Wednesday, January 7, 2015

TRAILER: The Lazarus Effect & Penny Dreadful; SPECTRE and Pirates 5 News

Here it is: the trailer for The Lazarus Effect I saw yesterday at the theater that had not been released online yet; we also have a season 2 snippet for Penny Dreadful, but more on that in a moment. As I pointed out yesterday, there have been lots of films touching on or directly employing the theme of "resurrection," so I am not the least bit surprised to see an entire film about it.
There are several important elements about this poster, but I am going to let you have at it. Here are some hints: her eyes, the strand of hair, the color on the poster/her face, and the reflection in the black of her eye. Good luck!
We have seen "resurrection" used in Skyfall, when Bond tells Silva that his hobby is "Resurrection." We see resurrection at the start of and the end of Star Trek into Darkness: the little girl at the start of the film is given a rabbit by her parents (the rabbit being a symbol of Easter and the resurrection of Christ they hope for their daughter, more on that in a moment) and then we see Captain Kirk resurrected from radiation poisoning at the end of the film; we can also say that Kahn is resurrected from his deep sleep and not supposed to be disturbed. In Iron Man 3, Tony gives Pepper a huge stuffed rabbit for Christmas, again, a symbol of the resurrection that she herself will undergo later in the film after she falls into the inferno, and then rises again; the same themes are prevalent in Silent Hill: Revelation. There is also the evil demon in Evil Dead, and Charles Xavier in X-Men Days Of Future Past. We can say that the Dark Elves are resurrected in Thor: the Dark World, having woken up from a long sleep from which they were not supposed to awaken (and Loki's faked death); we may also include the Nine and Sauron from The Hobbit (all three of them) because the Necromancer had caused them to become resurrected, as well as Matt Damon's character in Interstellar.  We also see in in Brona Croft for Penny Dreadful (well, we haven't technically seen it yet).
On the left, the very first released image for Spectre, the Bond 24 film. Rather bleak, eh? At the top on the right is Dave Battista, from Guardians of the Galaxy (Drax), Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux, whom you might remember as the blonde assassin who wanted to be paid in diamonds in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The Bond team are in the Austrian Alps where they are filming a sequence (middle shot of the hotel/restaurant) and Craig at the bottom. Spectre will be released in November in the US and October in the UK.
Again, the similarity to the 1990 film Flatliners isn't important (except that we are seeing a film that did quite well then be "somewhat remade because the vocabulary has something in common with events going on today). What's important is the pattern we have been seeing with resurrection being mentioned and enacted so many times recently (just as we saw with Godzilla, being referenced and then there being a Godzilla film). So, with all these examples, what does "resurrection" mean as a cultural "tag" for 2012-2015?
At 2:02, maybe you caught it?
John: 11.
What happens in John Chapter 11? Lazarus is brought back from the dead. This is important for two reasons. First, that blip we saw, along with the initial blips at the start of the trailer, are a way of saying something without saying something. We will be seeing more of that in the film, in one visual way or another. Secondly, by specifically citing John 11, the film is not just casually using the name "Lazarus," but specifically in a Christian context, which is why the film is going to be so interesting. As the verses in the chapter tell us, Lazarus died for God's glorification,... not Lazarus'. Or man's. Or anyone else's, just for God's glory. That's why Zoe (Olivia Wilde) goes to hell: in Greek, "zoe" means "life," or "alive," so she has abused her life she was given in "playing God," as the  woman in the trailer says, and not living, rather, directing her life towards death.
But it's even more serious than this.
The first released image of the set for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Rumors are circulating about Orlando Bloom returning and, when pressed, he weighed in that they are filming them all at the same time, and he may be contacted to return, even though he's Davey Jones now, but Bloom also let slip that the new Davey Jones has a son, and that his Will Turner's role would focus on something having to do with his son. 
"Evil will rise," is the tagline, and that's because the power that was the glory of God's--the matter of life and death--has now been consecrated to the devil. How? Well, let's ask ourselves this: is there any place in America today, where there is the power to decide who lives or who dies? Yes, not only with Obamacare and the rationing of health care (the decision of who is most worthy to live and who is not) but also with the outrageous Veteran's Administration scandal and the putting of veterans on lists to receive operations and medicine with no intention of getting them that care, because they are veterans. That is playing God. Only God can decide who lives and who dies, but these examples of Obama's policies clearly link him to the Nazis who did the same things with party members receiving care and those who were "undesirable" being allowed to die or sent to concentration camps.  Now, onto Penny Dreadful Season 2. There is still no start date for the second season, but word leaks out now and then that certain episodes are finished (there are ten in all for season 2).
Vanessa Ives' (Eva Green) monologue is important in that, she has basically answered the cliffhanger question for us at the end of the last episode: do you want to be cured? The second scene is of Ethan, supposedly after his last werewolf outbreak, and it's possible the question Vanessa asks is directed at him, hoping he will use his "werewolfism" for something good (it's interesting though, because he really should have used it against that vampire controlling Mina in Season 1, because it takes a werewolf to kill a vampire; I'm so upset that Van Helsing is dead, that's a real bummer). It almost seems that a kind of "Monster Squad" is being put together by Vanessa; why? Helen McCrory, who plays Madame Kali, is much more powerful than we were led to believe, and if she is going after Sir Malcolm (this is just speculation) or going to try and unleash the evil that wasn't unleashed in the last season, than Vanessa is going to need help to stop her, if that's what is going to happen.
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The first released image of season 2 for Penny Dreadful fans.