Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Spectre News, Tomorrowland, Mr. Holmes, Fantastic Four & Maggie

So, CinemaCon--the biggest theater convention there is to pitch new movies to theater owners and pray they decide to show them at their venue--is in full swing, so some new stuff has been hitting the web via social media from those attending who never get any attention on social media unless it's during CinemaCon. Supposedly, Sony has released a major spoiler for Spectre, and there is an animated Spider Man film coming from the makers of the Lego Movie sometime this year.
No word on if they are back in production after Depp's hurt hand, but Pirates Of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales has released this as their first official image.
First of all, I got my ticket to The Avengers: Age Of Ultron iMAX 3D a couple of days ago; okay, I got my ticket for the very first showing available a couple of days ago, and was shocked I was still able to obtain one; if you plan on seeing it Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you better get them now. Last week, rumors were that there wasn't a post-credits scene; then some fan-shot-footage surfaced online featuring a man washing windows with Stark's Avengers' Tower behind him, and also Spider Man (who has not been cast yet) perched on a building behind him, giving him tips on the best way to wash windows. Now that the film has started playing across seas, another scene has leaked, that of Thanos--who was the big baddie in Guardians Of the Galaxy--is shown with his glove that holds the Infinity Stones, and he says something about "Doing it myself," which is the set-up of The Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1 & 2. There is also a new trailer for Ant-Man which features more of the villain Yellow Jacket as well as a new trailer for Tomorrowland (George Clooney) and both will be in front of The Avengers, but we can watch the Tomorrowland (pro-socialist) trailer now:
And speaking of pro-socailist films, Jurassic World just released a new trailer to make fun of us all. I would so NOT go see this film if it weren't for this blog; I deeply resent that I am going to have to give these people like $7.50 for a ticket so they can insult me for two-and-a-half hours.
Now, still anti-capitalist but in a different way, here is the international trailer for Mr. Holmes, which I am also not looking forward to one bit. This is the kind of status quo upheaval film that seeks to topple the dominant power holder in American society (the white male) by demystifying him and bringing him down to everyone else's level:
Ewen McGregor and Stanley Tucci have joined the cast of Beauty and the Beast that all ready includes Emma Watson, Emma Thompson and Luke Evans. On a different note, we could say that The Fantastic Four is everything that Tomorrowland is trying to be, but will have problems convincing people that it really knows which way is up:
Likewise, I am looking forward to Maggie, the Arnold Schwarzenegger film about his daughter (Abigail Breslin) who contracts a virus to become a zombie; here is a clip:
Again, I think this is about Millennials (like Tomorrowland and The Fantastic Four) trying to figure out what is wrong with them; Maggie, however, is several steps ahead, and all ready asking the question, "For our young people who would destroy this country, do we have to destroy them?" It's possible that this will be a pro-socialist film, but at least I am interested in it.
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