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TRAILERS: Mission Impossible V: Rogue Nation, Kurt Cobain, Hotel Transylvania 2, Pixels, Inside Out, Home

No, I have not taken off time to watch Wichita State University play, and I am not watching them play against Kansas University today.... I am sure that might have crossed your minds that is what I was doing,.... I'm not,... Really. Really. I assure you.
My car broke down and I haven't felt well, so sorry, as always.
On Twitter, Mission Impossible V co-star Jeremy Renner announced there is a big announcement that is going to drop tomorrow; what is it? Well, as I was writing this, a big announcement was made: the title is Mission Impossible V: Rogue Nation and a brief teaser, below, has been viewed during the basketball games, with a full-length trailer coming out tomorrow. Originally slated for a Christmas Day release, production was going so well, the release date for MI5 has been moved to July 31, and that's something pretty incredible. Until now: they have decided to re-write the ending. Which means also re-shooting the ending, before the premiere dates. Well, even though Cruise has produced a steady succession of great action films--since the release of MI4: Ghost Protocol in 2011, there has been Rock Of Ages and Jack Reacher, both under-performers at the box office (but a sequel to Jack Reacher has been announced) then there was the excellent Oblivion with Morgan Freeman (that did fairly well at the theaters) followed by another excellent film, Edge Of Tomorrow which didn't do so well in spite of being a great film--and has Top Gun 2 and Jack Reacher 2 on his agenda, the MI franchise has been his biggest money maker and Ethan Hunt his most popular role. Some are speculating that the MI franchise has become so successful, it's going to be difficult to out-do it's own record. I will happily be the judge of that. Oh, and by the way, in the image above, that's Tom Cruise, actually flying 5,000 feet in the air, with only two support straps to keep him on the plane, and you get a quick look at it in the teaser below, but he really did that stunt himself.
So, during the game, the very first teaser for Mission Impossible V has been released, along with the title, Rogue Nation. Again, the film has a July 31 release date, but they have to re-shoot some of the ending they decided to re-write, likely leaving the door open for future
"Where is Hunt?" when Alec Baldwin, head of the CIA, says this, it's to William Brandt (Jeremy Renner). The premise of the film is that The Syndicate (a group promoting their own agenda) is a group of assassins who kill on order and they are tracking down the Impossible Missions Force (not the International Monetary Fund, although that would be an interesting deconstructive reading of the film). With JJ Abrams producing the film, and the extended trailer being released tomorrow, let's not say anymore just now, other than, WOW! There are some trailers which have come out that are, quite frankly, depressing. We'll start with this one, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, because it's the most interesting, both in terms of subject and artistic depiction:
IS Kurt Cobain important?
Let me put it to you this way, if I had a book deal that was guaranteed to be published, and it was the first book I had ever written (which it would be) it would be about Kurt Cobain and the Alternative music of the late 1989-95 and Kurt Cobain would be on the cover. That is how important Kurt Cobain is.
Two movies really bring out the cultural transition from anti-socialist Rock and Roll, to the anti-we-and-everything-else music of Alternative, and Nirvana was the leading band in that movement. As we saw in Rock of Ages (Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones) even at its "heaviest," Rock music was about celebrating individuality, personal freedom, emotions and hope; as we saw in House At the End Of the Street (Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue) Alternative music revealed huge schisms in relationships (questioning the ability for people to relate at all) and a horrible confidence crisis in the self and reality. But, you might say, there wasn't any alternative music in HATES, oh, but there was: Ryan has a cassette of Stone Temple Pilot's Core, and--as a socialist and Obama figure in the film--that spoke volumes in helping me--since the falling of the Berlin Wall and simultaneous rise of Alternative music, songs fitting into the genre have taken on the anthem status (please see both Everything Is a Secret: House At the End of the Street and Tongues: Rock Of Ages for more).
Even as the US won the Cold War against the Soviet Union as it, and all its satellites fell and converted to democracy and capitalism, Alternative music was making it known loud and clear what the youth of America considered "the price" of that victory to be; what wasn't explored, of course, is if relationships, for example, would have been better in the Soviet Union. Why discuss all this now? Cobain committed suicide in 1994; it's taken twenty-one years to make his biography and, given that we have seen the artistic genre of music being linked to either capitalism or socialism, and socialism is now on the rise, I think what was just the angst of existential misery Cobain sadly experienced and couldn't escape, is being manipulated as an anti-capitalist position ("You better buckle up, because you are not ready for this," and "this" refers to the fame, money and demand of the music world). And now for something that is, actually, just as depressing, Hotel Transylvania 2:
A lot of people got upset with me for claiming that Hotel Transylvania was pro-socialist, but when the main character is a vampire, and he is a business owner (the only one, in fact, who has a job) and the "hero" is a Millennial who is a vegetarian and lives in youth hostels (please see Worm Cakes & Scream Cheese Hotel Transylvania for more). What we see in this trailer is a direct opposition to The Dark Knight Rises and The Pit Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has to cross in order to escape. How?
