Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Avengers 2: Amazing

The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron was even better than I was expecting. I was expecting to see the movie of the year tonight, but this could be the movie of the decade. I had a horrible seat, but since it was IMAX, like every seat was a good seat, so I didn't even notice how bad of a seat I had. AND, the trailers they showed, were utterly amazing as well, so do NOT skip the trailers to go and get more popcorn or nachos, be there for those trailers. I can't believe how good it was, and the key to understanding the whole film is, once again, the Stan Lee cameo,....

P.S.--There is only ONE post-credit scene, and that is a mid-credits scene, the one with Spider Man and Avengers' Tower is not being shown, so after you see the one mid-credits scene, feel free to leave!

P.S.S.--PLEASE see the film before you read my post on it, please please please! I do not want to spoil the film for you, but I will have to talk about the ending (and everything that happens) so please, go and see the film!!!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

TRAILER: Mad Max: Fury Road & The Last Witch Hunter

My birthday was Monday, and so I haven't had much time with family obligations, and we have also had a death in the family. If you could please pray for the repose of the soul of Dr. Ron L. Mace (he passed away from ALS) and the condolences of his family, it would be deeply appreciated.

This Thursday night is the official opening of The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron in the states, and I have had my ticket for awhile now; it's fun going to the opening show, that's the one where the people who have REALLY been looking forward to the film are going to go, and they have usually dressed up and are going to enjoy the film more than most. This Sunday is the premiere episode of Penny Dreadful, Season 2. I have subscribed to Showtime and will be posting on the episodes as they air; the series is just too good to not analyze, and it's a great way to sharpen our skills and a break from politics.

There are two trailers which have been released; the first is a third trailer for Mad Max Fury Road (May 15):
Of course, the delivery of gasoline is a indictment not only against the current capitalist economy which is still dependent upon fossil fuels, but also--and even more importantly--this serves as one of the footholds of the anti-vehicle statements the film will make. Under the auspices of global warming, the film will attempt to indoctrinate audience members against having personal vehicles; why? Because socialist governments like to control the movements of their citizens: when citizens can go when and where they want, they are incredibly difficult to control and may escape; if you don't believe me, please read up on some of the history of the Berlin Wall.

The next trailer is a bit odd, but with a name like The Last Witch Hunter, and Michael Caine co-starring, we really owe it to the film makers to consider what they are offering us:
The "witch hunt" in general refers to the witch hunt for communists during the 1950s, or McCarthyism, after the leading Senator Joseph McCarthy who was determined to root them out (if you have seen the original Manchurian Candidate with Angela Lansbury and Frank Sinatra, you know what I am talking about). According to the synopsis, the last witch hunter is called upon to put down an uprising of witches in New York City (which, being the financial capitol of the world, also has an openly communist mayor). Why witches? In both Penny Dreadful and Salem, we are seeing witches, and very ugly, Satanic creatures they are; Wicca is one of the fastest growing "religions" in the world and for film and TV to depict them in all their eternal damnation is a sign that at least common sense still prevails somewhere.
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I couldn't have said it better myself,.... anti-communist literature from the 1950s.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 & Fat Amy's "Exposure"

