Friday, October 24, 2014

John Wick: Loved It!

This is a great poster: note the ink-y feel, especially around his right leg and right shoulder, as well as the smudge marks: this style emphasizes that he's a creation, not a real person, but that he's been made from ink and paper so that means he's an idea and, as we discover, he's the standard of the ideal of masculinity and the exact opposite of the wimped-out idea of the politically liberal male; he has emotions and feelings, he can feel vulnerable and human, he has a set of values but he's also a man who is going to do what he's got to do, and he expects that of other men as well. I really liked it!
I am nearly done with the post, but it will still be an hour or two before I get it up, so I just wanted to assure you: John Wick is worthy of the great reviews it has been getting! There weren't many people in the theater last night, but we all enjoyed it! There was quite a bit of profanity, and, of course, massive amounts of violence and bloodshed, but there was no nudity or sex. If you have a moment, you might scroll through this list of events in 1969, which is the year of John's Mustang--a central focus of my post--because this is the year the Charles Manson murders also took place (yes, as in Annabelle). Just scroll through it and see what an epic year that was.
I had hoped to get to see Ouija today, but probably won't unless it's a really late showing. The reviews haven't been good, but these are also from people who, basically, don't know anything about films. Before you go see it, or any Halloween movie on TV this week, you might want to re-read last year's Halloween post on Lessons From Horror Films: Why People Do Dumb Things because Ouija, and most other horror films, are full of these "lessons" you will be able to pick up on if you know what to look for!
Eat Your Art Out,
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