Monday, March 16, 2015


Do you like rain?
I love rain. I adore rainy days, it's like a gift. There is a site, Rainy Mood, that plays rain all day long, I love it!. I have started having Rainy Mood play, and also some classical music, like Beethoven over it, so it's been really peaceful and tranquil.
A few things going on: Insurgent opens this weekend (tickets are all ready selling out) and I am planning on seeing it Thursday late, or early Friday. I am nearly done with my post for Divergent; yea, I should have gotten this up a year ago, but you know what, it's been a good review for me, and the film is definitely worth watching a second time.
Posted on Twitter today. A new poster and image has also been released for Jurassic World, but I probably won't bother posting that unless I need some filler in-between paragraphs; why not? 
The image above is causing a big commotion: not because a lot of people are getting excited about the new poster being released, rather, that this seems to be a sign of "social media thirst," a "teaser for a teaser." I won't argue with this. We can also argue, how many bloggers are needed to blog about movies? Teases, such as the one above, and websites, such as the one you are reading now, are mutually beneficial: Hollywood officials know bloggers like myself will talk about this, generating the "free hype" that will surround their films, and bloggers like myself know that we need hype like this to talk about to give us material for our blogs (well, not mine so much, this is more like pertinent filler for the big, legit posts I should be getting up more often; oh, well). Is there another angle to this "hype?"
On the heels of this weekend's Cinderella's financial success, Beauty and the Beast makers have added Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline to their line-up with Emma Watson and Luke Evans and will be released March 2017.
There is an unimaginable amount of discussion that now takes place about minutiae of films, like tomorrow's new poster release, that increases the amount of knowledge throughout the community as a whole; what does that mean? We are becoming smarter and better informed viewers, and that's intentional because Hollywood wants the smartest viewers it can get to go to their films; why? It elevates their art, and it expands the possible range of devices they can use in making their films more interesting and exciting. But it also increases the dialogue between film makers and film fans, case in point,...
So, the new Sherlock stand-alone episode isn't really a Christmas special, it's a Victorian-era special that will not be a part of the regular series, but will air before the 4th season. It takes place in the 1800s and our heroes will have an adventure that will not effect, again, the rest of the season, please read more here.
When film makers know that there are people who are going to "get" that the bullet hole in glass resembles a octopus that is the symbol of Spectre, they are going to work harder to reward our patience for this kind of thing because they know it's going to be appreciated; it is appreciated on the blogging end, so we reward the studios for giving us cool stuff by giving advertising and lots of verbage. Other bloggers aside, having a slow, steady releasing of information like this helps me digest all the multi-faceted dimensions of film making better, but also assures me of the thought, time, energy and money that has been poured into making the film look the way the film is, and that it's intentional and not just, "Oh, well, that will do," which means that every facet of the film is taken seriously and for a reason; that gives us more to interpret and decode.
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