Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Harvesting the Earth: Jupiter Ascending

I am not watching this movie. I know that sounds belligerent, especially given that writing about films is my self-proclaimed job as chief executive officer of the Fine Art Diner. I have limited funds and limited time and this just isn't a priority to watch another film from the makers of Cloud Atlas, which was insultingly pro-socialist:
"It can be difficult for people from under-developed worlds to hear that their's is not the only inhabited planet,...."I was bred for the military..." This planet was seeded by Brasax Industries 100,000 years ago,..." (That is actually something we have seen in both Transformers 4 and Man Of Steel, well, in MoS, it was colonization, but similar). "He's the one who controls this planet and wants you dead..." "You are royalty,...." "When the exact same genes reappear in the exact same order it is what you call reincarnation" (which the Wachowskis totally buy into, as Cloud Atlas was full of it, literally)... "Your earth is a very small part of a very large industry,..." "In your world, people are used to fighting for resources..." "How can one person own the earth,..." "I will harvest that planet tomorrow..." "That planet belongs to me,..."
He's always dying in any movie he's in.
Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) works as a house-keeper and is then told she's a member of the royal family; okay, so far so good, this is all fine. What the film is encouraging, however, is that women--and getting the woman voted "sexiest woman alive" by GQ or whoever is really a liberating thing for women, I'm sure--need to stand up against industrialists and destroy the ones who liberals are telling them "own the planet." Why? Why would women even listen to this? First, because feminists believe that all men are like Balem (Eddie Redmayne) and the only way there will be "true equality" in the workplace is if the government steps in and takes away what men have and gives it to women and then the government decides who gets jobs (yea, look at how well women have been faring under Obama: Hilary getting replaced and prosecuted for Benghazi, Sebelius retiring after her $600 million website, Lerner pleading the 5th for her IRS scandals, Wassar-Schultz spreading lies that even CNN won't broadcast, Powers sent around telling everyone "It was a video that caused the protests," yea, let the government put women in positions of power).
Secondly, liberals want to make sure that you know you are a victim: life is easy and good if you are white and male, but if you aren't, life is going to destroy you, so you better have the government there to help you, otherwise, you are all alone. Why do liberals want you to be a victim? If you are a victim, you don't have free will; you don't have a choice about anything but you also don't have the responsibility for anything, just like an animal. So, why didn't the audience members at Sundance--a very liberal film festival--like Jupiter Ascending, if everything that is in it is what they believe anyway? When someone articulates it for them, like Jupiter Ascending is doing, they realize how ridiculous it is, and they reject the vehicle (in this case, the film) and dismiss it as bad when it's just a good example of what they believe, they just won't admit that it's idiotic.
So, yea, I'm not going.
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner