Thursday, March 26, 2015

TRAILERS: Tenured, Maggie, 1915

I'm distracted. We lost and I am really sad.
I shouldn't be shocked to see a trailer from the Left for a film taking this position, however, I just can't believe anyone would REALLY take a position like this. If anyone doubts that films are a battleground for politics and the future this country will have, I dare you to watch this.
SO, everyone has to suffer, and kids don't get an education, and everyone gets exposed to unnecessary personal issues, so this guy can work out his failed relationship and still have a job at the cost of the entire society? Yea, that sounds like liberals. Let's take a look at the other end. When I first read the description of the next trailer, I thought, WOW, Arnold Schwarzenegger has really fallen! This sounds worse than a B film! But, BUT, if we look at this from the perspective of the Millennial generation slowly being infested with a disease that is killing them and causing them to kill others, the film suddenly becomes profound. Use all your skills when you watch this one!
Are Millennials attacking the older generations? Yes, and they are becoming more aggressive. Why? Because they are getting "hungry." If you stop the trailer at 1:59, we see Maggie (Breslin) in water (maybe the bathtub?) and her face is supposedly covered with blood or carnage, and her eyes are milky. Brown, the color of the stuff all over her face, symbolizes dirt: either a person is humble, and they believe themselves to be no better than dirt (like monks who wear brown habits) or a person has "dirty" morals and are themselves dirt because of the way they behave. Millennials have "dirty appetites" (because the mouth symbolizes the appetites) for sex, drugs and, in general, entitlement. Please note, when we first see that something is "wrong" with Maggie, it's at 0:54 when we see the doctor checking her heartbeat and we see the abnormal (to say the least) veining and skin condition that looks like decay; it's on her shoulder.
Why is that important?
There is only one real reason I am interested in this film. What we see is Tom Hanks, Mr. Liberal himself, and Steven Spielberg, filming Bridge of Spies, his newest, which he left Grapes Of Wrath (a very pro-socialist story line by John Steinbeck) to do. The Cold War drama was written by the Coen Brothers who are definitely pro-capitalist, making me think that, at least Spielberg, might be changing his mind, finally. An American pilot has been detained by the Soviet Union, and the CIA recruits an American lawyer to help get the pilot back. The "bridge of spies" was a real location during the Cold War between East and West Germany where spies were regularly traded back and forth (please note the barbed wire at the top of the wall to Hanks' right, yea, the "good ole' days of socialism!"). 
The shoulder symbolizes our burdens, our obligations and responsibilities in life, what we "have to shoulder" (the actual film might reveal a different sign earlier, so we will have to be mindful of that, but even the trailer sends a message, and this is the message it's sending); given that she has a disease here, it's not too far out in left-field to say that she hasn't had any burdens to shoulder, and that's why there is something wrong with her shoulder.
Oh, you know that animated film Home about the Booves and Oh, and I said I thought that was going to be a pro-socialist film? Here is the proof: Barack Hussein Obama going into the studio to visit with them. How much more proof do you need?
Technically, what is a zombie?
A zombie symbolizes a real, living person who has willingly abandoned the needs of their soul and their mind, which is why--traditionally--zombies could not see their reflections ("reflecting" being the act of self-meditation and realization so a person can mature and grow spiritually and emotionally). Throughout the decades, culture has called-out a number of causes of "zombie-ism" and we certainly have a share in today's culture. World War Z and Warm Bodies, two recent zombie flicks, both took the socialist side and look at conservatives as being zombies, but Maggie looks like it's going to be a good response to those films. In another trailer, we see history sadly repeating itself:
If you don't know, Armenian Genocide was waged by Muslims against Christians and was the first time the word "genocide" was used. On another note, the first teaser for the new James Bond film Spectre comes out tomorrow evening, so we will get that posted and critiqued asap! These are the last days before Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday this weekend, so I hope you have all have a blessed and holy Lent, and that we are all ready for the events of next week! God bless!
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And the word is in: the sixth season of Downton Abby will be the last,... however, while there are no plans as of yet, producers and creators are vocally hinting that they are open to doing a full-feature film with the cast and crew should that chance present itself.