The main vehicle of Pitch Perfect 2 is that, when the Barton Bellas are performing for President Obama at his birthday, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) has a "wardrobe malfunction" while singing which exposes her genitals to the "viewing public." There are two more instances of Fat Amy exposing herself in this trailer, and herein lies the real message of the film:
The first instance is when the girls have gone to discuss their penalty and Fat Amy covers her genitals; the third is when they are having the riff-off and the lyrics to That Girl Is Poison is used to convey that Fat Amy has a big butt. In another trailer, Bumper (Adam DeVine) approaches Fat Amy and asks her if she would like to have sex later on. The girls have chosen to perform for President Obama Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball. The chances are that, even if you don't know the words to Cyrus' song, you know the exorbitant amount of sexuality she includes in her performances, from "twerking" (how many of us even knew that word existed before Cyrus' MTV performance?) to riding a giant inflatable penis on stage.
So, what do we make of it?
This is kind of an unusual poster, what are we supposed to make of it? Perhaps that we are going to see a "side" of the Bellas we haven''t seen before. 
Women who have exposed themselves sexually during Obama's term (remember, he's mentioned by name and it's clear that is supposed to be his profile we see in the trailer) cannot compete; why not? They have turned themselves into socialists, which is what his administration has been about, and literally, they cannot compete because they have become socialists, which is why the the Bellas leading competition is from Germany (no offense, Germany!) and Beca reminds them about World War II (when Nazi socialism was defeater by the Allies). Either, then, a woman can be an Obama whore, or she can compete; now let's consider some periphery movie news, that Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans, during the Marvel press junket, casually called Black Widow's character a "slut" (you can watch the original interview and female fans' reactions here). The word "slut" has to be exorcised, literally, as evil, because women have to be encouraged to be promiscuous so they will get abortions and become dependent upon contraception; when morally-ladened words such as "slut" and "whore" are used to describe sexually active women, that makes those women feel ashamed and question what they are doing and that is the last thing the Left wants (look at the reactions of the females at the bottom of the interview, it's not misogynistic, as one female suggests, it's a moral judgment about that character but liberal women don't want to hear that).  Fat Amy, then, has to decide between being sexually active, or being competitive with the Bellas; don't forget, we just saw this with the Swedish princess in The Kingsman: the Secret Service when she offered her butt to Eggsy; it's exactly the same as Fat Amy singing a Miley Cyrus song and flashing the audience with her vagina. Now, given that it is CinemaCon, a number of new trailers and footage is being released, including these two new clips from Maggie:
We know the eyes symbolize the soul, so for her eyes to be clouding over as they are means that she is loosing the ability to both distinguish her own soul (or that her soul is dying, because when a person dies, their corpse turns white, like her eyes) and the soul of others (which is probably how the film will loosely define zombies) and instead see them as food, rather than individuals with souls. And here is another clip from Maggie:
Who is the "mother" that was promised the daughter would be protected? America, the "motherland," and that is what every generation does, is promise to protect the next generation so the country can continue and thrive; that isn't possible in the scenario we see in this film. Now, like Maggie, the dinosaurs and capitalists in the newest  clip from Jurassic World make sure that people aren't people, but food, in other words, a (seemingly) pro-capitalist film like Maggie is going to argue that socialists (Maggie) don't see people as individuals, and Jurassic World a (seemingly) pro-socialist film is going to argue that capitalists don't see people as people, but as food and expendable as well:
The owner of the park, insisting that the doors be closed while Pratt's character is still in the holding pen, is one of two villains in the film, because he was willing to sacrifice Pratt's character and turn him into dino-food; after all, the business owner argues, he's my employee and I own him (socialists reason). In the same vein, here is the latest Johnny Depp film to be released, Black Mass, about a gangster:
To me, Whitey Bulger (Johnny Depp) is being made to look like conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, and a vampire. This will definitely be a pro-socialist film, Depp isn't capable of making anything else. Something Maggie is setting up, that we are also seeing in films such as Tomorrowland and The Fantastic Four, is a "generation war," one between the Millennials and Baby Boomers, Millennials wanting socialism, and Baby Boomers wanting to keep capitalism and democracy. Here is the trailer for M. Night Shymalan's The Visit, what do you think?:
I didn't even know this film was being made, so it's possible that there is a lot more to this, but it at least appears that the "old people" who are crazy are also the ones who have a gun (those horrible 2nd Amendment defenders and tea baggers, huh? I support the 2nd, by the way) and want the girl to climb into the oven, which is a reference to the Holocaust and Jews being killed in the ovens (we also saw this in Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, as well as the reference to people being burned in ovens in Exodus: Gods and Kings and X-Men Days Of Future Past (at the very start of the show) and this is an easy way to remind people of the horror of Nazism, which Tea Party members are being called by the Left here in the States. I don't quite know what to make of this next trailer for Area 51, but the dates coincide with World War II, and these are young people investigating the government's secrecy:
To end on a devastatingly depressing note, this trailer for Tut is properly a love letter to Obama, giving him political advice on what he should do:
This could be, in other words, a call for Obama to over-run the country and go from being a president to a king (which he appears to all ready be doing) and in doing so, he will gain more respect. Unless he starts a revolution, which is exceedingly likely to happen.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Spectre News, Tomorrowland, Mr. Holmes, Fantastic Four & Maggie

So, CinemaCon--the biggest theater convention there is to pitch new movies to theater owners and pray they decide to show them at their venue--is in full swing, so some new stuff has been hitting the web via social media from those attending who never get any attention on social media unless it's during CinemaCon. Supposedly, Sony has released a major spoiler for Spectre, and there is an animated Spider Man film coming from the makers of the Lego Movie sometime this year.
No word on if they are back in production after Depp's hurt hand, but Pirates Of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales has released this as their first official image.
First of all, I got my ticket to The Avengers: Age Of Ultron iMAX 3D a couple of days ago; okay, I got my ticket for the very first showing available a couple of days ago, and was shocked I was still able to obtain one; if you plan on seeing it Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you better get them now. Last week, rumors were that there wasn't a post-credits scene; then some fan-shot-footage surfaced online featuring a man washing windows with Stark's Avengers' Tower behind him, and also Spider Man (who has not been cast yet) perched on a building behind him, giving him tips on the best way to wash windows. Now that the film has started playing across seas, another scene has leaked, that of Thanos--who was the big baddie in Guardians Of the Galaxy--is shown with his glove that holds the Infinity Stones, and he says something about "Doing it myself," which is the set-up of The Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1 & 2. There is also a new trailer for Ant-Man which features more of the villain Yellow Jacket as well as a new trailer for Tomorrowland (George Clooney) and both will be in front of The Avengers, but we can watch the Tomorrowland (pro-socialist) trailer now:
And speaking of pro-socailist films, Jurassic World just released a new trailer to make fun of us all. I would so NOT go see this film if it weren't for this blog; I deeply resent that I am going to have to give these people like $7.50 for a ticket so they can insult me for two-and-a-half hours.
Now, still anti-capitalist but in a different way, here is the international trailer for Mr. Holmes, which I am also not looking forward to one bit. This is the kind of status quo upheaval film that seeks to topple the dominant power holder in American society (the white male) by demystifying him and bringing him down to everyone else's level:
Ewen McGregor and Stanley Tucci have joined the cast of Beauty and the Beast that all ready includes Emma Watson, Emma Thompson and Luke Evans. On a different note, we could say that The Fantastic Four is everything that Tomorrowland is trying to be, but will have problems convincing people that it really knows which way is up:
Likewise, I am looking forward to Maggie, the Arnold Schwarzenegger film about his daughter (Abigail Breslin) who contracts a virus to become a zombie; here is a clip:
Again, I think this is about Millennials (like Tomorrowland and The Fantastic Four) trying to figure out what is wrong with them; Maggie, however, is several steps ahead, and all ready asking the question, "For our young people who would destroy this country, do we have to destroy them?" It's possible that this will be a pro-socialist film, but at least I am interested in it.
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Penny Dreadful: What Does the Scorpion Symbolize?

