Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!
I'm sure you have been at least as busy as I have, so I apologize for not posting more often, but it's a symptom of the season. I saw The Hobbit: The Battle Of the Five Armies and it was epic. It's two and a half hours, but seemed to have lasted only an hour, it went so fast. I plan to see some movies tomorrow, but family time is up in the air. My first priority is to see Into the Woods because that's the one I think is mostly likely to go pro-socialist but I am not sure, that's a guess; I also plan to see Unbroken and The Imitation Game. As you know, none of these are the films being talked about, are they?
What exactly happened with this? It's not just a question of who hacked into Sony, but of their response to the hackers' threats and the White House's lack of a response to the threats.  Personally, and I don't think this is a popular position, I side with North Korea: I don't think they hacked into Sony, I thin the White House did it, or an American agency on orders from the White House; why? Back in the old days, Mary, Queen of Scots, had sanctioned an assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth I; Elizabeth, paranoid that Mary/her supporters, would take her thrown debated about having her executed. It was the a dilemma because no monarch had ever had another monarch put to death and, if the English rose up against Elizabeth, they might put her to death if Elizabeth established a precedent. Elizabeth buckled and had Mary beheaded. I think Obama is worried that, a film sanctioning the assassination of a socialist dictator will give the American people ideas about assassinating our own socialist dictator, and he doesn't want to do that, so Obama had Sony hacked and leveled a threat about shwoing the film then blamed it on North Korea. Given all the lies, and the total lack of justice coming out of the White House, they have zero credibility, and North Korea actually has more; if North Korea did it, I am confident they would have owned to it. The White House, on the other hand, is nothing but denial about everything. No one has less credibility than the White House and there are precedents for them doing this: the NSA scandals, the hacking of the phones of the press and computers of journalists. When do we know of North Korea doing any of that? Regardless of whether or not I am correct, these events demonstrate the political dimensions of films and the repercussions--real or perceived--they can have upon countries and the whole world.
Due to the threats of 9/11 style violence, most theaters bowed and cowed and vowed they wouldn't show The InterviewAccording to this article, Sony intends on making the film available online to viewers after a limited release in theaters Christmas Day. Some other important news: director Justin Lin (Fast and Furious 6) will be helming Star Trek 3, now set for release in 2016 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the series' debut. Lin is also responsible for Universal Pictures' The Wolf Man.
I don't know anything about The Man From UNCLE, so these deductions about costuming are quite general and vague. First, the girl. She has a mark on her upper arm, suggesting she has been through a lot of damage in her life, but it has made her stronger (arms symbolize strength). I can't tell if the large bracelet she wears on her right arm is black or silver, but it's there to emphasize she's strong and capable. Her double-rimmed glasses also emphasize she's able to "see" or "understand" far better than most people and her hair is in the style of both Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games and Elsa from Frozen. Either she's full of faith or she completely lacks faith, which is why her dress and glasses are white. Napoleon Solo (Cavill) takes everything seriously (why he's dressed in business attire opposed to Hammer's more casual dress). Solo isn't a typical, generic "men in black," he has his own identity, a reputation and list of accomplishments setting him apart from others in his field. It appears that there is a portion of his strength that he's keeping "hidden" or to himself, signaled by his hand being in his pocket. His forehead, which is exposed by his hairstyle, suggests he tends to say what is on his mind, but he's got a bruise on his head which suggests his thinking on something was wrong and had to be corrected. Hammer's KGB character wears glasses covering his eyes, because the KGB wanted to appear non-human so as to frighten the people of Russia and control them with fear; we'll have to see if that plays into his character. The brown jacket either means he is humble as dirt or just dirty and might be willing to "bend" rules when it's expedient. His body language of having one foot up on the stone step indicates he thinks of himself as being a step "above" the others.
Guy Ritchie's latest project, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., a major TV hit series from the 60s, has released its first image with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer. The Cold War-era film partners Cavill as an American CIA agent with Hammer's KGB spy against an international crime ring dabbling in science to control the world. That's it for the moment, other than I hope all of you will have a most blessed holiday and get lots of rest and watch lots of movies! One guess as to what my family gets me for Christmas,...
Merry Christmas!
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