Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Blessed Thanksgiving To You All!

Please accept my warmest regards on this happy day, and my hopes for every blessing for yourself and all your loved ones. Please know that, without each and everyone of you coming to this blog, I wouldn't keep it up, I would just watch films whenever and think them over to myself and never say anything to anyone about them; with your kindness and loyalty in visiting, it keeps me trying to always better my skills and gives me a greater sense of purpose that I would definitely lack in life if it weren't for this blog, so my very deepest gratitude to each and everyone of you!
We didn't really discuss the first trailer for The Peanuts film coming out, but I have a kid in me, too, and I always look forward to seeing Charlie Brown. If there were going to be two words that sought to spit in the face of the socialist revolution trying to destroy America since 2008, it would be "Dream Big," because our dreams are part of our destiny--like Snoopy being a World War I flying ace and going against the Red Baron, instead of just a backyard domestic dog--and knowing that we have a destiny defies that which socialists want us to believe about ourselves: that we are animals (we have no soul). 
Tonight I am going to see Penguins Of Madagascar, which I am thrilled about! I will be getting that post up by tomorrow and, as always, I will be posting my initial reactions (which I have no doubt about) via Twitter tonight coming out of the theater. I have also decided to do a new and much needed series for you that will resemble, so-to-speak, encyclopedia entries. I will take one type of symbol and give a full, detailed explanation of it for reference; for example, SYMBOL ANALYSIS: HAIR AND HATS, and go through and discuss different ways that both hair and hats--because they are very connected--symbolize thoughts and in what ways; another one will be SYMBOL ANALYSIS: FEET AND SHOES, etc. I know you are probably thinking, she has all these older movies she needs to get posted, why is she doing this? Because I run into interpretation problems, or just get bored, when I have to work on a post too long (or I have waited too long to do it) so this will give me something to work on that will be worth your while reading and, hopefully, help you sharpen your own skills of analysis, which is the ultimate point of this blog. It's possible that Friday/Saturday the first trailer for next year's Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens will be released and, when it is, I will post it asap. Speaking of Luke Skywalker,...
Yea, that was Mark Hamill. Why? Remember, reader response theory. We don't see Mr. Hamill in many films, so his casting in Kingsman: The Secret Service is auspicious. Because we generally think of Luke Skywalker when we see Mr. Hamill, his casting is probably meant to remind us of Skywalker and his shaky start as a young Jedi when we see the young man entering the secret service in this film. This is a fabulous trailer, and packed with information (I'm really looking forward to this on February 13), but there are two things deserving of immediate attention. First, J.B. This is played well: not James Bond, but Jack Bauer, portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland in the hit-series 24. This is another example of reader response theory, because you have to know about 24 in order to catch the reference to Jack Bauer (as is James Bond and the 23 James Bond films in order to catch that reference). Why is this important?
If you suspected that there is a purpose to the umbrella, the cuff links, the shoes and the shirts, you're right. There is far more in this trailer than what I have time to cover today but whenever (in any film) we see a umbrella, for example, doubling as a weapon, that "duality of identity" means there is a duality of identity and when we see something in the film, there is "more to it than meets the eye," in other words, an invitation to engage and probe deeper into the meaning and identity of what is going on. It's a sign that the film knows there are symbols within it, and it wants us to find them and understand them, just like elements that make successful spy films by the film referencing other spy films. Why does Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) hate violence and blood so much, but is planning on destroying the world? We kind of see this same trait with Octavius Brine (John Malkovich) in Penguins Of Madagascar  when he is calling the Northwind agency and can't turn his microphone on. In not knowing how to do the little and simple things, he misses the whole point of everything else. Valentine is being shown as a hypocrite: he's doing and authorizing what he himself cannot stand. Nature gives us an aversion to seeing blood and violence so we won't participate in it and, thereby, prolong our own existence. Valentine is not only going against nature in general by planning the mass destruction of humanity, but his own personal nature in spilling blood and committing violence. Why is his name Valentine? It's a reference to Valentine (Jonathan Rhys Myers) in The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones, because--like Hitler in World War II and the concentration camps--Valentine wants to purify and cleanse the race of any undesirables. So this is a further reference which we will need to be keen on in watching Kingsman which I am now highly anticipating. 
First, this film knows that the audience has seen spy films, and that, going into the film, we are an "educated audience" who has a sophisticated archive of spy knowledge from the films we have seen; Kingsman knows it has to build on that, not replicate what we all ready know. Additionally, it will draw on that information we all ready have so it doesn't have to repeat itself, rather, like the reference to Jack Bauer, drop hints so that what you all ready know will become a part of the film experience. Of all the spies who could have been referenced, however (the first line of the trailer spoken by Valentine [Samuel L Jackson] is, "Do you watch spy movies?"), Jack Bauer is particularly a "conservative hero," identified as a defender of America and ideals that conservatives embrace; given Eggsy's troubled past, this is a good sign about his future that he names his new dog after Bauer as a sign of what he himself hopes to become. On a different note, the first trailer for the summer's Jurassic World has been released:
What we see is all the efforts going into "feeding" consumerism through increasing visits to the park and making it "Spectacular Spectacular," for the people, the consumers. At 1:00, when we see "Jaws" hanging up, that monster that comes out to eat it is us, the viewers, the consumers consuming and the members of the first world (as opposed to the third world) who can afford and aspire to go to a park like this. Whatever the free market creates, they also create the "appetite" to go with it, and so anything like a Jurassic World theme park is "bait" for us to go and experience it ourselves. Like The Long Ranger and Gravity, Jurassic World is showing us a example of civilization gone wrong in hopes that we will willingly abandon technology and live a "progressive" lifestyle communists want, one of no tech or advancement. I could be wrong, as always, but, at this point with what the trailer presents, it seems pretty straight forward.
Again, have a happy and joyous Thanksgiving!
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