Penny Dreadful has associated the character of Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) with the scorpion, but what does that mean? What does the scorpion symbolize for Vanessa? Now that we have seen the first episode of Season 2 (which you can watch here) we can deduce what it means and why. First of all, it's important to know that a scorpion would rather sting itself to death, than allow itself to fall prey to a predator, and this is most likely prophetic of Vanessa and actions she will take later on.
It's a sign of the incredible writing skills of the film makers that Vanessa uses the straight razor to cut her finger; why? The razor blade invokes the hairless witches attacking her; how? We know that hair symbolizes our thoughts, so for the three brides of the devil to have no hair, means they have no thoughts, they have sacrificed their free will to their appetites and so they have also sacrificed the capacity for thinking and reasoning, because those are gifts from God. In order to NOT become like them, Vanessa enters into a covenant with God: she cuts her thumb; why? It's our thumb that (physically) separates us from the animals: animals don't have thumbs, but we do, which allows us to do more than animals. Slicing her thumb also acts as a kind of circumcision of her own appetites: because she is not an animal (she has a thumb) she is going to curtail her animals appetites (like for Dorian Gray, or anything else) and because she is not an animal spiritually, she is going to enter into a covenant with God and giver her inner-most being, her deepest desires, hopes and fears, to Him. If you will notice in this image, Vanessa's gown is the same color as the candle and the flame, so we can take this as a wedding dress, her bridal garment, as she says the prayers that pledge her soul to God and ask Him to protect herself as His own daughter (like Sir Malcolm, but on a greater scale, because Sir Malcolm is the father who couldn't save his children).  Lastly, we can say the blood all over Vanessa's gown is akin to the soul's virginity, the breaking of the hymen at consummation, that God has accepted her as His bride; what does that mean? This is imperative for all of us to understand, because if we are not fighting the same spiritual battles Vanessa fights, then we are losing, and we are, in reality, no better than the witches who have abused their gifts from God. God isn't going to save Vanessa, nor will He save us from our spiritual battles, but He will give her the strength she needs to win them, just as He gives us the strength we need to win, and that is, essentially, the reason why all this has happened: the devil wants Vanessa because Vanessa is very drawn to the devil and everything about the devil; but if Vanessa resists the devil, she gives glory to God and that will defeat the devil. Vanessa has now taken God as her ally, in spite of her past and disbelief, she knows how close she is to becoming like the witches, and she's terrified of it, so she is saving herself, even as Evelyn Poole condemns herself even more.
Vanessa has been assaulted by the bald and naked witches, and turns to her Crucifix to pray, having placed the candlesticks on either side of her on the floor (as demonstrated in the image above); why? At the Roman Catholic Mass, candles are light at both sides of the alter and stay lit until the Mass has been celebrated. Vanessa, then, in lighting these candles, is making herself an alter for God; how do we know that?
Her blood.
These two candles are imperative for several reasons. First, as mentioned above, they make Vanessa a type of alter as is done during the Mass. Secondly, they are the same color as her gown, so she is burning brightly with the light. The flame of the candle is the closest we can come to understanding what the soul looks like: the body of the flame, the white part, is the color of the (redeemed and purified) soul; how do we know that? Because the soul is on fire with love for God to the point that we ourselves become living flames of love (and that's why Vanessa's gown is the same color as the flame, in this moment of darkness, she is on fire with love for God, EVEN IF she doesn't feel that way). But, why are there two candles? As mentioned, every Mass has at least two candles lit during the celebration (sometimes more). Two, as St. Augustine tells us, is an imperfect number, it is always trying to become one instead (as in the wedding vows, "That the two shall become one," because "one" symbolizes the ultimate "simplicity" [and this is a good thing] there are not working parts--like a car--or deception or separateness in it, it is entirely united and unified within itself, so "one" is a symbol for God). Vanessa is one of the candles, her soul that will become flooded with the fire for the love of Christ and completely purified, and the other candle is symbolic of the other soul she is to bring to Christ, just as we are all responsible for helping someone else to turn away from the world and towards God (in most situations, this is the person who is your spouse, like the debacle between Gladys and Malcolm at Mina's grave; Malcolm wants to reconcile, but Gladys refuses, even though she took the wedding vows with him, she is now saying that since there are no children, there is no "us," and she's committing a "grave" sin--putting herself in the grave just like Mina and Peter). This doesn't mean that Ethan and Vanessa are going to get married, but that Ethan chose the Tarot card for the lovers, because he is destined to become, not Brona's lover, but the lover of God, which is why one of the witches calls Ethan lupus Dei, the "Wolf of God," Ethan's sins will be used to give him a strong desire for salvation so that he will learn what love means through self-sacrifice, just as Vanessa is sacrificing herself now.
Her blood is spilled out on the wood of the floor as Christ, the Sacrificial Lamb, spilled out His Blood upon the wood of the Cross; whereas Christ was raised up into the air for all to see, because His sacrifice was for all humanity, Vanessa's sacrifice will not be seen, it will be privately devoted and dedicated to Christ so she will stay lowly (that's why the blood is offered on the floor and not the wall, for example; please remember, the conversation at the beginning of the show when the Inspector is at the Maritime Inn inspecting the crime scene and what he says of wood versus brick: wood holds its character; that conversation was a direct foreshadowing of what we see with Vanessa). Now, from Night Work, the first episode of Season 1, we recall that before Ethan left Sir Malcolm's house, Vanessa asked Ethan to pick a card from her Tarot deck and he picked the card that had the scorpion on it, and that is the key to understanding this scene.
As we know, the neck symbolizes what leads or guides us in life, like a leash around a dog. The poster above, from Season 1, shows Vanessa wearing a necklace of scorpions, and we weren't able to really discern what that meant, until the premiere episode of Season 2. The guiding factors in Vanessa's life, then, are the same we find in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, of which the scorpion is the symbol. Of Scorpio it is written: "They are interested in anything which is profound or mysterious, for taboo themes and the depths of being. Their interest is awakened where others turn away in horror or disgust." Sounds like Vanessa, doesn't it? We will be able to draw upon this knowledge to to see her working and how she plays her battles.
The scorpion symbolizing the lovers, as Vanessa tells Ethan, harkens back to the ancient language of astrology and the sign of the zodiac of Scorpio; why? Scorpios are known to be enigmatic and attracted to darkness and secrets; the occult is naturally associated with them, as is regeneration, passion and death: everything about them is intense, and their emotions go from the highest heights to the lowest depths, just as we have seen with Vanessa. Scorpios are intensely loyal, as a rule, but they take a long time in learning to trust and deciding to give themselves; as Vanessa draws the scorpion on the floor in her blood, she is making the sign of the lovers (the one she told Ethan about) because she has finally decided to become the Bride of Christ; she knows that if she doesn't, she's going to become the slave of the devil, like Madame Kali. There is far more to discuss on this episode, but this is for the sake of the ambiguity of the scorpion symbol that has eluded us until now.
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This is Madame Kali's official Season 2 poster and we see her ring on the right hand, as opposed to the left hand. What does her ring mean/symbolize? We know that a ring in general is a sign of a covenant, which is more serious and binding than a promise or legal contract. the sharp teeth that come out of the ring, as we saw to kill one of the younger witches, symbolizes the appetites: Evelyn's appetites are eternally bound to the devil's appetites, to whom she has wedded herself, so the devil will fulfill her appetites, if Evelyn will fulfill his (in this case, the soul of Vanessa). 

