Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Mandatory: Mockingjay Part 1 District Voices (#1-3)

This is actually a big deal: director James Wan (The Conjuring, Fast and Furious 7) has been signed to do The Conjuring II: The Enfield Poltergeist, with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga returning in their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren. New Line Cinema was so desperate to get Wan back as the director, they changed the release date from October 2015 to sometime in 2016. Further, Wan has signed a deal with the studio and Warner Brothers to continue making low-budget films (in the neighborhood of $20 million) for release, The Conjuring was made on that same budget and grossed over $320 million worldwide which is what Hollywood calls, "success." What is the "Enfield Poltergeist?" Enfield is a suburb north of London, and during 1977, a woman with her four children experienced regular, unaccountable movements of objects and furniture with Janet, the eleven year old upon whom the events centered, would even regularly levitate above her bed. The interesting aspect that is different between the events of The Conjuring and the Enfield Poltergeist is the doubt that exists with the poltergeist because of the two girls involved; it's unclear whether or not Wan and company will include the doubt and skepticism as part of the official story line or not.
Once again, I am impressed with what The Hunger Games franchise has done with both its advertising push and its push for a clear, anti-socialist agenda. Two new "District Voices" videos have been released (and one will be released for the next three days) and, if this doesn't remind you of the Soviet Union, you probably don't know anything about communism. Now, remember, they don't make any money off these videos--which probably don't cost the studios that much to produce--but these are like gifts (and, of course, the more cynical writers would instead call it free publicity, but I don't look at it that way at all) and Hollywood is getting the hang of it. We had an extra video with Prometheus with Guy Pierce in character giving a kind of future pep talk, and, given how little we interacted with his character, that proved invaluable. Likewise, for X-Men Days Of Future Past, a rather extensive Magneto and the "Bent Bullet Theory" that played right into the plot. So, here's the first video:
To demonstrate how cool this is, the actors in these videos are Youtube stars who each have their own channels and subscribers; why is this important? I would call it the American Dream: putting in what you have with what you have access to, hard work, and being discovered. Each of the people in these videos are using their real-life talents to contribute to the film, so I am quite pleased with this advertising campaign:
And here is the third; yes, it will remind you of Divergent, and no, I'm not sure if The Hunger Games film makers are being influenced by Divergent or if Divergent was influenced by THG books, but the important aspect here is, they are obviously sharing a dialogue, and we need to find a way to tap into it (which won't be difficult at all):
With the third video, comparing this to Divergent, the Dauntless (the brave warriors) are there to protect the people from whatever it is lurking outside of the city walls (even though they are drugged and turned into something else, that's their founding purpose); in THG, the peacekeepers are there to make sure people don't revolt, it's a police state and the peacekeepers work for the Capitol, not the people. Why then, in all three videos, is part of the salutation, "Our future is in your hands," keep getting repeated? The people have to agree to keep going along with this system; if they revolt (and we know these "announcements" are being made to discourage that because this is taking place in the post-Katniss-blew-up-the-arena-episode) Panem falls apart and is dissolved, so the Capitol wants people to believe that everyone else is happy with the system, and if you revolt against the Capitol, you are taking away the lives of the people in these videos. This is a dependency-enabling system, which is what we see in America with the Democrats and illegal aliens, Obamaphones and food stamps.
Isn't this odd? Not so much, if you know anything about socialism. As we have stated previously, socialists don't want strict lines between what is feminine and what is masculine, they want women to become men and for men to become women because  then the State controls morality and by taking away "nature" (and how nature has pre-determined what we will be) the State can then do things like mandatory abortions and sterilizations without a second thought. The face of the person in the poster above looks more masculine to me, but this person has breasts, so it must be a female, unless, this being the technology district, they have started changing sexuality (like trans-gender people now) so they can account for population deficits and abundance. For example, please look at the "3" in the upper-right hand corner;turn it to the left and it becomes an "M," which is exactly what socialists do: you might be a male now, but we need you to be female, so start taking this hormone to develop breasts so that then you can fulfill your tasks to the Capitol. This scenario actually plays out in the book World War Z, when one woman who survived the "zombie infestation" (or their being normal people in the world who were all murdered) and she went from being a member of the Russian military to being a "breeder," a woman who does nothing but has babies; when she can't have babies anymore, her usefulness will be over with and so will she. 
These videos embody the primary functions of propaganda; why? So we get used to hearing what propaganda is and we can recognize it and reject it (if THG were still being pro-socialist the way they started out, we wouldn't have any of these videos and the films would take a radically different view than what is presented). What does each video say at the end? "Register, it's mandatory." Why? Because if you aren't receiving propaganda, you might start thinking for yourself. The main formula of a work of the "state" is to take a simple truth and keep repeating it and repeating it and repeating it and repeating it because then, it wears down your senses and you eventually start to believe it. That's why propaganda is so simplistic in how it operates: it has to reach and grab the greatest number of people. so it can't be too intellectually advanced (socialist states always want dumb citizens so they can't think for themselves, or become smart enough to find a way to overthrow the system).
This is a really incredible poster because it gets to the heart of how socialism makes citizens dependent upon the system. This poor man lost his leg; what job is he going to do if the government doesn't hire him to cut wood? Just as he is dependent upon his "wooden leg," he becomes dependent upon the task of chopping wood and the hand that pays him to do it. On a different note, however, are his tattoos: losing his leg wasn't his choice, but getting the tattoos were. Now NO OFFENCE to anyone who has tattoos, but you know this is a concern: when someone has tattoos all over them, like this man, what are the chances a company is going to hire him for a business position? The Capitol likes citizens like him because no one else will hire him but the Capitol, so he's as dependent upon the Capitol as the Capitol is upon him to keep them in power. Again, look at the "7" in the upper-right hand corner; it looks like a right angle, or one of those things I used in geometry class that I barely passed. By employing these means of taking one thing, in this case, the number seven, and making it to where it potentially fills another role as well, the film makers are inviting us to see everything about the film in this same light, so we have increased our engagement with the narrative and we are better understanding what they are saying, which is the exact opposite of what propaganda does: make it seem like they understand, but make sure they are totally confused about everything.
Sometimes, however, a piece of propaganda can become so simple, it actually deconstructs itself (or backfires). Note how people in the videos talk about the Capitol's generosity (and the next three will probably do the same, if not more so) and that's to make it seem like the Capitol only keeps what it needs and is necessary, the people are the ones really benefiting from the system, but it's the Capitol that decides it doesn't need the scraps anymore, you don't get to make that--or any other--decision yourself. Everyone to the Capitol is, like the woman modeling the outfit, nothing but a "live form model," not a model, not a woman, but a "live form" model, who looks dead. This is linguistic control, what we call in the US, "political correctness," because one a political group can control your language, it controls you, and can force you to say exactly what they do or do not want to hear. Again, this woman modeling isn't a woman, or a human, but a "live form model." We need to seriously think about the implications being introduced and, since we have been promised more, we'll have the chance to do so.
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Here is the first poster out for the newest Jurassic Park film, due out next year: The Park Is Open. I'm sure they spared no expense.