Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NEWS: Bond 24 & The Hobbit Battle Of the Five Armies

November 6 will see the second and last trailer for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: The Battle Of the Five Armies. Production is finally set to begin on Bond 24 and I am still trying discern how biblical  Exodus: Gods & Kings.
The third and final installment for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will release Thursday, November 6; probably because it's attached to the start of Interstellar, one more reason to go see it this weekend, but with the new rules for trailer releasing that theaters got passed this year, each and every second of film trailers has become a big deal with the time limits put on them as well as the number of trailers that can be released and how far ahead of time a studio can release the film. Speaking of which, we now know, exactly one year from this week, that film that will be consuming us,.... okay, me, at least,....
The latest news on the twenty-fourth film in the Bond franchise ("Bond 24" although the film still doesn't have an official title) has gone through a few script polishes and I am thrilled with who has done it. Jez Butterworth, who helped with the Skyfall script (as well as other scribes) also wrote the screenplay for the decidedly pro-capitalist Edge Of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Get On Up, the James Brown biography. By all accounts, including returning director Sam Mendes, all attached to Bond 24 have assured everyone that it will exceed Skyfall in every way. How that is possible, I can't imagine, it was a perfect film, but it has been signed on to release in the UK October 23, 2015, and in the US November 6, so exactly one year away I will be getting to see it!
As you know, Universal Studios has launched a massive resurrection of their classic monsters to compete with Marvel and DC super-hero films. Dracula Untold was the first in that line-up, and a version of The Mummy is scheduled for release in 2015; today, Universal has announced a third release, but not with  the title, for 2016. It is being speculated that, due to other Frankenstein projects (I don't know what those are), Universal will probably wait on that one for some distance, leaving The Wolf Man, The Bride Of Frankenstein, Creature From the Black Lagoon, the Invisible Man and Van Helsing (which I am totally excited about). Universal has incredibly talented people from both the Star Trek franchises and Fast and Furious working on the projects, so I think there is nothing but fun and great movies to look forward to, especially given that Universal realizes the dire circumstances of not pulling these films off successfully.
Now, as you know, I am deeply concerned about the Ridley Scott film coming out in December Exodus: Gods and Kings. A couple of years ago, I basically trashed Prometheus before it came out and deeply regretted by rashness, and vowed I would not do that to Scott again. Scott is an atheist, and Exodus: Gods and Kings is a biblical film, so I am concerned, as with Darren Aronofsky (also an atheist) and his horrible Noah film; I very much want to see the film, but I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about it; there is about two seconds in the trailer, however, at 0: 52, when Moses (Christian Bales) clenches his fist up in the air, and we see Ramses (Joel Edgerton) do the same, that makes me hope for the best:
Why is this simple gesture so important? If you recall, during The Hunger Games, Katniss turns to a screen during the Games, after one of the players has fallen (I think it's Rue) and she holds her arm up in a straight salute. Many people interpreted this as a Nazi salute--I feel it was too ambiguous to determine--but it was a momentary gesture that holds significance. Likewise, with the clenched fist in Exodus: Gods and Kings, it's possible that is the international socialist gesture:
This isn't an actual socialist propaganda poster, however, it does have the actual socialist gesture on the poster.
This clenched fist may easily ally Egypt and the Pharaoh with socialist practices. You for international readers, you may have heard there were mid-term elections here in the US yesterday, with Republicans winning an historic-number of seats in Congress (the highest since the US renounced socialism in America poster World War II), and that signals that Americans are terrified by the direction the country is headed (towards socialism); additionally, that so many states elected Republican governors (Maryland elected its first GOP governor in more than five decades) is a sign of what Obama plans to do to states that don't have strong leadership to stand up to him (martial law and takeovers). So, my searching for answers to films is essentially questioning whether they are resistance films, or propaganda films to support Obama. If this hand gesture in the trailer above signals the Egyptian state as a socialist one (which would be easy to do if Scott has the mind to do it) then Moses would be seen as leading the people against this; on the other hand, Moses could very well be seen as a socialist "messiah," Obama has been called that more than once. When Cecil B. DeMille made The Ten Commandments in 1956, there was a huge union labor despite, and part of the difficulties of getting the film made was "who controls the labor," not just in Hollywood, but between Moses giving the Hebrews a day off and extra grain, or Ramses enslaving them and forcing them to make bricks without clay. I'm looking forward to the film, but with caution.
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