Season 2 First Episode of Penny Dreadful, Fresh Hell, Watch the First Full Episode NOW

I can't believe it!
Here is the first full episode of Season 2's Premiere show for Penny Dreadful, just released out of nowhere, and two weeks early! This totally rocks!
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

TRAILERS: Batman vs Superman, Star Wars VII, Pitch Perfect 2, Jurassic World Clip & News

I am finally starting to feel better and I made it to Furious 7: IT WAS AMAZING.  Every second was perfect and James Wan is going to be in hot demand for this; I will get the post up by tomorrow; I am truly sorry I have been so behind. Ray Bradbury wrote a short story called All Summer In a Day and a film was made out of it; I always feel like Margot when things like this happen, such is life. But, the good news, we do not have to wait until Monday for the Batman vs Superman teaser trailer, because it's here now and it's deep:
(Please note that I am not fully functional, but I am trying to get my brain out of the mud and back into production). There is obviously a ton going on in this trailer (that's technically not a trailer, it's a teaser, which is coming to define itself as making you want to see more actual footage, while generally outlining the primary conflict) and it's interesting that we begin with disembodied voices. The two heroes, Batman and Superman, are known for their bodies, and their toughness and strength, but we first hear voices without bodies; why? The people we hear talking aren't risking anything. The last thing we hear is, "Do you bleed? You will," and what brings us closer to our bodies than seeing our bodies loosing the life-giving blood which they require? The voices in the beginning aren't in any danger of losing blood, or anything else, they are in a peanut gallery, offering countless perspectives without offering an answer. It's always good to circle and question an issue, yes, but that's not the point the teaser is making, and we need to keep this in mind as additional footage is released.
We knew that Superman had x-ray vision; does Batman? Or does Batman just have glowing eyes? The eyes are the windows of the soul, which is why this is such a strange development. Each of them is going to be using the strength of their soul against the other (because both of them have reason to believe that the other is evil). 
At 0:58, we see a grand, conflicting statement that is well done: a public monument in honor of Superman has been put up in a public space, as an act of gratitude and a private person, in secrecy (or they would have been arrested for vandalism) made a personal statement and a condemnation: FALSE GOD.
What does that mean?
This is a totally "out there" moment in the trailer, and--not being a reader of comic books,--I didn't catch this. The graffiti we see here is supposedly a calling card of Batman's great nemesis, The Riddler (the question mark highlighted by the red arrow is his personal logo, as well as the greenish light we see). Surely, had The Riddler been cast in the film, we would know about it, and who was portraying him,.... surely we would, because we are bloggers and we know everything. The truth is, if you look at the complete casting roster, there are several actors with blanks by their names who could conceivably be filing in for it. We have to make the connection, because the trailer is basically doing it for us, that the graffiti we are seeing in this seen is tied to the graffiti on the Superman statue and the lights surrounding that statue, are like the lights we see in the image above. What to make of it? We really can't at this point, there just isn't enough information heretofore, BUT this is whetting our appetites for the kinds of structures we will be seeing in the narrative and what we should be looking for. 
Well, it's right over the S sign, which Superman taught us, means "Hope" where he comes from; either "Hope" is a "false god," or else someone thinks that, in Superman's heart, he thinks he is a god, which makes him a false god. It's also possible that Superman himself actually isn't the target of the graffiti (this is an example of deconstruction and the use of ambiguity and undecidability) that others, the mob, the people are treating Superman like he is God, and that he is not God.
"That's how it starts."
This, this is genius.
The devil doesn't come from the ground beneath us, no, they come from the sky. This is the first we hear of Lex Luthor, pictured in an early release photo above (this may not actually be in the film, in other words). Why does he say this? Well, there has been a real battle over "the sky" lately, and on one side, we have Gravity and Pixel telling us that we don't belong in space; on the other hand, we have films like Star Trek Into Darkness and Interstellar, telling us that, we do (and Star Wars coming out will affirm this as well). So Luthor relating an alien, Superman, to the devil and where the devil dwells (the sky/space where he came from) is following what we are seeing in the socialist agenda of keeping the US out of space. Why is the US being out of space important to the socialists? Because they want to court a vision of the US has being weak and losers (with endeavors in space comes a boost in confidence) and to limit technological advances so there will no longer be a free market. It's important for the narrative that Luthor is reportedly going to pit Batman against Superman and vice versa, playing them off one another in the hopes that they will destroy each other and leave him as the "last rat standing."
What has been described, and condensed into concentrated form, is a process the masses go through (or they are led through by TV news personalities) over a new public figure: good or bad, innocent or guilty, all the talk and coverage is a form of cultural dissection of a human being (even if that human being is actually the alien Superman) and that's the "it" in "That's how it starts."
Another writer caught this, and I certainly didn't: this shot looked to me like Batman was standing on a tower with some antennas or something coming up by his right shoulder, but that is actually a rifle with telescopic lens; why? An obvious conclusion would be that he's going to use it on Superman, but perhaps this is later in the film, after the Justice League has begun to form and it's for someone else.
