Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 & Fat Amy's "Exposure"

The main vehicle of Pitch Perfect 2 is that, when the Barton Bellas are performing for President Obama at his birthday, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) has a "wardrobe malfunction" while singing which exposes her genitals to the "viewing public." There are two more instances of Fat Amy exposing herself in this trailer, and herein lies the real message of the film:
The first instance is when the girls have gone to discuss their penalty and Fat Amy covers her genitals; the third is when they are having the riff-off and the lyrics to That Girl Is Poison is used to convey that Fat Amy has a big butt. In another trailer, Bumper (Adam DeVine) approaches Fat Amy and asks her if she would like to have sex later on. The girls have chosen to perform for President Obama Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball. The chances are that, even if you don't know the words to Cyrus' song, you know the exorbitant amount of sexuality she includes in her performances, from "twerking" (how many of us even knew that word existed before Cyrus' MTV performance?) to riding a giant inflatable penis on stage.
So, what do we make of it?
This is kind of an unusual poster, what are we supposed to make of it? Perhaps that we are going to see a "side" of the Bellas we haven''t seen before.
Women who have exposed themselves sexually during Obama's term (remember, he's mentioned by name and it's clear that is supposed to be his profile we see in the trailer) cannot compete; why not? They have turned themselves into socialists, which is what his administration has been about, and literally, they cannot compete because they have become socialists, which is why the the Bellas leading competition is from Germany (no offense, Germany!) and Beca reminds them about World War II (when Nazi socialism was defeater by the Allies). Either, then, a woman can be an Obama whore, or she can compete; now let's consider some periphery movie news, that Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans, during the Marvel press junket, casually called Black Widow's character a "slut" (you can watch the original interview and female fans' reactions here). The word "slut" has to be exorcised, literally, as evil, because women have to be encouraged to be promiscuous so they will get abortions and become dependent upon contraception; when morally-ladened words such as "slut" and "whore" are used to describe sexually active women, that makes those women feel ashamed and question what they are doing and that is the last thing the Left wants (look at the reactions of the females at the bottom of the interview, it's not misogynistic, as one female suggests, it's a moral judgment about that character but liberal women don't want to hear that).  Fat Amy, then, has to decide between being sexually active, or being competitive with the Bellas; don't forget, we just saw this with the Swedish princess in The Kingsman: the Secret Service when she offered her butt to Eggsy; it's exactly the same as Fat Amy singing a Miley Cyrus song and flashing the audience with her vagina. Now, given that it is CinemaCon, a number of new trailers and footage is being released, including these two new clips from Maggie:
We know the eyes symbolize the soul, so for her eyes to be clouding over as they are means that she is loosing the ability to both distinguish her own soul (or that her soul is dying, because when a person dies, their corpse turns white, like her eyes) and the soul of others (which is probably how the film will loosely define zombies) and instead see them as food, rather than individuals with souls. And here is another clip from Maggie:
Who is the "mother" that was promised the daughter would be protected? America, the "motherland," and that is what every generation does, is promise to protect the next generation so the country can continue and thrive; that isn't possible in the scenario we see in this film. Now, like Maggie, the dinosaurs and capitalists in the newest  clip from Jurassic World make sure that people aren't people, but food, in other words, a (seemingly) pro-capitalist film like Maggie is going to argue that socialists (Maggie) don't see people as individuals, and Jurassic World a (seemingly) pro-socialist film is going to argue that capitalists don't see people as people, but as food and expendable as well:
The owner of the park, insisting that the doors be closed while Pratt's character is still in the holding pen, is one of two villains in the film, because he was willing to sacrifice Pratt's character and turn him into dino-food; after all, the business owner argues, he's my employee and I own him (socialists reason). In the same vein, here is the latest Johnny Depp film to be released, Black Mass, about a gangster:
To me, Whitey Bulger (Johnny Depp) is being made to look like conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, and a vampire. This will definitely be a pro-socialist film, Depp isn't capable of making anything else. Something Maggie is setting up, that we are also seeing in films such as Tomorrowland and The Fantastic Four, is a "generation war," one between the Millennials and Baby Boomers, Millennials wanting socialism, and Baby Boomers wanting to keep capitalism and democracy. Here is the trailer for M. Night Shymalan's The Visit, what do you think?:
I didn't even know this film was being made, so it's possible that there is a lot more to this, but it at least appears that the "old people" who are crazy are also the ones who have a gun (those horrible 2nd Amendment defenders and tea baggers, huh? I support the 2nd, by the way) and want the girl to climb into the oven, which is a reference to the Holocaust and Jews being killed in the ovens (we also saw this in Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, as well as the reference to people being burned in ovens in Exodus: Gods and Kings and X-Men Days Of Future Past (at the very start of the show) and this is an easy way to remind people of the horror of Nazism, which Tea Party members are being called by the Left here in the States. I don't quite know what to make of this next trailer for Area 51, but the dates coincide with World War II, and these are young people investigating the government's secrecy:
To end on a devastatingly depressing note, this trailer for Tut is properly a love letter to Obama, giving him political advice on what he should do:
This could be, in other words, a call for Obama to over-run the country and go from being a president to a king (which he appears to all ready be doing) and in doing so, he will gain more respect. Unless he starts a revolution, which is exceedingly likely to happen.
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