Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A World Against Superman: B v S Newest Set Photos

Truly, this image deserves a post all to itself, that of Superman (Henry Cavill) in the guise of Luke Skywalker; not to mention  a recent photo of a Storm Trooper stealing the Batmobile (yes, this definitely deserves its own post!) but this will suffice for the moment. The images below seem to confirm a plot element leaked earlier that the story line would be set in an atmosphere of "Anti-Superman" protests. To be fair, we actually saw something like this at the end of The Avengers with New Yorkers complaining about the mess the battle left and who was going to clean up everything, and we definitely saw these sentiments in The Incredibles animated film which forced the super-heroes to "act normal" in a world that no longer wanted them. So why incorporate this story into B v S? Because the qualities and virtues Clark Kent symbolizes have become "alien" to Americans, just as he is an alien, and we can no longer be inspired to see good, we are afraid of everything and see only the bad. If we take the "analysis" of Michael Caine from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight series, kindly sent in by a reader, then this makes far greater sense: Americans have been forced to apologize for being who we are (I know there are a large number of international readers, so perhaps you agree with this) and especially white males--which is what Clark Kent happens to be--have been particularly singled out for abuse by women and others claiming to be political minorities and claiming "oppression" from white males (as a white female, I can't say that I have ever been oppressed: all my white male professors did nothing but help me and challenge me to become better, and when I lost out on something, it's because the person I was competing against was better than me; that's not oppression, that's called "reality"). Anyway, the point of this image above is, Zach Snyder, the director, wants us to see Superman in the same light as Luke Skywalker; when did anyone ever protest Luke Skywalker? We have two in-congruent images of Superman then, the good, brave and wise hero (as above) who will do whatever it takes to save and protect others, and the alien who has destroyed New York and unleashed a wave of fear that he's going to destroy the whole world for his own ends, but we'll discuss how these two topics are actually very similar, below.
It just doesn't seem right.
Why on earth would anyone want to protest Superman? But to me, an American my whole life, and a lover of my country, I can't understand liberals and Democrats wanting to destroy the country either, but the two are closely tied: what Americans see as being the very best of America, is also the very best in Superman, and what those who hate America see as being an "evil empire" they see as the same self-righteous alien who must be destroyed. How does the left justify their death wishes for Superman/America? Through themselves, of course.
A set photo released via Twitter of anti-Superman protests being filmed in Detroit. It would be interesting if the protests invoked the false "protests" the White House claims took place in Benghazi, and given that Benghazi was referenced in Expendables 3, this isn't such a long-shot. According to a witness of the scene above, Superman is even being burned in effigy. What is it that countries who hate America burn? Our flag. Who burns our flag? Liberals. 
Liberals hate anything better than themselves, so they "degrade" whoever or whatever they don't like (as Obama told the world he plans to do to ISIS; when has the US EVER "degraded" our enemies? We don't "degrade" our enemies, we meet them in combat and destroy them, but we don't take time to be bullies and make fun of people and "degrade" them, that's something that is coming from Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals book, which is dedicated to Lucifer).
There was an article about Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Now You See Me) appearing with his own hair for at least a part of the movie, then slowly losing more and more hair as the plot progressed; we know that hair symbolizes "thoughts" and brain process, so a Lex Luthor will lots of hair MIGHT symbolize a Lex that is willing to look at more than one perspective of something, or someone; as he loses his hair, his thoughts become more focused and less varied then, when he loses all his hair, if this is going to happen, he becomes "maniacal" about what he thinks and has lost the ability to think in terms of any other perspectives. So, in other words, Lex Luthor's hair will be a big factor in his characterization.  
Superman embodies, literally, the VERY BEST qualities that any human being should aspire to; except liberals, because they don't want to have to become better than what they are, rather, they want to drag everyone down to their level, through degrading them, to remove standards of conduct so they don't feel badly about behaving like mindless animals. Conservatives, on the other hand, are willing to over-look the human flaws of a person if they exhibited great heroism or virtue that can inspire us to be better and do better because that is what we value.
There are few remaining in America who don't think the news in the country is biased and waging an agenda for personal gain at the expense of the country; all the news outlets are owned by, what, six or seven individuals, and--just like what we see in Citizen Kane--what the owner says is "the news," is "the news" and there is nothing else. I don't know if this image is one from the film or not, if that February 2014 date appears in the film, it will certainly (and forever) link the narrative to the Obama Administration and its handling--or lack of handling--of the events taking place this year.
To simplify, the better Superman is, the more protests are going to be against him by those who will probably symbolize the current "powers that be" and Americans will have to make a choice about whether or not we want the country to continue down this path. If we are inspired by Superman, we will become better ourselves; if we want to find fault with Superman, and want to put out "the light" of virtue that he symbolizes and embodies, then we will be choosing to live "with the Dark Side" and that's a choice that will effect the whole world.
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