Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Infinity Wars Trailer For Marvel

Why are comic book films so "big" and "hot" right now? That's an easy answer: leadership. the heroes in comic books are rather 2 dimensional, like the paper they are printed on, but they all exhibit three characteristics that Americans can't get enough of right now: Leadership, Courage and Morality. Captain America is different from Spider Man, who is different from Iron Man, who is different from Batman, etc., but they are all people who can be trusted. This simple truth is THE REASON why the heroes from comic books are so popular right now, because (sadly) they don't exist anywhere else in America but on pages of fantasy. This is part of the reason why the leaked trailer for Marvel's grand scheme is SO GRAND,....
In addition to comic book heroes being easy to infuse with patriotism and stalwart values of goodness and honesty, comic narratives are fairly easy to encode so it's never too obvious what the real message of the film is. For example, Marvel has a history of having been anti-communist from the very start of its inception, so the films we are seeing today are all being true to form in their origin. The plots are easy to make general, so most people will identify with the struggle. What's fascinating, however, is the shift back to polarities. In the 1960s until today, minority groups (feminists and anyone identifying themselves as a minority) started critiquing public discourse through the methods of deconstruction, specifically criticizing the use of simple binaries (man and woman, black and white, good and evil, right and wrong).  Minority critics argued that public discourse was always excluding some facet of society, or regulating some facet to a "second tier," and empowering one group over another (men being a more positive value meant that women were less valuable; white being seen as more desirable meant that blacks and other non-white members of society lacked the chances that whites had simply by being white, etc.). These were the seeds of what "political correctness" became, and once the binary framework of "public discourse" was de-stabilized, it then became easy to destabilize "right and wrong," "moral and immoral," "good and evil," because then any claims of an act being evil could be simply tossed out with a response such as "It's relative" (consider, for example, that today there are like forty different recognized genders on Facebook, whereas before there was just male and female; this is the result of , among other things, the destabilization of public discourse). THE REASON THIS IS IMPORTANT is because, in the world of comic books, we are actually seeing the return of "binary" thought systems, and polarizations, which is what makes it easy to have simple plots and 2D heroes; you can't have a two-dimensional hero always side-stepping political correctness issues. So, yea, comic book films are important as they are putting up a front of resistance. 
Yes, this is the trailer--lead up to the events, not the actual film footage events--that comprises the upcoming Marvel Infinity Wars Part 1 and Part 2, due out in 2018 and 2019, which was shown at an event; lucky for everyone not attending, this trailer leaked online through one of those phone cameras. Now, what we will see, when the crowd starts cheering, is Thanos with the "Infinity Gauntlet," i.e., the collection of all seven of the Infinity Stones:
Why is the plot for this important?
First of all, even with the heroes in their respective films accomplishing the acts necessary to "win the day" in the challenges facing them, they are being prepared for a much greater challenge; each of these heroes, in other words, has suffered, but it's for a battle that they will have to be in top shape to have any hope of defeating the evil. Secondly, even as the heroes have won battles, Thanos has been preparing to win the war; sound like someone else we know? Sauron in The Hobbit: the Battle Of the Five Armies (and there will be at least five armies in The Infinity Wars). As Gandalf says, this is the master stroke of a plan long in the making, and we can say the same of Thanos. The question is, why would two such huge budget films, that are greatly anticipated, both build their plots around the same point, and gamble the destruction of all humanity? Because that is exactly what is happening in the real world. The socialist revolution we are witnessing in America, Great Britain and the United Nations, has been in the making for decades, and the means of war being waged right now have been long in the making and are a part of their master stroke to, literally, kill billions of people so that a few can be in power and have their way. Just as Thanos has been grabbing all the Infinity Stones, and gathering them to himself (as opposed to the old idea that they be spread out so no one could gather them all together) we can see the same in Obama gathering all political power into the office of the Emperor Branch, I mean, Executive Branch, to destroy all those opposing him. Comic book films are not about comics, they are about real-world horror politics.
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