Wednesday, March 25, 2015

News: James Bond SPECTRE Trailer & Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman!

This Friday, March 27, SPECTRE will release the first teaser trailer! We can expect about 60 seconds of footage that I am sure will be amazing! They are not completed with filming yet, they just moved to Rome to do the scenes there, so there is quite a bit of footage that won't be included, but that's fine, we'll be seeing James Bond again!
On this day, exactly one year ago, production blew up Skyfall Lodge for the special effects climax of Skyfall.
In other news,... Idris Elba is in talks to play the villain for Star Trek 3; while details have not been released, rumor has it that the film will center upon a battle with the Klingons. Both the X-Files (limited 6 series episodes) and Twin Peaks are getting nods to proceed with production and the horror film The Ring is getting a sequel entitled Rings that takes place 13 after the events in the original film. X-Men Apocalypse, which recently made big news when Jennifer Lawrence announced this would be her last X-Men film, has added yet another mutant: Lana Condor will be playing Jubilation Lee; while Fassbender and McAvoy will return as Magneto and Professor X, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are not returning.
What do we make of it? Black and white (and this is highly stylized black and white, mind you) suggests that the character is "black and white," that is, they are going to be easy to read in terms of their morality and decisions. Please note the eyes, we have seen this at least twice before, where one is larger than the other: President Coin (Julianne Moore) in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Insurgent when Tris (Shalene Woodley) meets her double. Each instance has their own "symbol-sensitive" context, but this suggests that Luthor doesn't see things "evenly," he has a tendency to see somethings and make light (the smaller eye) of other things. Please note the mole on his left side bridge between the eyes; his left eye is larger, and the mole, the "growth" suggests there was something all ready growing inside him before the events we will be witnessing in the film. His cheekbones might validate this perspective: to "turn the other cheek" is a popular saying, but when a character has strong cheekbones (like those we saw on Angelina Jolie's Maleficent last summer) that signifies that this is a character who is easily offended and far from turning the other cheek, they seek revenge for damages done against them. (If you are wondering about the incredibly pointed chin, that is natural to Mr. Eisenburg). Please note his ears: they are rather far back ancd even look "fuzzy," almost like they have been photo-shopped in; why? This might suggest that Luthor fails to listen, or isn't able to listen. If you look at his mouth, there is a think white line outlining the upper-lip, like his appetites (what the mouth symbolizes and invokes) are, literally. being highlighted. It's possible, although I wouldn't bet on it, that the clothes he wears in this photo is a prison uniform and this is a type of mugshot. Now, last, but certainly not least: the head. We really can't assume that Eisenberg will be a bald Luthor: the top of the head is cut-off, no doubt for building speculation. What would a bald head mean? Hair symbolizes the thoughts, so how hair is styled, what color it is, if it gets messed-up, etc., can all communicate a character's state of mind to the audience; a lack of hair CAN mean that the character has no thoughts (everything, then, is carried out on an instinctual or gut feeling level) but it can also mean that the character isn't going to let anyone know what it is they are thinking. For example, in The Kingsman: the Secret Service, villain Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) wore a hat throughout the entire film and when Harry (Colin Firth) is about to be shot by Valentine, Valentine says, "This is the part where I tell you my plan for taking over the world so you can escape and stop me, well, this isn't that kind of movie." Valentine, then, keeps his thoughts to himself and that may be what we are going to find with Luthor.
Jesse Eisenburg (The Social Network and Now You See Me) has been officially featured today via director Zack Synder's Instagram as Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman vs Superman. Have you noticed a trend? Black and white photos seem to be the norm at least with the "villains," and given that we first saw Ben Affleck's Batman and the Batmobile in black and white, I am confident that Snyder is providing us with a carefully crafted subtext message.
I love it.
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