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TRAILER: The Avengers Age Of Ultron #3, Divergent #1, Mockingjay, News

It's not that I am bragging, there is absolutely no point in that at all; it's that I want you to have a solidified reason to trust me when I make some claims that might seem a bit far out to you, or really far-out, as the case may be. "There is only one path to peace: your extinction," Ultron tells the Avengers in the extended trailer for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, released yesterday, so the question is, who are the Avengers? White, heterosexual men, (Thor, Tony Stark, Hawkeye, Captain America, the Hulk; they are the leaders, Don Cheadle's Iron Patriot and Nick Fury are secondary characters, while Black Widow is a leading character, but hasn't had her own film, not yet) just as I have been telling you, the Left has to take down the power-holders in American society to continue waging their revolution, and that is the white, heterosexual male.
The first question to ask is, who is it, dear reader, who promises peace, but contends that violent war has to happen first? Who is it that appeals to the "younger generation," like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? Who is it that wants to make white men extinct? Socialism. Socialism always starts with a violent revolution and the killing off of the wealthiest members of society, the strongest members and those who will fight the hardest to protect it. Ultron, then, with this newest footage in the trailer, can be established as an Obama figure because, what is he bragging about right now? There are no strings on him keeping him from declaring amnesty, either in the form of the Constitution or Congress; he can do whatever he wants, he claims. So, what does the rest of the trailer show us?
Universal Studios has verified that they are remaking The Wolf Man, a rather daring move since the 2010 version starring Benecio del Toro only scored $60 million internationally. To head this off, the studio has hired three different writers who will each work on the script for the individual film as well as the film in which all the monsters will be coming together. The Mummy is slated for 2016 release, which means The Wolf Man is probably looking at a 2017 date.
Each hero appears to be facing more than what they can overcome, to the point that they themselves are overcome; why? That's the only way we get better and when our weapons won't work anymore, we can only rely upon what is inside of us. Ulton's army is similar to what we have all ready seen in the sentinels in X-Men Days Of Future Past.  Captain America's shield being destroyed is rather like the bubble being destroyed in Oz the Great and Powerful, and the destruction of Asgard in Thor: the Dark World, when that which we thought couldn't be destroyed, has been. Why is this a recurring theme? Americans didn't think the Constitution could be destroyed, but it's in the process of being completely eradicated by an evil twit in the White House.
The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist has changed its release date from October 2015 to  June 2016. The Conjuring director James Wan, who has also done Fast and Furious 7, has signed on to return, but here are some of the problems. The trailer for F & F 7 received  100 million hits in 48 hours, making it hugely successful for Wan; Justin Lin, however, is the one who has directed four of the seven films and seems to be in talks to come back and film three consecutive F & F films to close out the franchise; this is possible since he had signed on to do a Jeremy Renner based Bourne film, that has since been stolen by the very desperate Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass duo who are both out of work and without success. Wan seems to have Hollywood at his feet, so it's possible he's wanting to do another big-money-maker, and put off a smaller production, The Conjuring 2, but everyone still seems to be in talks. 
One last detail: at 1:44, we see ships in dirt; why? Obviously, all the water has gone and the ships are left dry. This might be a reference to the "ship of state," and the American government, or it could be an analogy with Oblivion (Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman): if you will recall, in that film the Tet was using up all the earth's water for it's own life. Why would The Avengers 2 want to quote X-Men DOFP and Oblivion? As you know, when a film does something that makes you think of another film, that is always intentional; it's not a lack of creativity/originality, it's the establishment of a dialogue, and the film wants you to think of that other film and link the two films together because both the films are saying the same thing. Which leads us to the next trailer: the first teaser for Divergent: Insurgent has been released:
The first image of this massive destruction she sees at the start of the trailer summons several films to mind: X-Men: DOFP, Star Trek Into Darkness, Mockingjay (and I am sure I am forgetting another one). Again, Insurgent wants us to link these films all together in our mind. Undoubtedly, this is a dream sequence--Divergent was full of them--all dreams are fulfillments of a wish, so what is Tris wishing for? To be able to save her mom. As you know, mothers symbolize the "motherland" because our country gave "birth" to us and a large part of our identity. Tris wanting to save "the motherland" is like so many Americans who went to the polls November 11 and voted the Democrats out of power to make the Congress look the way it did at the end of World War II, the first time we defeated the socialists.
Christoph Waltz has been signed to play the villain in Bond 24. Production will begin in December and appears to be taking place in various countries in Northern Africa (Morocco and Algiers, among other countries). It's scheduled to be released next October in the UK, and in November in the US, so they need to hurry up and get this made. Because I am really excited. And I will literally post every, single thing that comes out about it. 
What is the other element we notice besides the destruction, the mom wearing blue (depression/ wisdom) and some incredible acrobatics that Tris achieves to save her mom? Fire. The land is still being "consumed" even as it has all ready been destroyed. Additionally, Tris now has short hair, which was quite long in Divergent. We might say that, in the exhibition of her physical powers, Tris doesn't ponder things the way she used to (since hair symbolizes our thoughts and what kind of thoughts we have) and so now, she goes with more of a gut feeling, she doesn't have to spend as "long" (her long hair) thinking about something, she just knows. Now, this trailer for Mockingjay, which isn't really a trailer, is fascinating in how they did this:
Why start out with the invention of the camera? It's because of a camera that we are watching the trailer (the information was recorded by a camera, like the camera Beetee looks in to send his message to Peeta). "Virtually unchanged for 30 years until one man," what does this sentence mean? Progress. Progress can come to the entire world through one individual. Now, it's tempting to look at this car commercial and say it's an anti-capitalist trailer because they are interrupting it, however, this car commercial is utterly different from the other Capitol Broadcasts we have seen; this commercial could be on your TV right now (and the comments below this trailer on YouTube verify that because everyone commented on how they tried "skipping it" and couldn't and then Beetee came on; not to mention it ends with and, in The Hunger Games, the USA no longer exists, it's just Panem). Here we have, then, that the progress in the car industry is tied to the "resistance" in District 13 and to one of their own (Peeta) who has been taken and hijacked by the Capitol. The very creativity of this ad demonstrates how narrow and non-progressive (and I mean "Progressive" in its political sense as well [yes, Progressive Insurance company is owned by a progressive liberal, why do you think they named it that?]) the Capitol is. Which leads us to a closing comment,...
Mr. Jai Courtney is in talks to join Warner Brothers Suicide Squad with Tom Hardy and Will Smith. The DC comic based film is about four criminals who are given a second chance by doing a black ops mission they are not expected to survive. The film could potentially feature Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and might eventually hook up with Dawn Of Justice films
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