Tuesday, November 4, 2014

TRAILER: Minions, The Pyramid, Now You See Me 2 News

Yesterday, I didn't even know they were making the film, and today, they have released the trailer and there is news on Now You See Me 2 which will be starring Daniel Radcliffe in addition to the original cast. Ladies and gentlemen, (while I am working on another post that won't get up until tomorrow), I give you this fascinating rebuttal to modern-day Marxists regarding the psyche of the middle-class, aka, minions:
To begin with, 1968 wasn't such a bad year for communism across the world, it was also the most important year for Civil Rights in America. The characteristics we see of the minions in this "origin" film, is their "missing link" status in terms of Darwinian evolution, concern with food and serving the most despicable master; in terms of the T-Rex, he is at the top of the food chain, so he would be like Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates, by socialist standards today. Now, in starting this out at the dawn of history, these film makers have brought to the forefront socialists' absolute worst enemy (as we all know): HISTORY. In spite of how un-intelligent, or un-resourceful, or non-ambitious the minions appear to be, they have personalities; in spite of their unintelligible talk, we still understand what they say (usually better than politicians in office).
If you will notice something, all these horrible dictators are actually pretty easy to dispose of, and the minions do it all by themselves. What is this supposed to be saying? Socialists try to make a revolution seem like a big deal, and the workers need the elite intelligentsia to pull off a revolution to free the workers (which is what minions are). The minions, however, seem more than perfectly able to bring down their rulers without any of the intelligentsia getting in their way; why? Look at history (again, the socialists worst topic) and you will see that nothing had to be done to bring down the biggest empires in history (especially the biggest businesses in the world, the free market usually takes care of that).
What's interesting though, these are not capitalists: they are dictators. T-Rex occurred naturally (so, no, he's not the 1% hippies hate so much). The Pharaohs, they were gods, not just dictators, and Napoleon was definitely a dictator and Dracula, was a monster, so the logic to rebutting Marxists is, there are despicable leaders outside of capitalism (beyond the Koch brothers, if you are talking to Harry Reid) and even in nature (that they hold as being more important than humanity). To prove that these are important points, please recall that they end up in the financial capitol of the world, New York City.
The more they downplay themselves, the smarter they prove to be. Now, remember, we clearly see in the trailer that Bob (the one with two eyes) is a mutant because he has two-different colored eyes. Why is this important? It's not important, it's imperative. What did we just see in X-Men Days Of Future Past? Socialists/communists hate mutants or anyone exhibiting any difference from a specified norm (the Jewish people, for example, the Nazis claimed were not of Aryan descent) whereas mutants have been welcomed (for the most part) in capitalist societies and allowed to thrive and prosper. Secondly, do you notice something about this image? All three of them are wearing overalls. So? Overalls are specifically worn by working-class people, the very people socialists claim they are trying to "save" from,.... themselves. Inevitably, socialists love the working class "to death," meaning, out of their "love" for the workers, socialists in their elitism deem workers too dumb to make their own decisions, so they kill all the workers (the very owns who were supposed to be the beneficiaries of the "Workers' Revolution") and only let a very limited number survive, mainly to serve the ruling class, which ends up being infinitely worst than the Koch brothers. So, while the animated film may appear to be simple, I am confident it's going to be full of razor-sharp rebuttals for socialists. 
Why is there the little mirage scene of Stuart thinking Kevin and Bob are bananas? Do you remember a film called Skyfall? Do you remember a story the villain, Silva, told about the island he lived on and what they did to get rid of the rats? Socialists believe that those of us in the middle-class are the rats of the world, and we will eat each other, if given the chance; so, Stuart seeing Kevin and Bob as bananas, and trying to eat them, like the rats eating each other in the story, is as ridiculous of a claim as all the other socialist myths (please see Last Rat Standing: Skyfall & the Question Of Free Will for more). Did you notice what happened as soon as the minions saw the Statue Of Liberty? Rock music started to play. Just as we saw in Rock Of Ages (Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones, Alec Baldwin), rock music developed in the US because there was the freedom to do so; it didn't develop in the USSR or North Korea or China because rock would be considered "degenerate" (ring any Nazi bells for you?) and wouldn't be allowed; in the financial capitol of the US, in NYC, the "Big Apple" because of "Big Appetites," rock could develop, evolve and flourish. These film makers know which way is up, and this is going to be a great film!
It has been confirmed that Now You See Me 2 is in the works. The $75 million film made over $350 million globally, so the whole cast is back, with the addition of Daniel Radcliffe who will be portraying Michael Caine's son in the film (Caine accidentally let that slip in an interview). The sequel takes place one year after the first film, and supposedly, the 4 Horseman (yes, there is also the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse that is coming out soon) resurface when a "new villain" enlists them to pull off an impossible bank heist; so, exactly why are they working for their enemy? Production begins in London next month, with a proposed 2016 release date. Even though the trailer below was released a couple of months ago, it managed to escape my attention; it's nearly identical to the other archaeology trailer, As Above, So Below, about the Paris catacombs, but this takes place in Egypt:
It would be wrong to dismiss a film, or any other work of art, on the basis that it "lacks originality," because that's not what is important: what is important, and far more interesting, is when everything is saying the exact same thing. They will find different ways to say it, but when there are echoes of the same ideas circulating, it means that art has truly tapped into the collective social unconscious and art, then, like the figures on the wall, become a warning; a warning of what? We have to watch the film. Then we have to analyze it. Then wait for more films to come out. To see if we were right. Then we have to analyze them. It's fun like that. So, I am going to see Interstellar Thursday night, posting via Twitter my initial reaction, and getting that post up ASAP! I will then try to get back to the theater to see Big Hero 6. Wish me luck! I have a post coming out tomorrow!
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