Thursday, October 16, 2014

TRAILERS: Mr. Turner, Mockingjay Part 1 #2, New Images From The Hobbit

This is the most interesting poster I have seen in years: why? Painting over the imaginary boundary between the film and the audience watching the film, indicates how important the audience is in the film creation process, as important as paint to a painter. The orange, red and yellow mix suggests vibrancy, which is what makes the artistic process: without a vibrant audience interacting with the art, the art is, essentially, dead, because it doesn't say anything to anyone. 
Well, there is good news and bad news: the bad news is, Dear White People has a very limited opening this weekend, and that does not include my theater; the good news is, Fury opens this evening, so I will be able to catch that tonight, post a quick response and hopefully, get the full review done between tonight and tomorrow, depending on how the film is. Determined to make the Oscars a liberal platform, it has been announced that Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the 2015 Oscars, so I guess I am boycotting again this year (homosexuals and transgender "individuals" make up less than 3% of the country's population, however, Hollywood's promotion of homosexuality acts as a propaganda tool to encourage more people to identify with homosexuality in an attempt to destroy marriage and the family; as a Christian, I can't accept the promotion of mortal sin into a state of "normalcy"). An interesting new trailer has been released for Mr. Turner, about the famous English artist J. M. W. Turner:
To be perfectly honest, I consider Turner to be quite the cad: he had a mistress, with whom he had an affair and probably two daughters, that no one knew about until after his death; his father worked as his assistant studio manager and was poorly treated. As an artist, he was exceedingly difficult to get along with, but he did produce some of the most important paintings--not only of his day--but into today as well, including The Fighting Temeraire which was voted to be the Most Important British Work Of Art in a British museum and, those with a close eye for detail will remember that the painting (image below) was featured in Skyfall (when 007 meets Q in the museum and Q talks about what the painting means, it's a foreshadowing of M being replaced).
The question is, why doesn't Mr. Turner say anything in the trailer? His painting says everything for him. In art criticism, once an artist makes their art public, they aren't supposed to say anything about, or attempt to guide discourse in anyway, because if they do, they are admitting that they didn't do a good job on the art and the art doesn't say what they hoped it would say, so the artist has to intervene and insert their self into the public dialogue that the art itself was supposed to accomplish. The film makers appear to understand this concept quite well. On a different note, the second trailer for Mockingjay Part 1 was released today; it's not long, however, it does reveal important motivations of three important people:
We first see Katniss "going down" in an industrial-style elevator: that's key because it symbolizes that she's going deep into her psyche, her soul (whenever we descend, it demonstrates the metaphor of going deep within ourselves); this is like in The Hunger Games when she kicked the wasp nest and she got stung herself and we witnessed a montage of her buried emotions; what Katniss will see in District 12 is going to be put on par with that scene from the first film and we can validate this because of the photo of her father that she takes from the table and puts in her bag. What's important about that moment is, the photo of her father on one side, and the white roses symbolizing President Snow on the other side: two conflicting father figures who could not be more different. Katniss resents that her real father is dead and absent, and she resents the symbolic father is alive and all-too-present. The song in the trailer is Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde, who also sings the Dracula Untold song Everybody Wants To Rule the World.
The two newest poster images for The Hobbit, which we will discuss later.
Warner Brothers Studio has announced ten DC comic films to be released from 2016 through 2020, including a film for Aquaman. What's interesting about this is, Warner Brothers has hired two different writers, the screenwriter for 300: Rise Of an Empire (that was very pro-capitalist), and the writer of Gangster Squad (that was very pro-socialist) to each pen the script and whichever script they like the best is the one Warner Brothers will go with. You probably know which writer I am pulling for. I will be posting on Fury tonight!
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