Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Lazarus Effect & News

For those looking for the latest information on The Lazarus Effect (film with Olivia Wilde), please go to my updated post here with the second trailer included.. The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death was released this week--like, two months early--and being so thrown off guard, I went and saw that today.
This poster not only summarizes the film perfectly, but all horror films. Essentially, we are the enemy, the ghost, the specter, the evil in a horror film and ascending staircases--as in this poster--or descending into the cellar is the way we find the ghost and find our truest, deepest selves--but also our highest, most heroic selves. Every single scene and image in the film is packed with symbols and imagery that needs unpacking, so this is going to be a lot of fun. If you go, be on the look out for "quotes" from The Conjuring and Annabelle. You do not need to have seen the first film in order to see this one, however, I do reccommend the first film highly; I saw it and had to go back and see it again, I thought it was so good, and wrote two different posts on it (Naming the Harlot and Queen Victoria, Monkeys and the Catholic Church).  There was a different team working on film #2, and it's decidedly anti-socialist. 
You know that my standard of "entertainment" relies solely on the degree of brain play involved with watching the film: given that, this was a sophisticated screenplay, well-acted and intimate little story that I will be thinking about for weeks. I am working on the post, which will be full of spoilers, so if you haven't seen it, or don't want to know what happens prior to seeing it, then don't read the post until after you've gotten to the cinema. One of the trailers attached to TWIB2 was this one with Olivia Wilde, The Lazarus Effect, opening February 27:
As always, it's not about originality or new story lines, that we are interested in, rather PATTERNS. RESURRECTION has been one of the dominant themes of the last two years (Captain America being resurrected from the ice, James Bond saying his hobby is "Resurrection," in Skyfall, the themes of resurrection in both Iron Man 3 [with Tony giving Pepper the big bunny, Easter symbol] and in Star Trek: Into Darkness with Kirk dying then coming back to life, and the rabbit at the start of the show in that as well; there is always the "resurrection of Charles Xavier in X-Men Days Of Future Past and probably others I am forgetting).  It doesn't matter if this is like Flatliners, what matters is that this is the chosen vocabulary these artists are using to describe the cultural events happening today; so, all we have to ask is, what is it students and young people have "resurrected" today that is evil?........
Even though the trailer is on the big screen, it's not on YouTube, or any where else on the internet. This film looks good. And I mean good. Olivia Wilde (above) is part of a student research team who has developed the Lazarus serum which--trial tested on animals--allows them to bring them back from the dead. So they do these experiments with a dog and let the dog die, then try to bring him back to life. They successfully bring the dog back to life, but the dog isn't a normal dog and has way too much brain wave action. They are doing another experiment and Wilde's character gets electrocuted and dies; her husband, a member of the team, decides to use the serum to bring her back. As you can see from the picture above, it's not the same woman who died. As soon as the trailer makes its way on line, I will post it.
Two films have just been released on video that I am interested in seeing: Stonehearst Asylum and As Above Below, the story of the archaeologists who go under the Paris streets to search the catacombs and find the gates of hell. I'm normally not at all into scary movies, however, this one peeked my interest (it's out at Redbox, by the way). Originally called Eliza Graves, Stoneheart Asylum is the film where the patients take over and imprison the original hospital staff, based upon the Edgar Allan Poe story, The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Feather.  Ouija is also out now. Speaking of Michael Caine, he's in Now You See Me 2, but he has stated that it will be his last film, as he's ready to retire. That's quite a career, Alfie. 
It has been confirmed that James Wan, director of The Conjuring and Fast and Furious 7, is doing The Conjuring 2. It also appears, due to a casting call being put out, that The Amazing Spider Man 3, with Andrew Garfield in the lead, is happening. After the Sony hacks, and evidence from leaked emails about a deal to have Spider Man (played by a different actor) appear in a Captain America film with a 60/40 profit sharing between Marvel and Sony, the deal wasn't signed. Garfield reportedly angered the upper-management at Sony after reportedly blaming them for the lowest box office haul of any Spider Man film. Marvel has announced that, on January 12, there will be a new trailer for The Avengers 2. 
A trailer that isn't making news is Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. It was rumored to be attached to The Hobbit 3, and wasn't (in fact, The Hobbit 3 had some pretty dismal trailers). In all actuality, this was probably a smart move. BvS doesn't happen for another 16 months, and the early Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer "disaster" was probably a lesson Zach Snyder took seriously, given that everyone was talking about the lightsaber, rather than the film. So, time to get to work, thank you for your patience!
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