Rumors are being confirmed that the next season of Downton Abbey (the sixth) will be the last. Contracts for several of the main cast expire and while the series could continue without some of the characters, as they have proven, it can't continue without the whole family. Julian Fellowes, creator of the series, has all ready been lined up for a new show, The Gilded Age, and so it seems there is quite a bit of legitimacy to this one.
In TDKR, Wayne had to make a leap in order to escape The Pit (a symbol of poverty), but he was only able to escape it when he didn't use the rope, the safety net, because then everything would be lost if he didn't make it (we also see The Pit as the main area of life for Dauntless in Divergent). That "safety net" is what we see in the trailer above: the kids being raised by Millennials aren't going to be able to fly on their own, they will have to be caught, and there is something "monstrous" about anyone suggesting they shouldn't have to have a safety net and they should learn how to fly. But this only gets worse, much worse. Here is the trailer for Pixels:
There are several things we should notice about this trailer. First, the opening shot of the shuttle taking off, is a direct reference to the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar where he reminds us of what we used to be and the challenges we faced and overcame. Secondly, the invocations of games such as Donkey Kong clearly invoke the decidedly pro-capitalist film Wreck-It Ralph from the same time period. Third, the inventor going up to Pac-Man to talk to him, is a direct reference to the science fiction films of the late 1940s to mid-1950s, when scientists wanted to save and protect the "thing" and make contact with it; why is that important? The "thing" usually represented socialism/communism, and the scientist, being a brain-in-a-vat, wanted to make it work. Fourth, at the end of the trailer, you have the idea that sending something into space probably isn't a good idea, so we probably shouldn't have anything to do with it, which is the exact same message of Gravity (with the mini-Coopers, there may also be a reference to The Italian Job that I am not getting). But if seeing the image of Ronald Reagan in that trailer didn't convince you that there is a definite agenda in Hollywood to undermine American values via socialism, then you aren't paying attention. Sadly, this is the worst of the trailers:
Where are these qualities inside Riley? Why is it, that Riley has only emotions and no reasoning or logic skills? Why is it that she has fear but no courage? Why does she have disgust but no enthusiasm? She has anger, but no patience? The answer to these questions is simple: because liberals made this film.
Please note that, from her mother, she gets sadness, but anger and fear from her white male, head-of-the-family father who shows how inept he is when he "puts his foot down" in a display of authority; the white male her mother wishes she had replaced with the Brazilian helicopter pilot instead (if you have no idea what I am talking about, here is the link for the first trailer). Again, the damage of this kind of scenario is, not only does it make other emotions look illegitimate--like the ones listed above--but it also over-emphasizes our emotions at the expense of logic and reasoning, which is exactly what liberals want: they don't want people to "reason" their way through the problems and ills of same-sex marriage, they want you to "feel" sorry for homosexuals and transgenders so you will "feel" guilty about withholding the right to marriage from them. They don't want you to reason your way through their race discussions, they want you to feel guilty about your class and white privilege and shut up so they can kill you. And lastly, I found this little hidden trailer that shouldn't leave any room for any doubt,...
Which political party made it socially possible for women to raise their children alone so men wouldn't have to take responsibility for their kids, and women would become dependent upon the government (hint: the "War On Poverty"; I greatly admire single parents who have chosen to raise their children, but please understand, there was also a definite liberal-backed government agenda that realized by increasing poverty, people would become more dependent on the government, and less dependent on themselves). Who is it that doesn't have a home of their own, but continues to "destroy" every place where they go? Who is it that destroys our sports (the football-eating)? Who is it always making threats they can't back up (shooting lasers from his eyeballs)? Why are all these animated films coming out that are pro-socialist? At least two reasons: first, Hollywood knows that if the film is animated, the parents are probably going to take their kids to it, thinking it will be "safe" because there won't be foul language, nudity, addiction, etc.; so animated films are the perfect vehicle for indoctrination. Secondly, the parents' own censorship and awareness is down because, hey, it's just an animated film, and so the parents become a part of the audience for the receiving the indoctrination as well. Do not be foolish and think they don't know what they are doing, because they do. But, the good news is, Sean Penn's The Gunman made around $5 million, that doesn't even rise to being classified as a bomb, that's like getting an "F - -" on your paper, ha ha!
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