Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TRAILERS: The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Pitch Perfect 2 #2, Last Knights, Insurgent, Cinderella

Guy Richie's The Man From U.N.C.L.E. has finally been released and this looks great!
I know you can cruise through YouTube and find these trailers yourself; the reason you come to this blog is for the analysis, but I don't have time for that: my aunt is not doing well after her fall resulting in her hip being broken, so I am posting these For your enjoyment because, like, out of nowhere, all these trailers dropped.
Poster for the film starring Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Naomi Rapace. Daniel Craig is back on the set of SPECTRE after hurting his leg during a stunt scene and Andrew Garfield is no longer Spider Man. Sony has signed a deal with Marvel Studios to incorporate Spider Man into the Avengers universe and that Spider Man will be much younger, maybe even like in high school, which is why Garfield will not be "eligible" to play as he is turning 32 this year. The deal is pretty big considering that, even though Spider Man is a Marvel creation, the film rights for Spider Man reside with Sony who has just entered into the agreement. One of the young actors being pitched to play the young Spider Man is Logan Lerhman of the Percy Jackson series.  John Wick 2 is happening. The duo-director team both were previously stunt men which explains why the stunt shots were filmed the way they were (as in, "awesome!"). They hope to have Keanu Reeves back. It's kind of weird to see little to no movement in the Most Popular Posts Of the Week column on the right side of the blog, but John Wick threw out long-standing Madagascar 3 to enter the Most Popular Posts Of All time category. 
Speaking of Henry Cavill, Jupiter Ascending officially bombed with just a $18.3 million weekend debut; the first trailer for Batman vs Superman was rumored to be attached to the film and wasn't, it is now being rumored,... (sigh), to be attached to Mad Max Fury Road. Pitch Perfect 2 has released their second trailer:
You're probably saying, "Why on earth is Obama and Michelle being referenced in this video????" Because World War II is also being referenced in this video. This AMAZING looking film with Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen that I will definitely be checking at On Demand.
Please tell me that you see that the "cancer" is Obama and this is a call for revolution? Please tell me you see that,...? On the other hand, there is this trailer for Cut Bank with John Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Dern and Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend:
The point of this Cut Bank is that, if no one had to worry about money, then corruption and greed wouldn't exist. Hitman: Agent 47,... this is going to go Left.
First clue is at 1:06 when this criminal comes walking out in a US military uniform (to suggest that members of the American military are criminals). When Zachary Quinto's character starts talking about how 47 is engineered, this is meant to do two things. First, make "social Darwinism," which socialists call capitalism, look totally out of control--if you stay a capitalist, you are going to have these hitmen roaming your streets, do you want that?--when in reality, it's socialism that does those kind of things because 1. there is no sanctity to the human being, 2. there is no religion in socialism and, 3. to make you think of the last time you heard these words being said, which was Star Trek Into Darkness, also with Zachary Quinto as Spock. At both 2:08, when Quinto rushes on him from behind and they fall over the rail onto the vehicle below, and 2:13 when the helicopter crashes into the building, the film quotes Star Trek Into Darkness: Spock followed Kahn (Benedict Cumberbatch) onto moving vehicles to avenge Kirk, and Kahn attacked Starfleet in his helicopter-like mobile; why? Because STID was a very anti-socialist film, and Hitman: Agent 47 wants to debate it (please see The Enemy Of My Enemy: Star Trek Into Darkness and the Socialist Trinity for more).  Now, here is an interesting featurette for The Lazurus Effect I am pretty sure is going to be pro-socialist, but I could be wrong:
Newest trailer from Insurgent:
The newest trailer from Cinderella has been released, and it's far more complex than just a fairy tale:
This clip from Cinderella will reveal why Cate Blanchett was willing to do the film:
Jurassic World has released another trailer, this one a commercial passively revealing how horrible corporations are:
The Kingsmen: The Secret Service opens Thursday and I am totally going. Oh, by the way, I will not be seeing Fifty Shades of Grey, as you know all ready.
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