Monday, January 12, 2015

The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron Trailer #3 & Ant Man Trailer #1

I had hoped to have The Woman In Black Angel Of Death post up tonight, but there are so many layers I am getting lost in it! Ugh. So, I just wanted to let you know that I have not abandoned the blog and I am still working, the fruits of which just aren't ready to share as of yet. Here is the promised third trailer for The Avengers:
Now, let's consider the first trailer for Ant Man (2015 release):
There is an enormous gulf between the approaches of these two movies: The Avengers are the very best, biggest, toughest and most powerful icons of "the good guys" in America today,... Ant Man? You mean, like,... an,...ant? There is a reason for this. Remember, Marvel has planned films for the next five years, so these new trailers are "old news" in the place where they are coming from. Why stay with the name "Ant Man" and then point out the desire to change it in the introductory trailer (but still not change it?)????? Because they wanted to keep it. And they wanted to keep it for a reason. And that is a reason I have been seriously pondering since they announced they were going to make this film. And I think the reason they kept the name is because,....
This is my built-in "noise" quotient to build-up anticipation in lieu of a drum roll,...
They are citing another movie.
Which movie?
The greatest movie ever made about ants.
Which movie is that?
I can totally understand you not believing me, but I would expect you to believe the greatest living directors in Hollywood right now. In Turner Classic Movies' Watch the Skies! documentary about the sci-fi films of giant creatures made in the late 1940s and 1950s, TCM interviewed the directors who grew up watching those films, and they talk about how important they were to them (this is just the first part, but Them! is on there, and Spielberg talks about how it impacted him):
(To watch the rest, click on the video to go to YouTube and the rest of the episodes are there). I agree with the directors on how important Them! is, but I disagree with them on what it means (big surprise there). No, "them" wasn't "them" the communists, "them" was actually "us" the Americans turning into communists because we were losing contact with who we were, we were becoming a bunch of worker ants like those in the Soviet Union, and that's why Them! is such a powerful film, even today (it was one of the first films we watched in my first film criticism class I took).  Just as Them! was desperately trying to save our world from the ants, from the bad tendencies we ourselves were exhibiting and possibly destroying the world with, Ant Man's trailer seems to be building up to the same thing. I could be wrong, but I am willing to risk it. I could be wrong. Maybe. We'll see. In the meantime, watch Them! and here's my post on it: And the Beasts Shall Reign Over the Earth: Them! and Finding the Political Other Within.
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