Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Trailer: The Lazarus Effect #2

The Lazarus Effect comes out in theaters February 27 and appears to have waited until January to start their publicity campaign for the film. Jason Blum, the director, has worked on two very pro-socialist films, The Purge and Sinister, so we shouldn't be expecting anything else from him but that. How can we say that this will be a pro-socialist film, just because his last two films were? Here's the second trailer:
To be perfectly honest, bringing someone back from the dead IS an experiment that a socialist or communist country would be willing to do because they don't have any ethics. They really don't. If someone, especially a leader, from a socialist/communist country says that "something is wrong" to do, it's probably because it has to do with private property, luxury or someone is training to be the very best in their field that they can be, and trying to be better than others is the only real sin in socialism. So, what does this trailer present us with that we have seen before? Medical experiment, and bringing a dog back to life.
In Gravity, Sandra Bullock's character was out in space doing a medical experiment before the demolished Russian satellite came and destroyed it (that was a symbolically loaded sentence; please see Gravity: Buddha & Da Vinci for more). In Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, we saw a young boy bring his beloved dog back from the dead, like the experiments in The Lazarus Effect. At 0:39 in the trailer above, a girl says, "You're talking about bringing someone back from the dead. This is no lab experiment, this is crossing a line, this is a human being." Symbolically, however, we know that Zoe--which is a Greek word meaning "life" or "alive"--is the "motherland," because she is of child-bearing age. Now we could take it in the direction of the "Lazarus serum" being what she was going to give birth to, this new "life" to those who died; however, I could be wrong, and this is why,....
Metaphorically, let's consider that the "experiment" being done on animals is from a socialist perspective, i.e., we are going to bring back, resurrect from the dead, these medical, social and political programs that treated people like animals, like the dog we see being resurrected that then experiences problems (from the first trailer); in the process of the experiment, America dies (Zoe, in giving her life for the "experiment" that is socialism) and that wasn't supposed to happen, but it did, because she got electrocuted. Maybe you remember a little film that no one else saw called The Apparition, it was hyper-critical about America's use of electricity and Thomas Edison (please see Entities Of Power: The Apparition for more). Zoe being burned to death by her use of electricity could signal why she had to die, (remember: everyone in a film dies because there is something about them that is all ready dead) America isn't going to give up on fossil fuels, so it's just that there shouldn't be anymore America, we will replace it with the New World Order. But there's a problem,...
Her husband.
Capitalism (the husband, men of a child-bearing age symbol the active principle of the economy) brings back its wife, America (Zoe, the motherland). Notice in the image above that the "gun," for lack of a better description, could be taken as a phallic symbol; for what end? From a socialist perspective, probably something to the effect of capitalism infusing America with propaganda about what is best for the world. So, America dies, and capitalism brings it back to life (like with low gas and people being able to adapt and still earn a living and adjust to the new market conditions), and when America wakes up, she brings hell back with her: why would socialists be worried about a resurrected America bringing hell back with her?
Does the word "Benghazi" mean anything to you? What about Obama attacking Libya without consent of Congress? Or, in 2009, when Obama accepted a UN chair in contradiction to the Constitution? Bribing federal candidates? Any of the treasonous offences in this list, or others, for Obama, his wife, and his entire staff and cabinet, would mean "hell" for socialists and the nearly the entire Democrat party for being party to the conspiracy to protect him from impeachment and hide his numerous offenses. Director Jason Blum gave us The Purge, and it took place just a couple of years in the future, and there were "New Founding Fathers," who--in a post-Obama America--made America so pro-capitalist (the "Purge" being a radical concept of social Darwinism, like The Hunger Games; please see The New Founding Fathers: The Purge and Releasing the Beast for more) that we resorted to killing off people who weren't being productive. In this vision of The Lazarus Effect, he images America being resurrected, but implementing the justice and punishments of hell for all the offences and crimes (riots, race-baiting, the news media lying to protect Obama, Congress not doing its job, etc.) socialists have committed to make their "experiment" work. I could be wrong, I could be completely wrong about this, but I do plan on seeing it, regardless of which way it goes, because I think this is a rather interesting argument that is being put forth and I would like to see what he does with it.
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