Saturday, November 1, 2014

Format Change & Misc News

While I wait for the first trailer for Furious 7 being released today, I thought I would report on some minor news circulating as well as a minor format change. I didn't realize it, however, when you put a photograph or video first, when a search is done, the coding in that image/video is what is considered the topic of  your  blog, not the   actual key words you have put in, so, given that I have been blogging all wrong, from now on, there will be an introductory paragraph and then the trailer and first images following.              
Ansel Engort (The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent) is in the running against Brandon Thwaites (Maleficent) are in the running for leading roles in Pirates Of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Even though this role has not yet been cast, production has started in Australia and the film is expected to be in theaters for July 2017.                                
You might remember a role Taylor Kitsch portrayed in X-Men: Origins Wolverine film as the card-playing Gambit who was the only one who had escaped a prison where mutants were being held so Wolverine could break in. Originally, Channing Tatum was slotted for that role but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, Kitsch then stepped in and, for whatever reason, did not get to portray the New Orleans card-shark again. It is being speculated that, after Gambit's film, he will then be introduced into a full-ensemble X-Men film.
Channing Tatum and original concept art featuring the shadowy figure of Gambit. Part of the reason the coming of a stand-alone Gambit film is "big news," is that X-Men Days Of Future Past changed/altered the X-Men universe so drastically. The big question is, can Tatum deliver? Apart from a decent return at the box office with Magic Mike, Tatum has consistently failed to deliver on his stardom (which is why Magic Mike II is in the works; 22 Jump Street did not do well either). Jupiter Ascending, with Mila Kunis, looks so bad, people aren't even watching the trailer. 
Speaking of Kitsch, there is a move to make another John Carter film. Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc (after the author of the original series) has gotten the rights to the franchise from Disney and, confident of the marketability of the series, is planning on moving forward with it. When the trailer came out for the original, I didn't want to see the film, being confused at the plot line and generally just not being interested; however, I enjoyed the actual film immensely, and hope for further films, and that Kitsch will be attached to play the leading role (please see John Carter & the Political Language Of Barsoom and John Carter and the Anti-Christ for more).
Downton Abbey star Allen Leech has commented that he doesn't believe the international hit series will make it beyond the seventh season due to the film's timeline. Co-star Maggie Smith has said of her character, "She must be 196 years old by now." American Horror Story wants fans to know that, in spite of changing themes and characters, they are all connected. I find that fascinating, because that is a re-affirmation of meaning in the universe. Not necessarily a statement of God's existence, however, it is a slap-in-the-face to Evolution because, with Evolution, there is no meaning, there is no one to endow anything with meaning. On that same note, Penny Dreadful--which provides for viewers the same type of universe in which everything is dripping with meaning--is still shooting its ten-episode season, but episode 1 has officially gone to the editing room.
Gal Gadot has dropped out of the remake for Ben-Hur, having been slated to portray the heroine Esther. Gadot, formerly of the Fast and Furious franchise, is playing Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice and, in addition to being in the Dawn Of Justice film to follow, there is also a stand-alone Wonder Woman film the demi-goddess will be in. Speaking of the DC comics world, it has been released this week that, in spite of initial commitments on the part of Warner Brothers, Christopher Nolan is no longer, not just the head of the DC comic project development, but attached to any further DC films at all. While he is producing Batman vs. Superman, he, nor his brother Jonathan, have any relationship with the future of the DC-based-comic films.
Gal Gadot, slated to play Esther opposite of John Huston (center) of Boardwalk fame, is no longer in the remake. Chris Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar) is no longer attached to DC comic-films (which is incredibly suspicious. I bet there were significant "creative differences" including incorporating gay characters into the films, like Green Lantern). Why remake the great, epic classic Ben-Hur?  One of two possible reasons. First, it's not that film makers really believe they can improve upon a film like this, but that modern audiences rarely seek out these films unless they are with actors they know and appreciate, so it's really just re-packaging the story. The second reason is that, it's not just re-packaging, but changing the meaning of a film for a political purpose. Hollywood knows there is an audience for Biblical based and themed films in America and elsewhere, but they rarely get it right.
And, last but not least for this post, it's not a re-make of the cult classic The Crow, but a re-adaptation of the book the film was (loosely) based on. Various directors/writers/actors have been in discussion for years about a possible film, the actor getting the most attention (and even trying on the make-up) being Luke Evans (Fast and Furious 6, Dracula Untold). The original film, starring Brandon Lee in his last role, covered only about forty percent of the book by James O'Barr. Well, the new trailer should be getting released any moment now, and I will be watching and analyzing, then posting on it asap! A very happy and blessed All Saints Day to each and everyone of you!
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