Now, if you will notice at 1:09, the Bat suit, there are at least two interesting things about this: first, there is a wide, gaping mouth (the mouth, as we know, are symbolic of the appetites) and secondly, the "skin" of the Bat suit appears to be made up of,... paper mache? The Bat suit is usually thick and tough for protection, but it looks like a bunch of bandages and pieces of paper were glued onto a form and then painted over with gray paint. That's going to be important, I don't know how yet, but it will be.
Why is Superman an alien? Why isn't he just an American who became endowed with incredible strength and powers? Because Superman's leadership and moral authority is "alien" to us (especially in this day and age) but he symbolizes that to which we should be aspiring. In the background of this image, you can see several white faces with black eyes, those are celebrants for the Mexican Day of the Dead (and there is a huge chase scene that takes place during the Day of the Dead in Spectre with James Bond ). The days are celebrated with the Roman Catholic Church (note the cross on the forehead of the girl over Superman's left shoulder) and coincide with Oct 31, Nov 1 and Nov 2 solemnities and feasts in honor of the saints and deceased. Why is this important? One, it illustrates the international reputation the Kansas farm boy suddenly has for himself; two, the people wearing festive make-up look like the dead, and in this scene, depending on what is happening, we may interpret it that way. Third, if you will notice, in the extreme bottom, left corner, someone is reaching out to touch Superman, which emphasizes the problems with the "Savior" issues, especially on a feast day of the Church celebrating the Redemption of Christ (we know, though, from Man Of Steel and imagery in the film that this is not going to be a usurpation of Christianity, just showing how people would rather have a savior they can reach out and touch, rather than a savior of faith).
One last little detail: the capes. Both Batman and Superman have capes, one black and the other red, and yet, they are probably both meaning the same thing, just taking very different routes to get there. Red, as we know, means "blood," because you either love someone enough to spill your (red) blood for them, or you hate them enough to spill their (red) blood for your wrath. Black means death: either you are dead to the world and living in the spirit, or you are dead in the spirit and living in the world. We know that Superman is filled with love because he wants to save others, which is also another important detail of his cape: the folds on his shoulders.
It is being rumored that Chris Pine will be the next Green Lantern for DC comics; that would be awesome! It's also being rumored that Warner Brothers wants a black Green Lantern, which would be an example of cultural destruction and moral re-distribution (Michelle Rodriguez said she had been offered the part of Green Lantern, to which she replied that minorities needed to stop stealing white super heroes, and to get there own). This isn't going to be an artistic decision, but a political one.
The shoulders symbolize our burdens that we take on in life which is why superheroes wear capes, to denote the extra burdens they take upon themselves. Superman's is a burden of love, Batman's is a burden of death-to-the-world, but Superman's cape has four folds in it on his shoulders, while Batman's (at 1:36) appears to have only two. In St. Augustine's numerology, two is always (well, nearly always) an imperfect number (because it's not one, which means [theological] ultimate simplicity, nor is two three, which symbolizes the Trinity, so being in a state of "two" is being in an imperfect state, which is why, in marriage, "The two shall become one") but Superman has four folds on his cape, which means he carries the heavier burden, which is why he is an alien among us (see above caption for explanation).
This might just sum up the real purpose of the conflict between the two heroes: the reconciliation of what "justice" means, and that's important because of the role the Justice League will play in their futures.
ALSO, this awesome trailer for Star Wars VII: the Force Awakens. When Han Solo says, "Chewie, we're home," it's probably a reference to the fact that, although he and Leia were married, they have been separated for awhile and this moment, in some way, may refer to them getting back together; more than likely, knowing Han, he is reunited with the Millennium Falcon (because it looks like they are inside it).
We don't see any of the people mentioned in which the Force is strong, i.e., none of the people in Luke's family, except some iconic symbol of them, such as the mask of Darth Vadar, or Luke's mechanical hand, Leia's hand, or the light saber; we see Chewie and Han, and then other characters with whom we are not yet familiar. So what? Well, that tells us something about the Force itself, that there is a mysterious, unseen part of it (well, duh,...) but that it also binds people together and is passed down, like a gift,... or a curse. We don't know to whom Luke speaks in the trailer: is it his own child (he has been married and had a child), is it to one of Han's and Leia's four kids, to someone else altogether, or is it to us, the viewer? Han, it appears, has been living his own kind of exile (just as Luke has been) and that will be one of the interesting sub-texts that will drive the narrative. In the meantime, there is some news and some clips, including this delightful teaser for Pitch Perfect 2:
The "face-off" is imperative to understanding the film because this is basic, raw, impromptu competition: this is where they prove who is who and who is not. The big enemy in the film are the Germans, Das Sound Machine (and it's interesting that use of "Das" because that is the impersonal, rather than the feminine or masculine); in a word, I can hardly wait. Two important things about this clip: first, that they get 90s Hip Hop Jamz, because some of those kids weren't even born at the start of the 90s, but most importantly, Das Sound Machine probably wouldn't have been able to be a team because of the Berlin Wall and the separation of East from West. Another interesting tidbit,...
Rebel Wilson, who totally rocks everything she does, has confirmed that she has signed on for Pitch Perfect 3. In this image, we see the first poster for Quentin Tarantino's next film, The Hateful Eight; why is it important that it is Tarantino's 8th film? He's supposed to stop making films after this one,... we'll see. The film has not even started production yet. The Avengers' director Joss Whedon is under lawsuit for his writing work on The Cabin In the Woods while the lawsuit against the sequels of James Cameron's Avatar have been dismissed. The live action Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast has started, with Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gaston and Kevin Kline as Belle's father. This note is something that is going to be coming up in future discussions, because it will be in future films. In Captain America: Civil War (May 2016), we will be seeing Ant Man and Scarlet Witch and a host of other Marvel heroes (most likely including the newest Spider Man as well). Before that, however, is Thor 3: Ragnaork (November 3, 2017) which will pick up immediately at the end of The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron. "Ragnaork" is the Apocalypse of Norse mythology, so basically, everything ends and everyone dies, but it's so everything can be regenerated and come back even stronger than before, which is what we will see for The Avengers 3 & 4 The Infinity Wars Parts 1 and 2 (which Hemsworth is contracted to return for). 
...and I really like this: the German guy we see in this is named Flula, and his YouTube channel has over 500,000 subscribers, which is how he got the gig for Pitch Perfect 2. Now, we saw this with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, when they had a dozen or so YouTube celebrities making videos for the Capitol TV station in their own area of expertise. Why is this awesome?!?!? Because it shows these films participating in the American Dream and IT WORKING TO ADVANCE PEOPLE IN THE FIELD THEY LOVE. Period. The opportunities for expansion are expanding and in spite of the Left trying desperately to convince Americans that capitalism doesn't work, these films are actively participating in ways to demonstrate that it does. I haven't had anything good to say about the upcoming release Jurassic World film with Chris Pratt and, with this clip, that pattern continues:
We know that real people don't wear their jackets over their shoulders the way Claire is in this clip; it's so pretentious to do that; why? Shoulders, again, symbolize our burdens, but the shoulders aren't really the issue with this outfit; it's the practicality of what happens to the hands; why is that an issue? Her hands (anyone wearing a jacket like this) become almost useless because if she moves them too much--which is what hands are for--her jacket will succumb to gravity, fall off her shoulders and get dirty on the ground (that's why it's so pretentious; normal folk need their hands/arms to be free to do basic tasks, people wearing a jacket like this advertise they don't need to do basic tasks). In essence, she becomes like a T-Rex, with his small, helpless like arms and tiny hands. At about 1:25 comes my next problem with this clip,...
This is the second poster released just today for Jurassic World, so it's significant. On the left we have the scientist, on the right, we have the scientist's creation, the Indominus Rex. While we see the man-made and artificial world of the sterile lab environment on the left, there is the wild and untamed jungle of unpredictable life and death on the right. The most important element of this is,.... her feet. She's wearing heels, so that suggests she thinks she is above something (like being above other people, or the law, or nature, or all of the above and then some) and they are nude (a pleasant way of saying "flesh color"), so that is natural to her, it's her natural state, like the natural state of the dinosaur she has created, the dinosaur which will have Claire's own characteristics, will also naturally be above all the other dinosaurs, like Claire wants to be above everyone else; according to socialist, this is the negative result of competition (the park had to do something to get tourists to come because it wasn't making any money, which is the driving force of capitalism and the free market, so, if there is no capitalism or free market, things like this won't happen,... see?). It may appear that there is a piece of glass between them, and they are looking at each other through the glass, but actually, they are each looking into a mirror and seeing their own self, Claire seeing herself in the dinosaur and the dinosaur seeing herself in the scientist who created her. A new trailer is on its way out.
Oh, boy.
He names off the characteristics of the animals and then asks, "You're able to relate to at least one of those, aren't you?" because for socialists, we are animals: There is nothing special or unique about us, we are just like the dogs and the insects of the world, and we certainly don't have souls or are called to participate in some higher moral reality. What is being done, is making Chris Pratt's character, the one "in touch" with his animal side, the attractive figure, and Claire, the capitalist figure, very out of touch with everything and the villain. Additionally, Pratt's character appears to be, or at least wants to appear to be over-sexed, because he just can't keep bringing it up in this 60 second clip; that's a form of brainwashing for men and women: for men, because it suggests that is how they should behave, and for women because it suggests that this IS how men behave and it should be accepted as "natural" because men and women are just animals.
Happy Birthday to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Mother Angelica!
Eat Your Art Out (and thank you for your patience!),
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Monday, April 13, 2015

