Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eastwood's Anti-War Statement in American Sniper

I try.
I am human, but I genuinely try to give the best interpretation of a film's values that I can. I want every film to validate the proud and strong tradition of my country, America, as citizens of other countries love their homeland and want art that reflects their beliefs and traditions, not to run us down and mock us because there is a buck to be made and those criticizing the country of their birth feel superior to their fellow citizens when they bully them. An article has been published in which Mr. Eastwood calls American Sniper his "biggest anti-war statement" of his career. The problem is, this isn't an "anti-war" statement, because the War on Terror wasn't an American act of aggression, it was an act of self-defense. If I punched Clint Eastwood in the face, by his own standards of conduct he lays down in the film, he has no right to retaliate or defend himself against me hitting him in the face again (Mr. Eastwood is not a Christian, so "turning the other cheek" doesn't need to figure into this discussion). This second weekend of the film makes it the biggest-ever opening weekend for a Clint Eastwood film. I am confident that Americans going to see the film want to support Chris Kyle and the men and women in uniform, but--sadly--it's supporting a film mocking them and the very people and ideals they support. The good news is, so many Americans have been to see the film that liberal Hollywood hates it. There is a silver lining,....
Eat Your Art Out,
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P.S.--John kindly tweeted me this review of Foxcatcher with Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carell; if you think I am hard on films, or that I go too far into economics and values, read this explosive review, ouch! Foxcatcher Is 2014's Worst Movie.