Friday, December 26, 2014

Identity Redistribution: Idris Elba, Rush Limbaugh & the Next Bond

As you probably know, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh reacted to one of the supposed Sony leaked emails which claimed to discuss who the next actor would be to portray James Bond, currently being portrayed by Daniel Craig (who has a contract for one more Bond film after Spectre, currently in filming). Was Rush right to say this?
Yes, he was.
But not for the reason everyone is claiming.
I will say this: not knowing any more of the details of who made the suggestion, who the email was sent to, the depth of the discussion on Mr. Elba--or ANY other actor post-Daniel Craig--as Bond has not been released, just a rumor about someone at Sony sending an email mentioning Idris Elba as Bond; we MIGHT say that Rush spoke on a topic too soon and should have kept his mouth shut. The host with 20 million listeners, however, was right to confront the snake of leftist politics as soon as it started slithering out of its dark cave because--as always--Rush could tell this wasn't just a Hollywood casting decision, but a silent coup taking place against Americans who value the role of Bond in our culture. IF Sony really wanted to empower minorities, they could do so in two ways: first, increase the number of minority leading roles in minority oriented value films or, secondly, completely wipe the slate clean of any and all role models, such as Bond, who are appreciated by Americans that Sony wants to isolate (such as the Tea Party, Christians, heterosexuals and those who refuse to identify themselves as minorities). Sony isn't doing either of these things, is it? Because, again, this isn't about minorities, this is about helping the government take control and establish power as a propaganda machine to destroy their enemies in this country.
We have seen entities such as Marvel comics turn Thor into a woman, and will turn Captain America from a Caucasian into a black man; why? It's being done in the name of "multiculturalism." Supposedly, whites have too many heroes and too many role models, so some of them have to be taken away from whites, and given to minorities so things will be even and fair. Does this sound like another liberal argument we've heard recently? Yes, it's wealth redistribution, or government-sanctioned theft of private property, and regardless of whether the suggestion of Mr. Elba actually taking the role of Bond is serious and possible, or there is a just a leftist backlash against Limbaugh for the sake of a leftist backlash against Limbaugh, is irrelevant; these are the patterns manifesting themselves in our culture and there is a reason for it.
Mr. Idris Elba is a highly talented actor who has played an increasing number of roles in big and critical films of the last year; his talent is not the central issue, either on Sony's side or Rush's side, rather, changing the cultural identity of a cultural icon is the issue, and it's an issue because it's been happening with other icons, so it's not an isolated incident, rather, one more incident in what is becoming a pattern of conquest.
No, not self-empowerment for minorities--but that's what the left wants you to think--it's power for the government. There are examples from history when a government, such as King Edward I of England and the Nazis, would complete their subjugation of a people--like the Welsh, Scots or Jews--by eradicating their art, culture and customs in order to eradicate their identity and force them to conform (or, in the case of the Jews, be completely eliminated from history all together). THIS is what is happening to Americans today; not just white Americans, but anyone who identifies themselves as "American," rather than with a specific ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or by their genitals.
During last year's 86th Academy Awards, American Hustle and Gravity tied for ten nominations each; neither film has any, ANY minority actors in them. The show was hosted by lesbian Ellen DeGeneres, rather than by Idris Elba or Morgan Freeman or Oprah or Queen Latifah, etc., and instead of giving the Oscar to Barkhad Abdi for Captain Philipps, it went to Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club portraying a cross-dresser (Elba's Long Walk To Freedom wasn't nominated). 12 Years A Slave won Best Picture, but director Steve McQueen didn't win for Best Director, nor did lead actor Chiwetel Ejiofor for Best Actor (it went to Matthew McConnaughey). So, if Hollywood is so concerned about multiculturalism, then it should take the Oscars awarded to the straight, white elite and distribute them to members of the black community. Of course, that's never going to happen.
We quickly arrive at the problem: "Get your own role models" means that, either the minorities complaining would have to admit that they, too, value what Thor or Bond symbolize, they just want him to be black (and, therefore, they are themselves exhibiting reverse racism) or that they want role models who are always the victim, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Those making the loudest noises don't admire Martin Luther King Jr for his courage and talents, but because of his skin color; those complaining don't admire Jackie Robinson because of his talents and courage, but because of his skin color. In other words, those complaining (those on the left) don't see people, they only see skin color, as we know, and nothing is going to satisfy them, so we might as well fight for our identity because they aren't going to do anything to protect us, the left wants to destroy all whites, all conservatives and all Americans.
The Lone Ranger TV series was iconic in the 1950s-60s, and the film's hatred of The Lone Ranger did everything it could to subvert and destroy the icon good guy who embodied and championed the values Americans hold dear. 42, the Jackie Robinson story, had a great opening and so did Ride Along with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Denzel Washington's The Equalizer had a solid opening, as did Elba's No Good Deed. Black actors are doing well, if you don't consider Tyler Perry, who was signed to replace Elba as Alex Cross in the box-office doomed franchise. 
To target a people's art is to target their very identity. The creation of art is a celebration of one's cultural identity and belonging; the left fails in creating self-affirming art because they are too busy trying to destroy anyone they deem their enemy which is why no one goes to see their films. Rush was right to fight this suggestion--not because Mr. Elba is black, or doesn't have the necessary talent--but because the left has gotten ahead in its attacks and--with the exception of Rush Limbaugh--we haven't started fighting back.
Eat Your Art Out,
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