TRAILERS: Age Of Ultron, Terminator Genisys, Ant-Man

I have been so sick.
My brain is full of medicine, so I am sorry, this is mostly just to send out a smoke signal that I am still alive. I can't even type, so I don't know how I am going to write anything thought-provoking, however, these three trailers are so cool, so amazing, maybe it's best that I don't say anything. Tonight, anyway. First up is the latest and last trailer for The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron:
Okay, I am going to say one thing: when Smoulders calls Stark "Boss," and Stark points to Rogers and says, "He's the boss," that's an imperative point that is setting up Captain America 3: Civil War. In spite of Tony designing everything, paying for everything and making everyone look cooler, he acknowledges that Captain America is the boss; why? It's a morality issue, first and foremost, but it's also a founding issue, remember, Steve Rogers is the First Avenger. Captain America is the best of the best, which is why he's the only one who can budge Thor's hammer in the opening scene. When the civil war starts (over those with super-powers registering or not) and Cap is on the "no-registration" side, and Stark is on the other side, we all ready know that Stark is the "villain," that the side with no registration is the superior side because Captain America is the superior Avenger, and Stark is the one capable of creating our own destruction (in the robot of Ultron).There is a lot more to write, but not tonight. Terminator Genisys just got really real:
What has happened to Sarah Connor's little boy? He was a Millennial who joined "the dark side" (which is exactly what we will be seeing in Star Wars VII). They were supposed to continue and win the fight, and instead, (like what we see in the other Arnold film, Maggie) they have given in and joined the enemy. "We are humanity's last hope," for freedom in every dimension of the word. Now, here is the awesome Ant-Man trailer we have been waiting for:
There is so much to write about this, I am overwhelmed, but two things. First, "You're just a thief!" is a reference to the little hobbit, Bilbo Baggins who, in spite of his size, accomplishes great things. Secondly, the choo-choo train at the end, is a reference to The Conjuring, Annabelle and the upcoming Poltergeist; how? Why? Because it's the issue of children being turned to socialism because they don't have any property to lose. If kids aren't allowed toys when they are little, then they won't grow up to the (insert animated voice) horrible, ugly, evil capitalists (end animated voice). The choo-choo, that has a name, I know, I just can't think of it, is a toy that teaches kids lessons, and lessons that specifically are the kind who will destroy whatever it is yellow-jacket (the villain) stands for. I wish I could do more tonight, I am sorry, but I am getting better and will post asap.
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Friday, April 3, 2015


If any of you have doubted me, and I wouldn't blame you for doing so, just be honest, if you have, this trailer totally validates EVERYTHING I have said for, like the last two years.
A blessed Good Friday to each of you!
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


