Out,
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