Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Adoration of the Shepherds, Guido Reni. To my fellow Catholics, I wish you a most wondrous and blessed  Feast of Mary, Mother Of God (tomorrow, it is a holy day of obligation).  Let us each ask the Blessed Virgin, for ourselves, our loved ones, and our enemies, to become vessels of charity and wisdom, as she herself is, and that we may ever depend upon her intercession before her Divine Son more and more. One of many beautiful images of Christ's life is the birth in the manger. We often think of the larger structure, the building/the cave, as being "the manger," but that's not accurate, it's the feeding trough where the animals we go to get their food that is the manger. Why? Because Christ came to be "our food." He wasn't born on a throne to rule over us, he was born and laid in the manger to feed us, not only with his Love and Glory, so we would know our own great dignity, being created in the likeness of the Trinity, but also foreshadowing how He would give Himself as the "Perpetual Food" in the sacrifice of the mass, the Eucharist. The spiritual food would turn us, therefore, from our animal passions and nature which we gladly feed, to sustaining our spirit so we can follow The Spirit. 
To each and everyone of you, a blessed, prosperous and happy new year! May each of us achieve greater virtue in fulfilling our destinies, and may we always remember each other in prayer. May we be patient with one another and with ourselves; may we be humble and ever hopeful. May our Lord and God bless us and grant us pardon for our offences, and cause us to love ourselves as He loves us so that we may love others as He loves them.
Adoration of the Shepherds, Giorgione, 1510. According to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich,  the mystic and Stigmatist, the cave where Jesus was born was the same cave to which Adam and Eve retreated after they were expelled from Eden, and where God promised Eve a son to replace the slain Abel (Jesus). Having been a Protestant half of my life, I would like to point out that Catholics don't worship Mary, we honor her, the way Americans honor George Washington, or Michael Jordan, or anyone who has done something important and noteworthy; Mary was a human woman; God chose her to be the intermediary. the bridge, between heaven and earth, that He Himself trod so that we might follow in His footsteps and attain heaven. We honor Mary because Jesus honored Mary and by giving honor to Mary, we give honor to God, her creator.  The Feast of the Epiphany (the Magi worshipping) is January 6.
May God pour the grace of conversion into the hearts of all those lost in sin, that they may see the beauty of the Light that is Himself, and may all those who mourn know the great Love and Promise of His eternal salvation. May God bless you, and all you love, in this new year, and every year. Thank you for being the reason this blog exists, and for your generous loyalty; I apologize that I haven't posted in so many days, I have been plagued by headaches (it's been so long since I haven't been well, oh, well), but I am starting to feel better now.
Happy New Year!
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