A most blessed Holy Wednesday to you all!
As you may or may not recall, Fast and Furious 7 opens this weekend (Last Knights with Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman also open, but it's limited; if I could I would definitely go see that!); due to Holy Week events, specifically Mass for Maundy Thursday, I will be going to F & F 7 Friday, early in the day, Tweeting my initial response (which is going to definitely be positive!) and then getting that post up ASAP; which will probably be sometime Saturday, due to the ceremony Friday night, but I will be working on it anxiously.
The new edition of Poltergeist has released another poster (left) in anticipation of the May 22 release date. Why should we be concerned with this? Because whatever is in that closet (on the right) is in the closet of our culture. Whatever is trying to get out, or pull us in, is doing so on a national level, and we should be paying attention. The original 1982 film was a great horror story (it's the post that I get the most emails about: The Family Graveyard: Poltergeist) especially how it treats the passing of sin from one generation to the next and the early, unintended sex education kids are getting. Since the makers of The Evil Dead are doing the film, I am confident it will be a good one. 
Speaking of Fast and Furious 7, discussions for F & F 8 are all ready underway, and we shouldn't be surprised since the franchise has been locked into a total of 10 films. Dame Helen Mirren, of all people, has expressed that she would like to portray the villain in the next film, and I think that would be totally awesome!
Over the weekend, after the release of the first trailer, reporters were invited to join Sam Mendes and crew for the filming of the Day of the Dead parade sequence in Mexico for Spectre: some of the news and nuggets they were able to get includes that Spectre is one film, it will not be divided into two films (like Mockingjay Part One and Part Two). Now, as we know, Daniel Craig is signed officially to do 5 Bond films, Spectre is number four of the lot; reporters asked about Idris Elba rumors to replace Bond , to which producers responded that, after film number five, Craig has an open-ended contract, meaning, Craig gets to negotiate each film independently, so he's not automatically "no-longer Bond," he will just have different negotiations for the films. It's possible that Craig will decide he no longer wants to play Bond: he's aging, and he has experienced a couple of injuries on sets all ready, and they're not done with filming. It was also asked if the Mexican government had paid the film $20 million to make Mexico look better and re-write the script, to which they answered no, that the script had all ready been written. It's not such a far-fetched question, however: the film is astronomically over-budget, around $300 million (some even say closer to $350 million, but it's not clear if that includes the costs of purchasing the rights to SPECTRE that made this film possible); Skyfall brought in over $1 billion, so I'm sure they're not counting pennies to make this the best film they can. 
There gets to be a point where it ceases to be hype and, instead, becomes tiresome. Someone has leaked that the heads at Warner Brothers have decided it's not a good idea to show the trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice until later, because The Avengers: Age Of Ultron is going to be causing so much hype, they don't want their film to be overshadowed. There were respectable rumors that the film had moved up its release date, from March 2016 to December 2015 (which would put it with Star Wars VII which IS releasing their next trailer attached to The Avengers) but, it's still slotted for March next year. Part of this is the vicious publicity cycle of film companies releasing info for bloggers--like myself--to blog about, so not only do we have stuff to blog about, but they get the free publicity.
The truth is, I am in a wretchedly bad mood: three major Hollywood liberals, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman, have announced they are making a movie about the Apostle Paul,... yes, Paul who was a Jew and converted and wrote a large number of the books of what became the Bible. Don't be surprised if  Paul is gay and a vegetarian. Why are they doing this? Jackman is doing it because he's a liberal. Affleck is doing it because he is a liberal. Damon is doing it because he's desperate. Damon hasn't had a hit since his last Bourne Supremacy film, and thinks that making a Bible film will make him money, give him a hit and a platform for his liberal indoctrination. I'm in a bad mood. (Bourne 5 is being made and is slated to open July 2016, the date vacated by Planet of the Apes 3; this is not a "cross-over film" with Damon and The Bourne Legacy star Jeremy Renner; Renner's next Bourne film has been moved way back; it's still in the pipes, but they gave preferential treatment to Damon, and I think they are going to regret that, because Damon and director Paul Greengrass are both liberals, so they will make a liberal film and people are not going to go see that). 
Speaking of Mad Max, which comes out May 15, and will have--at this time--the first public trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the action film has finally released a second trailer. Heretofore, the clips they have released have been of sections of the previously released trailer, so no new material; this second trailer has quite a bit and definitely confirms thoughts about the first.
So, the story line goes, that Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is trying to cross the desert to get back to her childhood homeland where she believes everything will be better; she enlists the help of Max, who lost his wife and child in the events causing the apocalypse. In it's way, this will be pro-socialist, but they don't even so much have to focus on that, as much as they will direct the story line to being anti-capitalist, and here is how.
Rictus Erectus is the character in this poster, and the main baddie of the film; why? "Erectus" means the one who builds, and constructs, and we have all ready seen this character in Noah (Russell Crowe) and the sons of Cain who built things all over the earth as opposed to those who ate moss. Please notice the old-fashioned, Wild West style gun he carries prominently in the picture; where was the last place we saw a gun like that? The pro-socialist film The Lone Ranger. 
If you noticed, at the start of the trailer, Max is running and he has a gag around his mouth; why? For the exact opposite reason that Rictus Erectus above has the mask over his face and an enlarged mouth. Max is a man who "limits" his appetites, and people like Erectus have too many appetites. Where does this line of thinking come? Probably the 1987 film Wall Street, when Gekko (Michael Douglas) announces, "Greed is good" because of all the economic effects it has; even if this isn't it directly, it is it in a watered-down form because this is how Hollywood got its education, the movies.
The sequel to Bladerunner is happening with both Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott.
In the meantime, the Mad Max sequel is all ready being planned, along with a host of other sequels, including Zombieland 2, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 is being made, subtitled The Green Legend; Ride Along 2 is being made, Hugh Jackman is making Wolverine 3 now, and it's the last time forever that Jackman will wear the claws (he will likely be replaced by a younger actor for future Wolverine appearances in The X-Men films) and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has been delayed,... again. Johnny Depp has received a non-filming hand injury which was supposed to only keep him from filming for two weeks,... that has been extended to four weeks, with Depp leaving Australia for New York for hand surgery; crews assure fans the film will still be on schedule, as such time delays were built-in.
Once again, a most blessed Holy Week to you all!
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The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen.