Thursday, February 26, 2015

Penny Dreadful Season 2 & James Bond Spectre

I feel kind of bad about this, but the reviews for The Lazarus Effect have been devastating, and I have good films that I can spend the time writing about, so there is that decision. I am not going. I truly hope you are not disappointed, but everyone is criticizing the exact same things, and it seems a very, very poorly conceived film, so I am not even concerned with it.
On the other hand,...
Two new posters have been released for the second season of Penny Dreadful, including this one of  Sir Malcolm Murray in distress. The largely monochromatic poster--grays, whites and light blues--accentuate the red slash  across his shoulders. We know two things about season two: first, it involves witches, whereas season one was about vampires; secondly, the "Master" is still alive (the one Mina was going to give Vanessa to, and he is a vampire). We know that Madame Kali, who we saw bathing in blood in the last trailer for the series, is after Sir Malcolm for herself, but Vanessa stands in-between Madame Kali getting him (remember, in the last episode, when Malcolm ran into Madame Kali at the gun store, she asked what happened to Vanessa, and Malcolm made a rather surprising response: she's the friend of my daughter. Since Vanessa having sex with Mina's fiancee, they hand't been friends and, later that same night, Malcolm tells Mina, "I all ready have a daughter" and shots Mina to protect Vanessa, so, uh, yea, this is a rather suggestive situation between Malcolm and Kali). The red mark reminds me of the red marking left on the doors of people by "Those of whom we do not speak" in The Village. Why would Penny Dreadful so obviously invoke the film? It has to do with "the monsters within."
Here is a one and a half minute interview with director Sam Mendes and his notes on how production is going, revealing the work of an exceedingly well-conceived film. Spectre opens in the UK in late October, and the US on November 6; I just cannot wait!
After getting hurt on the set again (Craig tries to do all his own stunts) this time in a car chase scene set in Rome (the car he was driving hit a bump, causing the actor to hit his head on the car's interior, but it wasn't serious), Craig teased in an interview that the sense that "something is up" in the film will be the second part of the film's story and also tied to Bond's childhood.
Sembene's character could have done far better in season one: why was he at the theater where Vanessa followed Dorian? That was never expanded upon (did Malcolm have him follow her there? Does Sembene love Vanessa and he followed her on his own? I would be surprised if nothing is ever made of that scene, I have a feeling it's going to come back). Anyways, both Sembene and Malcolm look up at the sky, Malcolm with eyes closed and Sembene with eyes open, exposing both of their necks, which the red line slashing across the poster seems to severe from the rest of the body. It probably isn't Madame Kali flying around on her broom stick like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz, but it will be  interesting if more details are released, which I guarantee they will be.
Robert Downey Jr with a Twitter account is a bit of a dangerous thing. Marvel permitted him to tweet out that in 8 days (now 7) there will be a huge Marvel announcement; of course, the blogosphere is active with speculation, everything from a tease about the coming civil war with Captain America, to news about the new Spider Man. He did, however, generously release a new poster to go with his ambiguous forecast:
Over the Avenger's left shoulder is the scenic mountain top where the Baron's castle is that the film starts out at (rumored), but it also rather looks like that castle in Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows where Holmes "meets his death." Stark wears armor he must have rebuilt after his completely destroyed his armory in Iron Man 3; ? I don't understand that, but I am going to hope Avengers 2 will explain--they are good at that. without a doubt, however, the most striking thing we see about this poster is Stark's pose: Tony Stark is on his knees. It appears that he has been humbled, but we obviously don't know why or if he is actually doing something else, like getting ready to leap, but the profile (which always means there is something we don't see and can't) suggests there is much more to Stark's character which is exactly how it should be.
Ok, so, like my sister--who never reads this blog EVER--but thinks she knows exactly what I need to do on it (and we never watch the same films, EVER), made me watch these trailers for the new Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell film Get Hard. Here is trailer one:
And here is trailer number two:
Comedy is an incredible way to level playing fields and open dialogue without people getting hurt; because if you are laughing, you're not getting hurt; the problem is, the "IF." This looks pretty funny, which--if it does well--could be another big score for Mr. Hart whose mega hit Ride Along ($25 million budget, made $50 million opening weekend) has all ready made him a hot commodity. By the way, Dear White People is available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, as well as Whiplash, Boyhood, Birdman, Kill the Messenger, The Theory of Everything and Penguins of Madagascar.
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